The Best Female Masturbation Tips and Masturbation Techniques?

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In this article information about The Best Female Masturbation Tips and Masturbation Techniques? Enhancing your sexual being and your sex life is easy when you implement little new moves involves masturbation.

Not every time is your partner going to squeeze you just the right way. And it isn’t going to be all the time. That your husband is going to poke you just the way that you want when you want.

A little self-gratification will keep you happy – keep you going all day and night. And you might feel that you are experiencing that orgasmic feeling so much more!

There are many stories here that are submitted by men and women. There stories about how they increase their sexual being. Because they have started masturbating with their partner, without their partner and anytime that they can!

Masturbation is self-gratification involving touching yourself to have an orgasm, near orgasm feeling or an all-out physical heightening experience.

The Best Female Masturbation Tips and Masturbation Techniques?

Discover are some of the best masturbation tips for males and masturbation techniques for females?

But first some questions about your practice that could give you some ideas about masturbation.

  • What were the two most positive communications you received about masturbation when you were young?
  • $What were the two most negative communications that you received about masturbation as a boy?
  • What messages about masturbation did you receive from your parents or guardians? How did these messages affect you?
  • What messages about masturbation did you receive from your peers in high school and grade school?
  • How did these messages affect you?
  • What messages about masturbation did you receive from your religious upbringing.
  • How did these messages affect you?
  • Growing up, did you ever feel shame about getting an erection? Have you ever felt shame about not getting an erection?
  • Have you ever felt shame or guilt while you masturbated?
  • Do you ever feel shame or guilt after you ejaculate?
  • Are you ever distracted during masturbation by thoughts or worries that you might be discovered or seen?
  • Have you ever been shamed by another person who discovered you masturbating?
  • Do you have a variety of stroking techniques? Do you do with your cum after ejaculation?
  • What percentage of the time do you masturbate standing, moving or dancing?
  • Do you regularly clench the muscles of the pelvic floor area (PC muscles plus anal sphincters) as you masturbate?
  • What percentage of the time do you breathe conscious rhythms as you masturbate?
  • Have you ever had a spiritual experience involving masturbation?
  • Have you ever experienced altered states while masturbating

Female Masturbation Tips and techniques: Tip One

Slow down and take your time. How about 30 minutes to see if that gives you a better orgasm. If you have trouble doing this, see my tips in my ebook Sexual Ecstasy in 14 Days. Here you know about where is the Clitoris – How to find this?

Female Masturbation Tips and techniques: Tip Two

Relax and relax all areas of your body. The more relaxed you are the more the energy can move out of your genitals to other areas of your body. This can lead to a full-body orgasm.

Masturbation tips and techniques: Tip Three

Touch other areas of your body apart from your penis or vulva. Imagine the pleasure of moving from your genitals to other places in your body. Energy follows your attention.

Masturbation tips and techniques: Tip Four

Breathe from your belly and much deeper than normal. This is a key to enter altered stated from masturbation and lovemaking. Most of us restrict our energy by restricting our breath.

Masturbation tips and techniques: Tip Five

Make a lot of erotic sounds as this makes the energy stronger. I have had such mega orgasms that I was screaming. One tip is to make loud sounds into a pillow so as not to hurt your partner.

What are some of the best Female free masturbation technique?

What are some of the best Female free masturbation technique?
What are some of the best Female free masturbation technique?

Try the following creative female masturbation techniques and tips the next time you masturbate

What is the best Female masturbation technique: Tip One.

Try sitting on a washing machine during the spin cycle. And you might be surprised at how erotic this can be. The noise of the washing machine can help you make more sounds of pleasure too.

What is the best Female masturbation technique: Tip Two

Using detachable showerhead can be great. Adjust the pressure of the water to what you like and direct it on your clitoris. As your pleasure build adjust the pressure higher. Also, try Jacuzzi jets to have orgasms in the spar.

What is the best Female masturbation technique: Tip Three

Purchase a curved dildo that can easily touch your g spot area. This is in your pussy about 1 inch inside and upon the top wall of the vagina. It usually abuts half an inch across. Stimulating this spot can lead to deeper whole-body orgasms and even ejaculation orgasms.

Try alternate stimulation on the g pot and then on our clitoris. Masturbate for over 30 minutes and make sounds to move the energy around your body. Here you know about Female Ejaculation: Myths or Facts? The answer you want!

Solo female masturbation tips

Solo female masturbation tips
Solo female masturbation tips

Learn some special sole female masturbation methods and tips.

Solo female masturbation tips: Tip One

Vulva Vibrations: Cup the vulva with your hand and vibrate using different speeds, intensities, and directions.

