Insurance Lapse – When disaster strikes, do not lapse!

Insurance Lapse
Insurance Lapse

In this article information about Insurance Lapse – When disaster strikes, do not lapse!

When disaster strikes, do not lapse!

Picture this: You are on your way to a beach in California for a relaxing vacation in your SUV. Suddenly, a truck swerved past you, you lost control and hit another passing car. Upon investigation, the case was said to be your fault. The third party is charging you for the damages. You went to your auto insurance company. However, you forgot that you have a lapse in your policy and thus cannot make a claim. 

It is indeed a grave situation when you cannot make a claim, especially when you do not have enough funds to pay for the damages. A lapse in your auto insurance coverage may not cause you any trouble now but it will in the future. What does lapse in coverage mean? It means that your policy has been canceled or terminated at a certain point in time. Here you know about Insurance in Spanish | English to Spanish Translation.

Why Policies Lapse?

There are many reasons why policies lapse but one of the most common is when one fails to pay the policy premium on time. The penalty for a lapse depends on state where you live, the auto insurance company where you got your policy, and the automobile you registered in. In general, a penalty will be imposed upon you by your state when you have a lapse in your auto insurance policy. 

People frequently ask if their insurance will lapse even if the time period they neglect to pay their premium was only a month. Once you fail to make a payment, there will automatically be a lapse in your insurance coverage.

That is because auto insurance policies do not offer allowances with regard to payments. If you do not pay your premium on time, the consequence will be a cancellation for nonpayment. And even after you pay your due afterward, there will be a lapse in coverage on your record.

Many questions arise regarding cancellation, termination, expiration, and lapse in auto insurance policies. The articles linked with this will provide further clarifications regarding these terms as well as provide you with a more in-depth look at the situations when these cases arise. 

Truly, a lapse in coverage is not a pretty situation and you should take good care not to get yourself entangled in such a mess. It will cause you not only money but also great inconvenience as well. Although you may restore your insurance policy when you settle your accounts, you will still be penalized according to your state’s laws.

What does canceled auto insurance policy mean?

Not all people understand how an insurance company works. That is why many seem baffled by certain policy terms such as canceled insurance policy and lapse insurance policy. This article is to give you a better understanding of these two terms with regard to auto insurance policies. 

There are instances when an insurance company cancels an auto insurance policy. Cancellation means that your policy is terminated before its expiration or termination date.

When you file for a new auto insurance policy, the insurance company has the right to cancel your policy for the first 60 days of your new policy.

The cancellation may be due to various reasons but the most common ground for cancellation is when upon investigation the company finds out that your risk does not match the premium that you are actually paying.

After 60 days, the company may still cancel your policy if you got the policy through fraudulent means, you neglect to pay for the premium on or before the date it’s due if you did not reveal all the pertinent information regarding your vehicle, and so on. It is best to ask your insurance representative regarding the cases and the provisions when an auto insurance policy can be canceled. Here you know about Mouth Ulcer Home Remedy – Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatments.

In general, there are three kinds of cancellation. These are the following:

Flat-out cancellation revokes a policy

1. Flat-out cancellation revokes a policy as of its effectivity date without demanding any payment of premium from you. This case usually occurs when an insurance company recognized that it has offered you a wrong quote for your policy. The company will then cancel your policy and reimburse all your money. This is also done when an insurance company declares, That your policy is null and void, especially when the company finds out that not all the pertinent information was properly submitted to them for accurate risk assessment.

Pro-rata cancellation revokes

2. Pro-rata cancellation revokes the old policy and corrects the premium in proportion to the time the coverage was in effect. The company may even give you a refund for some of the premia that you have paid if their calculation of your old policy is more than what your premium should be.

Short-rated cancellation revokes

3. Short-rated cancellation revokes a policy as per your request if you want to terminate it before the expiration date. The insurance company will most probably charge you a premium bigger than what would be appropriate for the time insured. However, see to it that you read and understand thoroughly a policy before you apply for it so that you will not be baffled when you suddenly have to request for cancellation. In general, The additional charge is for the fixed expenses that have been acquired by the company.

