Baby Skin Care – Guide to Complete Skin Care

Baby Skin Care

Baby Skin Care. Every time when we talk about beautiful, delicate skin, we think of the comparison “like a baby skin”. In order to protect our baby’s skin, we must avoid any problem which may affect it. Babies’ skin needs cleaning and cares for a healthy function during their growth.

The hygiene and skin care in the case of a newborn baby begins with the alimentation and the care of the future mother. During the first period of a baby’s life, his skin is fragile, delicate and it lacks resistance.

Babies have pink skin, which is very thin so that their veins can be seen with the naked eye. Its functions are not efficient enough, especially the sebaceous function. That is why babies are more sensitive to temperature differences and they can contact infections more easily.

Baby Skin Care:- The skin of a baby

The skin of a baby becomes resistant through healthy eating, especially through natural one and a permanent hydrating of the baby. After the bath the daily massage is compulsory.

A special soap is necessary as the baby’s skin has a greater Ph than adults. The oil you use for massage may be the usual oil used for cooking. But boiled and cooled or special oil for babies. The oil must be applied at the level of creases and buttocks.

Anyway, skin must be dried very well. Humidity causes macerations. Don’t use talc. It is abrasive and irritates the skin.

You must change the napkins at least six times a day. Moreover it is recommended that the baby wore clothes made of cotton which must be washed with neuter detergents.

If it is possible, before using a new product, check if the baby is allergic to it. Touch the baby’s hand with that product and wait for a few hours to see if it appears any allergic reaction on the skin.

In the case of an eruption on the skin, you must go to the doctor’s because some such eruptions can be serious and they need medical treatment.

And remember that time flies and your baby will become soon a big boy or girl, so enjoy and take care of your baby’s skin now, in order to avoid future problems. (Baby Skin Care)

Breastfeeding – Mom’s Guide for feeding Baby: Baby Skin Care


The image of a mother breastfeeding her baby is very touching, as it shows a helpless being in contrast with a protective and caring one.

But the reality is not every time as nice as the image. Breastfeeding may need previous training. For example, if a mother is not trained for it, her nipples are not strong and big enough in order to match the baby’s little mouth.

And then, the baby can’t suck and he is always hungry and nervous. There are artificial nipples available, but not any baby likes a piece of plastic in his mouth and the problems get more and more complicated because milk accumulates in the mother’s breast and it becomes painful. The problem can be solved however by mechanical milking.

But the problem of natural alimentation of the baby is not solved at all. Breastfeeding strengthens the baby’s immune system and it decreases the risk to get ear infections.

In addition, breastfeeding also consolidates the relationship between mother and baby. Psychologists concluded that babies who are not breastfed have a stronger relationship with their fathers than with their mothers.


Statistics say that babies who are breastfed have a bigger IQ than those who are artificially fed. Besides, the action of sucking helps the baby develop his facial muscles and bones.

Apart from ear diseases, breastfed babies are more protected against diarrhea, diabetes, respiratory infections or lymphomas and allergies. Moreover, babies who are breastfed have fewer risks of sudden death during their three months of life. Breastfeeding is beneficial because mother milk contains A vitamin.

Breastfeeding is also beneficial for the mother. It helps her burn calories and lose weight so that she has faster the shape before the pregnancy, they have less risks of breast cancer and the expenses related to the feeding of the baby will be less.

However, during breastfeeding any woman must be very careful to avoid drinking, smoking or eating food which produces distension, like beans, or pickles.

Finally don’t forget that mother’s milk contains a unique combination of fats, carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, and enzymes which can’t be equaled by any artificial milk.

Crying Baby – Why does my Baby Cry?

Crying Baby

Everybody is happy when a newborn baby comes into the house; it is like a dream. But this dream might change into a nightmare when the baby starts crying and crying until everybody around is desperate. There are many reasons for a baby to cry.

Firstly during his first months of life, the baby has abdominal pains, which are so sharp that poor baby couches and of course cries. There are a lot of kinds of tea for these pains, but they are not that strong to stop the baby every time.

Furthermore, a baby cries because he is too cold or too hot. You must always check that the temperature in the baby’s room doesn’t exceed 22 Celsius degrees. Besides a baby can also cry when he is wet and you must change his napkin. Or maybe he is hungry.

Don’t forget that crying for a baby is his means to communicate with us, and we must do our best to understand the baby’s message. Another reason for crying might be that he does not feel comfortable in his clothes or in his bed. Or there is not enough light or he had a bad dream and he was scared.

Babies Cry at the same time: Baby Skin Care

We as mothers sometimes feel frustrated when we can’t discover the cause of crying. Some babies may cry because they feel neglected, they feel alone. This is the easiest way to get a spoiled baby.

When you hear him crying you don’t resist, your heart is broken, therefore you go to the baby and you hold him in your arms. And the miracle was produced! The baby stops crying! And this situation can repeat the next day, and so on until your sweet baby becomes a little tyrant.

Other babies cry at the same time, they have even crying crises and if you manage to ignore them, they become silent in a few minutes. When a baby who usually does not cry a lot, and he suddenly begins crying may have a health problem and he must be immediately seen by a doctor.

All in all, when you have a baby, you must assume that not all the moments spent with him are the happiest in your life.


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