Heart-Pussy Palm Rest: Rest one hand over the heart and one hand over the vulva, feeling the energy in both.

Womb Drumming: Tap and slap your vulva and the thighs.

Solo female masturbation tips: Tip Two

Apply water-based lubricant to your fingers, warming it and then pet onto the yoni in long gentle strokes.

Labia Massage: Massively massage both the outer and inner lips of the vagina. Pinching with the thumb and forefinger, massage with circles and glides.

Tour de France: Glide a finger from perineum up around the clitoris and back down in the space between the inner and outer labia.

Single Female Masturbation Tips: Three

Explore many different ways of stroking the clit:. The strokes open on the long-stroke cloth, with the straight stroke on the clit, with different pressure and speed. Notice of change in his breath and movements. Add stimulation to G-spot’s backdoor.

Massage the clitoral area with two or three fingers in a circular motion.

Single Female Masturbation Tips: Tip Four

G spot urethral sponge, feel for some area on the top wall of the vaginal canal. Massage one or two fingers with the sponge of the entire urethra. Or if it is very difficult then use a toy. Find G-Spot by reaching the pubic bone and pressing and dropping with a sponge. Massage G-Spot by applying constant pressure and/or circular motion. Here you know about Coconut Oil Benefits – 13 Miraculous Uses.

Will masturbation cause hair loss?

Masturbation has not to be proved to cause hair loss to date. Excessive masturbation can become addictive if your happiness depends on it and you masturbate 10 times a day.

Tampon masturbation

Women can use a tampon as a masturbation toy. Tampons come in different sizes to add a bit of variety.

Tampon masturbation: Tip One

If one is nice what about two or more at once?

Tampon masturbation: Tip Two

How about masturbating your anus with one tampon and your pussy with another one? Use plenty of lubrication for this trick.

Tampon masturbation: Tip Three

Advanced tip. Insert a tampon in your anus and masturbate. Pull out the tampon at the point of orgasm. Take care not to lose the tampon up your anus!

tampon masturbation: Tip Four

One can also use the plastic applicator as a dildo.

Best Masturbation Methods for Women

Best Masturbation Methods for Women

Masturbation is a long-time friend of women who are sex hungry. Who feel left out when they even have sex. And for women who want to make their own body shake. And quiver without having the added problems of a body friend a husband or a lover!

Reading through the online submissions about women. Or how they masturbate keep a mental note about the little tricks you want to try. And who knows maybe even while you are reading this you will take to your own room and try someone else’s methods out!

Don’t forget that your privacy is important to us. All submissions are private and we ask that you do not include your last names for privacies sake.

Female Masturbation One finger

Lying in my bed, I sometimes leave my jeans on and other times I feel the need just to take them off altogether. I always lock my door! I hate when the kids come to the door. But this is my two minutes of privacy and here is what I do. ‘

Using my middle finger, don’t know why but this seems most comfortable for me. I will reach down and touch myself on the clit. Rubbing slowly, just enough to make my pussy wet. Then I will put my finger in this wetness and rub it over my cunt. Which makes me very sensitive and horny. Then I just keep rubbing on my clit until I shake and I feel my muscles tighten.

Female Masturbation Two fingers!

I work in an office where I am alone most of the day, after lunch, I have made it a habit to sink down in my chair a bit and close my door. I slip on hand down my pants and rub my clit with two fingers fast.

Sometimes my hands are cold and this seems to enhance the feeling. But I have mastered it to the point where I can cum in just a few short minutes and love every second of it! It is my ‘stress’ break.

Best quiet spots

I found that the best masturbation I have ever experienced begins with a nice quiet spot. I am either in the shower, in the greenhouse, in my bed, lying on the couch, or sitting in a chair at work.

When it is quiet and I am alone I simply make myself comfortable putting one leg up and spreading my legs. So I can put one finger on my clit and the other in my vagina. Rubbing and pushing at the same time gives me the results that my body craves.

Quiet Moment

Since I don’t have a boyfriend, I masturbate when the kids are sleeping and the chores are done for the day. My favorite is to sit out on the porch. And yes I live in town and slip my hand under my shirt and down my pants. No one really knows what I am doing as it only takes a minute. But I think because I am out in the open. And that anyone could catch me it why it feels so great!

New Tricks

I always did masturbate since I was a young girl. I heard about women touching themselves to find out what an orgasm really feels like. But now that I am a little older I still touch my self, touch my cunt, touch my own ass so that I can feel sexy.

When I am getting ready to go out on a date. I usually take a shower and rub my cunt until I almost collapse in the shower because it makes me feel good. My body is more relaxed plus in the shower when I need that little help in coming. I stick the head of the shampoo bottle in my pussy for that final ummah I need to orgasm!