What does a lapse in your auto insurance policy mean?


Usually, insurance companies charge a policy based on an insurance history continuum and various factors related to the policyholder. Lapsed auto insurance may lead to termination of the policy due to nonpayment of premiums. However, the policy has not yet reached the canceled stage.

Once you pay your premium, you can get your policy to work again. However, the policy will work from the time and date of the payment onwards. Although you paid for your premium, you cannot make it cover for you backward. The auto insurance policy is indeed reinstated but with a lapse (gap) in coverage.

Nowadays, a lapse in coverage for a short period is no longer a hindrance to get oneself a policy but it becomes a factor in determining your new policy rate. It is recommended that you pay your insurance broker a visit and talk with him/her regarding a lapse in coverage and how it can affect your insurability.

Reasons for auto insurance coverage gaps.

A gap in insurance coverage typically occurs when a policy has been canceled for nonpayment of premiums, or when the policy contract is voided for other reasons, in some states, any amount of time your vehicle is registered. But not insured may cause not only a lapse in insurance coverage but your registration may be suspended.

There are many reasons for gaps in auto insurance coverage, for example. If there is a time delay between your insurance policy is terminated and the effective date of a new insurance policy. This may cause unacceptable proof of continued auto insurance coverage. If the gap in policies is over a certain period, this may cause suspension of your driver’s license.

Once new coverage is obtained and verified within an allotted period of time, which is determined by state guidelines, there should not be any lapse in coverage, therefore no penalties and/or fees will be applied to the policyholder.

Some states require insurance companies to notify the DMV every time new insurance is obtained and/or whenever coverage ends, once the information has been received by the DMV, it will be determined if there were any gaps in coverage and if there are any fees to be assessed.

Penalties and fees for gaps in auto insurance.

Penalties and fees for gaps
Penalties and fees for gaps

A gap in auto insurance coverage is any length of time the policyholder has had an interruption in auto insurance coverage. Changing insurance carriers or ensuring different cars does not constitute a gap in coverage unless you let your auto insurance lapse or don’t replace it by your renewal date or nonpayment of the policy premium.

For nonpayment of premiums, the gap may cause the policyholder to incur a penalty for any lapse of the auto insurance. These penalties will vary depending on the state you live and the state in which the vehicle is registered, the policyholder will be notified of reinstatement fees and should be paid at once to minimize further consequences.

If your insurance policy has terminated

If your insurance policy has terminated, it generally should not be a problem to find a new insurance company to cover you. However, the policyholder may experience an increase in the rate of the policy for any lapse in coverage.

If no new insurance information is received within the time period allowed, a  “Notice of Pending Suspension” would be sent to the vehicle’s registered owner advising the owner their vehicle’s registration is subject to suspension, the letter will include information regarding what is required to avoid suspension and all penalties and fines, driving a vehicle with a canceled, suspended or revoked registration in most states is a misdemeanor and may result in the impoundment of the vehicle by law enforcement when discovered.

What are the premiums and expiration dates?

Every insurance policy has a premium. So, obviously, an auto insurance policy has one too. A premium is the amount of money that you pay for an insurance policy and it is frequently stated as an annual premium.

Your auto insurance premium rate is determined by the insurance company through several factors such as your credit history. The condition of your car, you pay the premiums gradually and periodically for a period of, usually, several years. Every policy has an expiration date.

This is the date when your insurance coverage stops. Often, a specific time of day is linked with this date. Let us say, for example, your insurance policy expires on January 3, 2013, at 12:00 a.m. Therefore, come January 3, 2013, at 12:01 in the morning, you are no longer covered by the insurance policy.

Why should you renew your auto insurance policy on time?


One thing is certain. You do not want your auto insurance policy to expire. Why? Because four problems arise when you let this happen.

