Yoga for Gents – Best Yoga Workout Moves for Men

Yoga for Gents
Yoga for Gents

There seems to be a stigma kicking around that yoga is only for women. And guys constantly questioning, “Is Yoga for Gents?”. Well, simply put, the answer is YES! There is no reason why men can’t do the yoga techniques that women carry out. OK, so women are deemed as, in general, more flexible than men. However, it’s time for these stigmas to be pushed aside.

Yoga is fantastic for improving your strength, fact! There, as a guy reading this I’ve hopefully caught your attention. Did you know that? Well, now you do. Yes, it’s great for flexibility and focus, but it’s fantastic on greatly improving your strength and improving your core.

The Strength of Yoga

Yoga For Men is coming to the fore increasingly in recent years. And it’s a fact in the yoga world. That after practicing yoga consistently for a few months, you can feel twice as strong as previously. Yoga can make an overweight manhandle his weight with a greater degree of efficiency, putting doubts in the minds of those who argue against yoga for men.

What Men Need To Know When Beginning Yoga: Yoga for Gents

One of the largest concerns of men when they first start doing yoga is basically how they will be perceived. The long list of macho activities doesn’t exactly include activities such as yoga that require patience and focus. Add in the fact that, like all beginners, they can’t immediately master a sport that most believe is simple. And you have a recipe for an injured ego.

Naturally, no one wants to look weak and for men, this is an even larger concern. What any man should know is that yoga is an incredible way to get in shape without the use of expensive exercise equipment. Yoga for men is masculine, it is vigorous and it will help your overall health profile.

Benefits of yoga for men

Yoga for Gents

Benefits of yoga for men

In fact, more and more MMA fighters and other top athletes are realizing the benefits of yoga. And implementing it into their daily routines. This is due to the fact that yoga does more for athletes than many people originally thought. In fact, yoga and MMA are actually pretty closely related. Not only does yoga help to increase flexibility. But it also allows one to strengthen their core and learn methods of controlled breathing.

A good way to put yoga into perspective is by comparing to any other sport. You may be a world-class swimmer. But you wouldn’t take up baseball on Monday with the expectation of scoring a home run on Friday. You have to think about yoga with understanding. That it will take time to do advanced moves and there really is no competitiveness as far as progression goes.

When your body allows you to go to the next stage. You will know and trying to force yourself ahead will only result in failure. On the other hand, if you are single you can always use the fact. That you will be surrounded by fit ladies. Who will be impressed with your security in your masculinity?

Yoga Poses for Men Beginners: Yoga for Gents

As a practicing yoga enthusiast myself, I have taken great interest in yoga poses that benefit me as a man. Although very similar in physique, men and women have their differences in physical development needs and methods.

What works for men may not work for women, and vice versa. So I’ve taken a moment to explain 3 of the best poses that I have found in my research. Having suffered traffic and sports injuries. I find that these are just a few of the most beneficial poses. I can do to feel healthy and stay limber.


Here’s a quick summary of some of the techniques that could be under the umbrella of “Yoga For Men”.

Bow pose

Yoga for Gents

Bow pose

At first, this one was a little tricky to grasp. But eventually, it proved its worth after a little practice. The Bow Pose is a deep-reaching stretch that clears the mind and expands the chest. It stretches your thighs, arms, back, chest, and other areas. Here you know about yoga accessories.

It is great for stress relief and for focus, and the more you perfect it the more it does for you. Doing the Bow Pose increase muscular balance and core stability and does wonder for back and legs. In this particular pose, you lie on your stomach and bring your ankles towards your backside.

You then reach back with your hands and grab your ankles slowly, pulling your body into the shape of a bow. Take your time and don’t force this. If you must try it one leg at a time until you find your comfort zone. Take deep breathes and stay in this position for 30 seconds or more.

