No Equipment Home Cardio Workout

No Equipment Home Cardio Workout

In this article i am wrriting about No Equipment Home Cardio Workout.

Cardio without Machines: Enjoy the Nice Weather!

With Memorial Day upon us, it’s the unofficial start to summer in Boston.  Before the start of the long weekend, I wanted to briefly discuss ways to perform cardio without machines.

Do you really want to spend time in the gym performing steady state cardio when you can be outside enjoying the nice weather? I certainly don’t!  I’m just going to list some common ways to substitute your steady state cardio with more enjoyable activities that provide similar benefits.

I would still recommend performing a HIIT workout routine to really burn fat, such as Turbulence Training.

Please feel free to add your favorite summertime activities that also provide a nice cardio benefit. (No Equipment Home Cardio Workout)

No Equipment Home Cardio Workout: Summer Cardio


if you’re just jogging on the elliptical, why not spend that time walking or hiking?

I always enjoyed my walks in the park with my dog Benny last summer and look forward to doing the same this year with him and my son Jack.

Tough choice…spend time in the basement on my elliptical/exercise bike or spend time with two of my best friends? No Equipment Home Cardio Workout.

Running: No Equipment Home Cardio Workout

I despise running for a number of reasons…mainly because I think there are better workouts that don’t stress your joints as much. insurance meme

I make an exception for the nice weather.  I was in Quechee, VT last weekend (oddly enough, for a bachelor party) and the area was so beautiful that I just had to take a jog first thing in the morning.

Of course, my anticipated 3-mile jog turned into a 5-mile jog and 8-mile walk due to a missing bridge, but at least I had a great view the entire time…and I burned off the large pizza I ate the night before!

No Equipment Home Cardio Workout

Swimming: No Equipment Home Cardio Workout

if you believe gold medalist Michael Phelps, then you can eat 10,000 calories a day as long as you swim for 8+ hours per day.  Regardless, swimming provides an excellent cardio workout and is pretty enjoyable as well.

Six pack abs with 10,000 calories per day…no problem if you swim!

Beach Activities: No Equipment Home Cardio Workout

aside from swimming, the beach provides any number of opportunities for a quality workout.  Maybe you play a game of football or volleyball.

Maybe you just enjoy doing sprint intervals in the sand.  Heck, you might even enjoy getting in old school fights.  Either way, the uneven terrain can really ramp up your cardio routine.

Sports: No Equipment Home Cardio Workout

organized, even unorganized sports, provide excellent cardio workouts.  Playing basketball, soccer, or even baseball offers an opportunity to burn some calories in a similar manner to steady state cardio.

Yard Work: No Equipment Home Cardio Workout

yep, I had to throw this in there.  If you had a yard, you probably have your hands full trying to keep the grass neat and trim, at least here in Boston.

I never perform steady state cardio if I’m going to mow the lawn later in the day.  Mowing takes 45 minutes and provides a workout that is just as good, if not better, than any machine.

FYI, this doesn’t apply to those of you with ride-on mowers.

So what are some other activities that you enjoy doing in the summer that are provide a great cardio workout without machines? Rock climbing, lacrosse, ultimate frisbee, triathlons?

Toss out your favorites so that people like me can make the most of the next 3 months before Fall sets in.

No Equipment Home Cardio Workout: Not Your Average Fitness Tips

  1. Try to replace steady state cardio with some outdoor activities during the summer.  They will have the same effect but you’ll get a lot more enjoyment out of them.
  2. If you can, try to shorten up your workouts in general.  Keep doing HIIT as needed to burn fat, but hopefully being active outside will help you burn some extra calories.

Best Cardio For Weight Loss:

Whether you are overweight 20lbs or 5lbs overweight, a HIIT workout routine can help you burn belly fat fast. In my opinion, this is the best cardio for weight loss.

When you can achieve your weight loss goal by combining diet, strength training and even steady state cardio, HIIT can take your fat burning to the next level.