  1. If your insurance policy is expired and you encounter an accident. Then the insurance company will not cover for the damages.
  2. If your policy expires and is not renewed on time. You may experience a lot of inconveniences. Your insurance company may send its representatives to your place to check your vehicle before it grants you the renewal you request.
  3. If you are under a “No Claim Bonus,” once your policy expires and no previous claims had been made previously. Then the bonus that you are eligible to on the present policy will be forfeited. If your auto insurance policy is not renewed within ninety days of its expiration date, then your policy will then be calculated anew for the purpose of bonus application. Do not take for granted the “No Claim Bonus” offer. A certain amount of discount will be given to you upon renewal of your premium as long. As you have not made any payable claim in the previous year. This can definitely give you additional savings.
  4. The insurance company can deny the reinstatement of your auto insurance policy once you let it expire. If you had a hard time getting insurance in the past. Then a denied insurance policy application might lessen your chance of getting one from another insurance company in the future. However, many insurance companies allow their policyholders to renew their accounts. But the insurance company may charge higher rates.

So, do not be neglectful. It pays to renew on time. Better yet, it is good to renew before the expiry date to avoid unnecessary fees and inconveniences.

You have to Pay for the Consequences.

Most of us know what a policy lapse or lapse in coverage means. This is a period when your policy has been temporarily terminated. Or canceled because you failed to pay your premium, or for some other cause.

In the United States, a lapse in your auto insurance policy comes with some price. And one of those is a rate hike. Your policy premium may increase due to a lapse in coverage. Also, many auto insurance companies may deny your application for a new policy.

Although some companies may allow you to get one. You will probably miss the better deals due to the lapse in coverage in your previous policy. If, for instance, you were caught driving without insurance during the lapse, you may also be penalized by your state or alternatively by your insurance company.

Furthermore, if you meet with an unfortunate accident and you are at fault and there was a lapse in your insurance coverage. Then you will have to personally shoulder the expenses incurred to you and the other party.

If you love your tags, do not lapse!

If you got attached to your license plate, then consider paying your premiums on time. In the United States, every state requires drivers to bare minimum levels of financial responsibility in the form of auto insurance coverage to guarantee that drivers can shoulder the finances in the event of an accident. If a person fails to comply. Then the person held responsible will be given some penalties like a cancellation. Or invalidation of tags or license plates and suspension of your registration.

In North Carolina and California, for instance, the law requires the insurance company to report to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) any person with a lapse in coverage. Once the DMV is informed, then the person may be penalized, however, any person with a lapsed insurance will be sent a letter first, requiring the person to reply within ten days.

In the event that the person was not able to reply within the given period, then the person’s license plate will be rebuked for thirty days. To acquire the plate back, the person should then file forms and pay the necessary fees for the reacquisition of the plate. 

What to do to avoid penalties.

Needless to say, you should pay your premiums on time to avoid the liabilities. In case you want to change insurance companies, do not just stop paying your premiums. Be responsible enough to advise your present insurance company.

Then, follow the company’s guidelines in terminating or canceling a policy. Make sure you allow enough time for the insurance company to do the processing properly.

Again, do not just stop paying haphazardly because if you do you might find a lapse in coverage in your record. With regard to your new insurance company, make sure that you know exactly when your new policy will commence. Do not terminate your existing policy unless you are sure when the new policy begins.

Importance of Insurance.

Importance of Insurance
Importance of Insurance

Auto insurance is mandatory. This being said it is very risky to drive your vehicle without insurance as this could seriously burn a hole in your pocket. Also if your insurance is suspended then you can apply for cover for the SR22 that you have to pay monthly.

Auto insurance is very important and is a must in many states.  It helps to ensure that you are fully covered in case of an emergency. The insurance will cover your damages and losses if you, unfortunately, happen to meet with an accident.

Every road and transport authority demands that you have auto insurance. At the time of the registration of the vehicle itself. You are supposed to apply and purchase auto insurance. It is important to keep paying your auto insurance premiums every month to maintain your insurance.

If you fail to pay your insurance premium for a period of time. Then you will be asked to maintain an SR22 as a penalty for a period of time. Also if you change or cancel your insurance, then the insurance company will report this to the local road transport authority.

Obtaining SR22 insurance: Insurance Lapse

SR22 insurance
SR22 insurance

Your insurance is the first thing that is asked from you when you are pulled over by a traffic patrolman, Also during an accident, your insurance is the first thing that is checked. If you fail to show your insurance then you are most likely to end up paying a fine. Also, failure to show your insurance can cause you to lose your driving license.