Crescent Lunge

Crescent Lunge

Crescent Lunge

Another great position, especially for the hips and back, is the Crescent Lunge. Very similar to the Lunge used in many fitness workouts, this variation focuses on loosening up the hips. And lower back and in turn, helps to avoid future injury and pain from a past one. It is a great warm-up for your regular workout commonly used in the Sun Salutation routine.

There are a number of ways to get into this position, two of which I will explain. The first is kneeling on the ground with your palms placed flat on the floor. Step your right (or left) foot up in between your arms in the bent position. And extend your other leg back straight against a wall.

Press your hips in the direction of the floor and your heel back as well. Another way to get into this position is to be in downward dog. And step up into your arms with your leg already extended behind you.

Reclining big toe

Lastly, I will touch upon a great hip and hamstring stretch. Countless games of basketball make this stretch a necessity for a good outcome. Known as the Reclining Big Toe. This stretch promotes better digestion and also prostate gland stimulation which is a vital part of the male agenda. It’s great for anyone highly active in running or other sports. In this stretch, you simply lie on your back with your legs flat on the floor.

Maintaining even contact with your right leg against the floor. Raise your left leg into a 90-degree position towards the sky. Slowly bend your left leg and bring it towards your chest with your arms. Using some sort of loop or even a towel, wrap it around your left ankle. And raise your left leg back up towards the sky in the direction of your head safely extending your knees and thighs. Stay in this position for at least 5 deep breaths and alternate twice between each leg.

Plank Pose


Plank Pose

As a great yoga position for upper body strength and balance. This position works great as a step up to further poses. That requires more upper body control, especially in the arms. It acts as a great strengthener for the arms and spine and helps promote straighter posture. IIt is much like that of doing a pushup. But is much more based on a static hold. It is good for practice so you can get into more challenging arm balances.

The key to this one is to get your body into an elevated and completely straightened position. You want to maintain a straight line from the balls of your feet to the top of your head. You also want to try and have your arms as perpendicular. And straight as you can from your body without locking your elbows to hard. This helps improve your balance and is a great fitness exercise as well. For more advanced use try lifting one leg up and holding it and then alternating them.

Iyengar Yoga

Iyengar pose

Iyengar Yoga

This yoga style is perfect for beginners and gives you the foundations to move on to the more advanced yoga techniques, for example, power yoga.

Power Yoga

Perfect for improving your strength. (read below this section for more on strength yoga). This is not for beginners and it is recommended that you learn the basics under Iyengar Yoga first.

Bikram Yoga: Yoga for Gents

Building stamina and burning calories, this form of yoga is carried it in very hot (95 – 102 degrees) rooms. It’s perfect for those who need sweat to feel like they’ve done something good.

How to last longer in bedroom naturally men with Yoga: Yoga for Gents

Men Who Do Yoga Perform Better In The Bedroom

How to last longer in bedroom naturally men with Yoga

How to last longer in bedroom naturally men with Yoga

If you’re like most of us. The last time you tried out that new sex position illustrated in the Kama Sutra ended with a pulled muscle and a bruised ego. Even if you’re in fairly good shape, you can’t compensate flexibility and stamina for eagerness and good intentions.

While a lot of sex is based on physical and mental attraction. No one wants to do the same repetitive routine to the point of boredom. Impressing your lover with a new trick can be just as exciting as a spur of the moment trip out of town; the first being the less expensive of the two. While you probably got over the initial embarrassment. Did you ever stop to think about why you weren’t about to perform up to your expectations and how you could fix it?

How to last longer in bed: Yoga for Gents

Yoga for Gents has long been used as a means of improving sexual performance by both improving confidences. And increasing strength, flexibility and endurance. Don’t shrug off yoga under the assumption that it won’t do squat for your body unless of course. You want an encore performance that mimics the last time you tried to show off in the bedroom.

Specific yoga poses will stretch your muscles in ways you’ve never felt. Before while yoga breathing techniques will help you to oxygenate your blood for better focus and stamina.

Continued practice will tone up muscles, an added bonus if you are hoping to really wow that special person.


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