No Equipment Home Cardio Workout

What is HIIT?

HIIT stands for high-intensity interval training. The basic premise behind HIIT is that you actually work hard for a small burst and then have an active recovery period.

Generally, you can sprint for 30 seconds and then jogging or running for 1 minute. You will repeat this workout routine many times for the best effect.

Benefits of HIIT

A HIIT workout offers innumerable advantages. First of all, HIIT offers a great workout for your feet. If you HIIT a few times per week, then you probably do not have to do the strength training for your feet, unless you want big feet.

More importantly, HIIT actually ramps to burn fat. Acute interval allows for the release of fatty acids in the bloodstream. In addition, the results of the HIT is an increase in HGH levels.

HGH is a hormone that preserves muscles while burning the fat. In the end, and most importantly, the result of HIIT is in EPOC, a burn effect due to which you can burn calories for hours after the workout is completed.

HIIT’s drawbacks

HIIT is not correct in every way. The main drawback is that you can not run this routine every day. Overtraining is a serious problem, especially if you do strength training for your feet.

If your muscles are tired, you are probably doing that routine steady steady cardio routine on that day.

Sprint Interval Length

There are some components of HIIT that you can do separately. The length of the first sprint interval is Short intervals of 15-30 seconds allow you to try more during the sprint.

This increased level of effort will result in a strong release of HGH. In addition, these small intervals will release more fatty acids in the bloodstream.

For a long period of more than 30 seconds, more alleged attempt is required. More than this, calories burn. In addition, they end the grease level (carbs) with long intervals, allowing your body to burn more fat after the workout is completed.

Recovery length

The length of recovery also affects the effects of HIIT. It is a workout or jogging part that gives time to recover your muscles. The length of the recovery is relative to the sprint gap.

If you sprint for 30 seconds and do recovery for 30 seconds, then the ratio is 1: 1. If you sprint for 15 seconds and recover for 45 seconds, then the ratio is 3: 1.

The higher the recovery in relation to sprint interval (2 or 3: 1), you can try more in the next interval. This increased effort will result in a strong HGH release again. In addition, long-term retrieval reduces the risk of overtraining.

A small recovery relative to sprint interval (1: 1) has lactic acid buildup, glycogen depletion, and greater burn effect (EPOC). However, this can be a high risk of overtraining.

Best Cardio for Weight Loss

In my opinion, the best cardio combines these HIIT workout routines for weight loss, resulting in a strong HGH release, the release of fatty acids, glycogen deficiency and calories burning.

The first part of the exercise is HIIT, with a long recovery ratio. For these intervals, you spray the jog for 15 seconds and 45 seconds. It releases fatty acids and increases the level of HGH. I like to be warm for 2 minutes and then do 8 sets of HIIT for this 10-minute workout.

For the second stage, I do a 25-minute static cardio (light joke or exercise bike). It provides an active recovery for your muscles. In addition, the stable state cardio helps in burning fatty acids, which continues in the low interval HIIT bloodflow.

The final phase is performing long interval HIIT with short recovery period. After the completion of your workout, glycogen will allow your body to burn more and burn fat.

I interrupt 1-minute sprint with 1-minute jogging. Sprint intervals for this part are not as fast as the first stages, necessarily your muscles will be slightly tired. It is best to keep this last step for about 10 minutes.

So you have a 45 minute HIIT workout which I believe is the best cardio to lose weight. This routine allows you to burn your stomach fat fast, even if you are far away or away from your ideal weight.

Not Your Average Fitness Tips

  • HIIT workout is the best cardio for weight loss.
  • Beware of sprint intervals to increase HGH levels or incomplete glycogen to burn more fat.
  • Beware of recovery intervals to increase HGH or burn more calories and compensate for potential overtraining.
  • For a great workout, mix different types of HIIT as follows: 10 minute short HIIT, 25 minute steady state cardio, 10 minute long HIIT interval



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