When your driving license is suspended then you lose all your driving privileges. Further misuse of the roads at situations like this can lead to even heavier penalties and fines. When your license is suspended you are required to purchase SR22 insurance. There are many insurance companies that provide SR22 insurance.

SR22 insurance

This insurance or license will let you regain your driving privileges back until you get your real license back. You can sometimes be even ordered by the court to maintain an SR22 for a period of time. The premium rate of the SR22 is much higher than that of an ordinary license.

The premium rates of SR22 can be as much as three times your normal premium rate. This premium rate, however, can be decreased if you have a clean driving record. There are many insurance companies that provide coverage for this type of insurance as well. This is helpful at many times as SR22 can burn a deep hole in your pocket. This will help you to pay your SR22 premiums until you get your normal license back.

Various premium factors: Insurance Lapse

Insurance is very important as failure to produce it can even impound your vehicle. However, you can choose not to insure for a vehicle that you do not drive. Vehicles that remain dormant in your garage need not be insured but you need to ensure every motorized vehicle that you drive on the streets. The premium of the insurance varies from time to time and also there are special auto insurance schemes available for women.

The price of insurance is mostly based on the drivers’ records. Also for people in the armed forces, insurance at lower rates are also available. The drivers driving experience as well as the safety features of the car also play an important role in deciding the price of the insurance.

Expiration stipulations for insurance: Insurance Lapse

Auto insurance is expected to be maintained by you by paying the premium every month. Auto insurance policies are mostly until a fixed period of time. This period can be from 6 months to years depending upon the type of insurance that you choose. Also, an important thing to remember is that your insurance expires on the early morning of the specified date.

For example, if your insurance expires on January 29th then it will expire on January 29th at 12:01 a.m. This means that for the full day of January 29th you will have no converge. You should keep this factor in mind and renew your insurance accordingly.

Policy claims when not in the insurance period: Insurance Lapse

Policy claims
Policy claims

If you do not renew your policy on time then you will not enjoy any claim or bonuses that are offered by the policy. Also, all claims made during the period when your insurance is not valid will not be entertained. Therefore, if you get into an accident without insurance then it will prove to be very expensive for you as all the costs will come out of your own pocket. Also, it can get your license revoked for a year, or more in some cases, if the policy is not renewed within 90 days of its expiration then the policy will be discarded. And you will have to purchase a fresh new policy. As mentioned before you will lose all your claim privileges.

If you are involved in an accident and your policy is not renewed

on time then you will have to go through a lot more processes to settle your claims. The insurance companies will send its officials who will inspect your car thoroughly. Only if they are satisfied will you be able to claim for your insurance. This can be a lot of inconvenience to you. It is therefore advisable that you remember your insurance dates and also remembers to ensure on time.

If your insurance is wrongly terminated then you have every right to go to the courts and resolve your dispute to get your insurance reinstated. You can ask your lawyer to look into the case of your renewal expiration and if your insurance expires prematurely for no fault of your own, then you can get the insurance renewed absolutely free of cost. This is the power granted to you by any state.

10 myths of auto insurance revealed: Insurance Lapse

Auto insurances are very important. Every state has made it mandatory that if you have a vehicle then you should definitely carry auto insurance. There are many auto insurance companies available. You should take your time in choosing the best insurance that matches your needs perfectly. Also, you should not be misled by auto insurance rumors that normally circulate throughout the internet.

  • It is a common myth that the color of your vehicle affects the rate of your insurance premiums. In fact, there are many surveys done that would support this theory. However, this is not true. Your car may be of any color but it will never affect your premium value.
  • A speeding ticket does not necessarily mean that your rate of insurance will increase. This is a common assumption that is made by many, however, getting caught by the police repeatedly may increase your insurance rates. This again depends on the type of insurance you have.
  • The insurance company is the ultimate judge of your accident. Even if the police have declared that the accident was not your fault, the insurance companies will have the last word. If they think that you are also guilty with the accident then you might not get your full claim coverage.
  • When you ensure your car, even if you are not driving it. The accident that is caused involving your car will be paid out of your insurance, this will also show in the records of the claim that the accident was caused by you.
  • Insurance rates greatly differ with each different insurance company. You should research well before settling down to a single insurance company. A well-researched decision will help you to save on premiums.

