Is Aspirin vitamin or not?

Aspirin  Is it a vitamin or not

Is Aspirin vitamin or not? The aspirin exists already more than 100 years. Firms produce aspirin in different forms, but in its nature, this is acetyl-salicylic acid. According to Garet Morgan researcher’s aspirin can be suggested as vitamin S and he points out several reasons for that:

  1. The aspirin relieves pain, decreases temperature and removes inflammations. In recent decades it becomes clear, that aspirin lessens blood coagulation and in small amounts prevents a heart attack.
  2. According to scientists, the regular aspirin assimilation decreases the risk from colon and breast cancer with 20-30%, and twice from stomach and throttle cancer.
  3. Aspirin prevents Alzheimer’s disease. According to Garet Morgan the preventive assimilation of aspirin after 50’s double the person chances to reach 90 years without serious ills.

Aspirin is vitamin or not?

Aspirin is vitamin or not?

Usually, the substances called vitamins are necessary for metabolic processes. The organism can not produce them in the needed amount and that is why we had to take them by the food.

This is the same also for the only aspirin analogs, which naturally consist of plants- so-called salicylates. In huge amounts, they can be found in the bark of white willow, raspberries, and other forest fruits.

Before, the human was assimilating more raw fruits, in this way he was receiving enough natural aspirin doses. Due to this, he was protected from different diseases, including heart attacks.

According Morgan the salicylates: Aspirin vitamin

  • are not synthesized in human;
  • they are beneficial for the organism;
  • can be found in plant food.

All this is typical for the vitamins. That is way the English doctor usually suggests a minimal aspirin doses to be added in juices and other products.

Aspirin  Is it a vitamin or not

But there are skeptics about this suggestion because of the following reasons:

  • acetyl-salicylic food deficiency does not have the same effect as other vitamin deficiencies.
  • the aspirin has not to be taken from children under 14 years. At some persons, aspirin provokes liver and brain function disturbance.
  • in 5% of the humans who take aspirin, stomach irritations are observed.
  • in very sensitive people, aspirin can provoke asthma, allergic rhinitis, and skin eruption.

Such serious sideway effects do not exist at any other vitamin assimilation. But the dosage is with significant meaning and the ideal case for the organism is to be taken aspirin analogs, by plant foods.


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