Cord Blood Banking Cost

Cord Blood Banking Cost
Cord Blood Banking Cost

Information on Cord Blood Banking Cost.

In this article information about Cord Blood Banking Cost. We are not affiliated with ANY Private or Public cord blood bank or storage company what-so-ever, there are several “blogs” available that are actually owned by these banking and storing companies to provide information.

But is it biased? Feel free to contact us with any questions or comments you may have on our information via the contact page.

If you have already been searching cord blood banks, you already know the cost difference between the low end and the high end are pretty large. We have seen during our research a price difference as much as almost two thousand dollars.

On average the typical cost is about $2600.00. You will see some banks much lower and some much higher. Let’s talk about the reasons for the huge cost variations.

Why the big difference in the banking cost of cord blood?

These are a few things to consider:

  • Does the company actually exist in the United States, even though it appears they are in the country?
  • $Does the company have a lot of over-head and debt?
  • Does the company test for good stem cells in the cord blood before banking?
  • Profit margin from the cost?
  • Do they offer pro-bono donation storage?

Let’s break them down in more detail.

Does the company actually exist in the US?

Meaning is this a company that is out of the country but actually acting as a third party. What they do is, provide you information, accept your money. But then contract the umbilical cord blood processing and banking to another company who is giving them ‘wholesale’ cost?

The best way to figure out if you are dealing with a third party company is to ask them if they THEMSELVES accept, process and bank the stem cell or if they have a different company does those things.

Cord Blood Bank In USA

  1. AlphaCord – Atlanta, GA
  2. StemCyte’s
  3. Americord – New York, NY
  4. Assure Immune – Miami, FL
  5. CariCord – Aurora, CO
  6. CorCell – Helm Drive, NV
  7. Cord Blood Registry – San Bruno, CA
  8. Cord Blood Solutions – Montvale, NJ
  9. Core23 BioBank – Springfield, MO
  10. Cryo-Cell International – Oldsmar, FL

Does the company have a lot of over-head and debt? – Cord Blood Banking Cost

Some of the cord blood banking facilities have enormous buildings and labs in which they are in debt. They also have to spend a lot of money on advertising in order to pay for their costs which adds more to the monthly cost. This is something you are not obviously going to be able to directly ask them and get a straight answer.

The only concern is, what happens if they go out of business. No this is something you can ask your cord blood banker. And if you do ask them what happens to the annual cost. Will it go up or is it locked in if someone were to take over the contract.

Cord Blood Stem Cells

Does the company test for good stem cells in the cord blood before storing?

Cord Blood Banking Cost
Cord Blood Banking Cost

This will affect the cost also. How? When a bank receives the umbilical cord blood from the parents and newborn baby, they take it and either store it as is or they can check it to make sure they have usable (or alive) stem cells.

This will take time and money which obviously costs them more. But is the cord blood banking cost going to be more? Should you be paying an annual fee for something that is not useful? Something else to consider asking the storage company when you talk to them. “Do you test the cord blood for living stem cells before you store it?”

Profit margin from the cost? – Cord Blood Banking Cost

Obviously certain storage banking facilities are able to charge more due to being more well known. Are they any better? It is hard to tell. But certain people are more comfortable paying for a big name for the security they feel they obtain with the cost associated.

Some do not want to overpay. Especially when this is something of an emergency insurance policy. ‘Worst case” type of scenario. This is why it is always best to talk to several, cord blood banking companies and review the cost of each. If you need it, you want to have it there for sure.

Cord Blood Donation

Do they offer pro-bono donation storage? – Cord Blood Banking Cost

Cord Blood Banking Cost
Cord Blood Banking Cost

Some of the banking companies offer public stem cell storage. They do this for several reasons. Foremost they do it to help others that need stem cell transplants. But do they do it for the press to drive in more private banking?

This does in-turn create more expenses. But not always, due to insurances starting to cover some of these therapies. But some of the cost most certainly gets passed to their fees. Again you can ask them directly if they do any storage of donated cord blood stem cells.

Maybe you would prefer going to a company that does.

Overall cord blood banking costs run between $600 and $3200 initially with a $100.00 to $175.00 per year renewal with an average being around $2600 and $125.00 per year.

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