Auto Insurance Myths

  • Even though the state law declares a minimum coverage you should consider having more coverage than what is mandatory. This is for your own good. You should opt for more insurance than what is normally required to avoid potential lawsuits.
  • The United States government does not have a fixed set of insurance rates. Therefore, it is wise to look around for the best rate of insurance. This can be done effectively on the Internet.
  • @The cost of your vehicle is not a concern while ensuring. Even if you have purchased your vehicle at a cheaper rate. If the safety features are included in the vehicle then the rate of premium will definitely go down.
  • #The cost of repair of the vehicle is a major factor in determining the rate of insurance. This means that if the spare part for your vehicle is readily available then the cost of insurance is much less. Therefore it is wise to purchase a vehicle whose spare parts are locally available.
  • It is most safe to buy auto insurance on the Internet. With the Internet, you also have more options to compare and make your decision with.

Insurance company’s obligations on policy renewals and expirations: Insurance Lapse

@Insurance companies are required to inform. Its policyholder’s details about policy rules and regulations regarding automobile coverage in regards to expiration/ renewal dates, policy changes, rates, and coverage information. They are required to keep policyholders informed of all revisions, modifications, and effective dates.

$Insurance companies have compliance obligations while servicing their policyholders. Every insurance company has their own rules and regulations regarding its renewal processes and grace periods in which premiums are due. Policyholders should understand the differences between policy renewals and cancellations.
If “insurer” fails to renew the policy during the renewal period, the policy will be classified as a nonrenewal.

It will then be the obligation of the customer to then obtain another policy. If “insurer” terminates the policy prior to the renewal date. This is classified as a policy “cancellation” In this case, too, the obligation is left to the customer to secure coverage. The customer may be liable for additional fees and/or penalties for terminating prior to the policy expiration date(s).

Research purchase options for required auto insurance: Insurance Lapse 


Auto insurance is not an optional expense, and the costs of policies are not cheap. To manage these costs, remember to always take a close look at available purchasing options before buying auto insurance. Auto insurance companies offer various payment options to their customers.

Full payment of premium is the most convenient option when purchasing auto insurance. Expect to get maximum percentage discounts when opting for this method. Payment in full is the most cost-effective- it saves money over the course of the policy.
Paying insurance premiums via credit card is another option in purchasing an auto insurance policy. Some fees are associated with this option; the customer should do careful research and know all credit card rates and fees associated with purchases. In fact, it is recommended to compare the total cost of all options prior to selection to maximize savings.

The most popular choice amongst auto insurance buyers is the installment plan

The most popular choice amongst auto insurance buyers is the installment plan. Although additional fees are added to this method, many customers find this more comfortable as payments are broken down into convenient, more affordable monthly payments, however, if an insurance buyer opts this plan, required deposit amounts are often greater than the number of monthly installments. And charges may vary depending on the buyer‘s credit history. But, in the present scenario, charges are often minimal.

Choosing the best purchasing option available for auto insurance policies depends on the financial situation and the personal circumstance of the purchaser. If a buyer can manage to choose a director outright purchase option of the policy, it is always the best money saving option. This option eliminates all fees and finance charges associated with the policy. But if other payment modes are available and are necessary for the buyer, it may be beneficial electing monthly premiums or paying through other revolving credit accounts (ie: credit cards).

It is always recommended to purchase auto insurance and one should not go without it. Remember, auto insurance is not an optional expense, but the cost and method of payment of the policy is an option for all auto insurance policyholders.

Research is the key to best auto quotes and coverage: Insurance Lapse

A customer should always research the market for the best insurance quotes with specific coverage options and rates of the policy. Quotes are an important tool for deciding on which insurance company will cover the maximum amount of coverage for the least amount of out-of-pocket expense to the policyholder. Once a customer finds the best policy suited, they should be prepared to handle the price efficiently.


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