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8 week bikini body
8 week bikini body

Information about 8 week bikini body. With summer only a few months away. I thought now would be the perfect time to focus on fat burning workouts for men and women.  I’m going to outline some tips on how to get a beach body in 2 months or less. 

If you’re within 10-15lbs of your ideal beach body. It’s not too late to lose that weight and get in shape for summer.  The key here is that you’re going to need a laser-like focus on both diet and exercise.

What I outline below is really designed to be done for 4-8 weeks, not year-round.  It’s possible that you could keep up this intense routine for longer without overtraining. But I believe in balancing fitness and life.  The year-round maintenance workouts I outline in Fitness in a Flash are 20-30 minutes per day for 6 days per week.

Or 45 minutes per day for 3-4 days per week.  However, I’m recommending 45-60 minutes, 6 days per week for these fat burning workout routines.  Additionally, the preferred diet plan I outline in Fitness in a Flash is based on maximizing flexibility while still achieving desirable results.  For this 4-8 week period, I’m recommending a strict approach to both what you eat and how much you eat.

Fat Burning Workouts for Men: 8 week bikini body

Fat Burning Workouts for Men

Fat Burning Workouts for Men

I’m generalizing here, but when it comes to losing weight. A lot of guys simply think that they can go to the gym, lift a few weights. And that everything else will fall into place.  Bad news, I truly believe that the most effective fat burning workouts include cardio.

And a focus on diet in addition to resistance training.  If fat burning is your main objective, stop worrying about how many 45lb plates. You can add to your bench and start worrying about it. How many calories you’re eating and how to get your heart pumping.  Trust me, you can maintain your strength and muscle mass while focusing on fat burning. Here you know about Tuesday memes.

Fat Burning Workouts for Women: 8 week bikini body

I’m generalizing again, but I’ve found that women tend to have the reverse problem.  Most women will gladly focus on their diet when they want to lose weight and perform some steady-state cardio.  The bad news here is that steady-state cardio isn’t the most efficient way to burn fat.

Plus, there are benefits that can be derived from a resistance training program. Don’t worry. The workout I recommend will help you get toned, not big and bulky.

8 week bikini body

Fat Burning Workouts for Women

What’s your motivation?

What’s your motivation?

What’s your motivation?

Let’s face it, in the big scheme of things, 2 months is not a long time.  The great thing is that you only have to maintain a strict focus for 8 weeks.  The downside is that you really can’t allow yourself to slip up and still expect to lose 10 or more pounds.  Being cognizant of those two things, I think it’s very important to set a goal and find the motivation you need to achieve that goal.

Saying that you want to lose 5lbs when you really need to lose 10lbs isn’t going to cut it.  Additionally, simply setting a goal of getting a great beach body might not even be enough on its own.  This is one of those times that you really want to work hard and reward yourself.  Set a realistic but challenging goal that’s going to force you to strictly follow a rigorous diet and exercise program. 

Extra motivation might include treating yourself to an expensive dinner if you achieve your goal, upgrading to first-class seats if you’re going on vacation, or even a shopping spree to buy some new clothes to show off your improved body.  Just find that extra something besides a number on the scale that will help push your motivation over the edge.

The bikini body is perfectly received and it starts in the brain!

8 week bikini body
8 week bikini body

It happens every year: Spring. Summer is around the corner and so is the reality that we will all be sitting scantily clad in bikinis, sundresses, crop tops, maillots, daisy dukes or whatever small articles of clothing we like to wear during the warm months.

As spring emerges, so do the group boot camps at local parks, the sightings of running clubs and their new recruits splashed about town, and the thought of a juice cleanse becomes a whole lot more commonplace. The scramble is on for tight tushes, lean midsections, and toned arms. In the mirror, standing in our skivvies, we decide to put off taking that selfie, as we affirm to ourselves that 10 pounds put on during winter has to go.

How to Get a Beach Body in 2 Months: 8 week bikini body

So, how are you going to get a beach body in 2 months or less?  I’ve danced around it but it’s going to require intense exercise and a calorie-restrictive diet.  Here’s where everything fits in my philosophy:

  1. Resistance training to tone muscles
  2. Cardio for fat loss
  3. Diet for fat loss
8 week bikini body
8 week bikini body

Broadly speaking, the routine I recommend includes 6 days of exercise for 45-60 minutes per day split evenly amongst 3 days of resistance training and 3 days of cardio.  To optimize fat burning, workouts are designed to maximize HGH levels.  HGH is a hormone that promotes fat loss while maintaining muscle mass.  Additionally, workouts were constructed to not only release fatty acids into your bloodstream but also burn those fatty acids. If you want a Waist Trainer, please go with the link.

Read More About Fat Burning Workouts

What I’ve written above is just the introduction to a free report I’m offering on fat burning workouts for men and women.  In it, I provide tips along with recommended routines for resistance training, cardio, and dieting as well as a bonus chapter on how to lose 10lbs in 2 weeks.  All you have to do is “Like” my Facebook.


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