Where we dream of masturbating

Many women dream of masturbating where ever they spend most of their time, whether it is in school, at work, in bed, or in the living room. Me I dream about masturbating while driving.

My favorite thrill is when I am just about to cum. I pass a truck driver, and he sees me! $I get a thrill out of turning these guys on and I know that I will never meet up with one of them so it doubles my fun!

I am always quick in masturbating while driving, I bet in one three minute song. That I can put my hands down my pants, start rubbing my pussy all over and then stick my fingers in my cunt. And I am shivering with goosebumps! Try it you might like it sometimes!

Masturbation Toy Techniques for women

Masturbation Toy Techniques for women
Masturbation Toy Techniques for women

No matter what age you are or what sex you are masturbation is a healthy part of your life. But there are also some women who like to use toys when masturbating.

When we write about toys this is a thing that you can buy that are specifically noted as sexual enhancements. Or these could be toys that you pick up around the house. That you like to use, see, hear or play with when you are masturbating.

This site was created to give other women a chance to explore their own sexuality, a way of living. So that you don’t have to spend money on a date, worry about how you are performing plus. You can feel that good orgasm just anytime that you have the opportunity!

What I Use

I have a little secret – I masturbate two or three times every day! I masturbate in the morning, touching myself before I ever get out of bed in the morning. Often I use my fingers to rub my clit, playing with it as it gets harder and bigger below my touch.

I also masturbate after I come home at night when I am watching television. I guess it is just a habit but I feel so really relaxed all the time so I figure what does it hurt right.

Well, I also use a few ‘things’ when I want to get off and rubbing my cunt just isn’t doing it. My favorite is using my husband toothbrush. He has this fat handle that fits his big hand.

There are little textures on the handle that rub against my pussy when I push it in and out of myself while rubbing my clitoris at the same time. Great feeling. If you have the chance to buy a toothbrush!

When I masturbate

When I masturbate I like to watch men on the television. There is always some type of good masculine movies on that make me want to get fucked and I use this to my own advantage.

I close my eyes and think about fucking the movie star that I am listening to on the television. I usually end up masturbating and getting off the first time rather easily and then after that. $I want to do it again. This is where it gets to be a little interesting.

I tried many things like large markers, soda bottles with long necks and even the cucumber. Which just gets too mushy for my taste but my favorite is the little attachment that goes on the sweeper.

Flat but cold plastic and long enough that I can shove it deep in me if I like. I usually and in the laundry room with one leg up on the washer and the other leaning me up against the wall. As I am pushing the sweeper end into my pussy but it works well!

Great items you can use too

Throughout my home, I have all types of ‘things’ that I use for my own excitement when I need to get off. And when I am alone, masturbating. Some of my favorites hold great memories likes when I was about to get caught, when my husband was in bed with my and sleeping, when I was in the shower and when I am alone watching television all night long.

Some of my favorite masturbation toys are found in just about every household. But I could never tell you my name. Or you might never visit my wondering if I used a certain item in my pussy when I was hot and horny!

I use the rubber spatula that sits on my counter. It is thin flexible and long. When I get that feeling I take it anywhere in the house where I can be alone and get myself off. It is usually more fun than my husband!

Another one of my favorite things from the kitchen is the little bud vase that I have sitting on my kitchen windowsill. Sometimes I will throw it in the freezer when I need a quick pick me up and relaxation at the same time!

Other times I use markers, hairbrushes, pens, toys. That I buy for myself from the adult store, dildos, and long lighters. One time I even used the end of a chair that sits in my bedroom. I needed to feel that hard thick ‘thing’ in the side of me and I did it – got off and felt great at the same time!

What’s Your Pleasure?

Many women find it hard to bring themselves to a climax, to have a real orgasm. This has nothing to do with your ability to climax.

But has rather do with knowing exactly what to do and how long it takes to get you there which when done right, can take from just a few seconds up to a few minutes.

Persistence, imagination, and determination are the keys to bringing yourself to the most excellent and hottest orgasm.

Try the Circular Rub, which is a simple move that takes a bit of getting-to-know-you, but when you find out what you like; you’ll be in heaven as you achieve your first orgasm this way. Simply take your index and middle fingers from both hands and place them on top of your clitoris.

With your fingers in position, move them in a circular motion over the top of your clitoris. Changing the speed and the pressure of your motion will give you a different feeling each time.

How Women Masturbate Successfully

Women masturbate more often than men like to think – no we are all not fully satisfied by our lovers, even though we may really like what our male loves do, or even what our female loves do for us – but in the end when we need a little more masturbation is the key to real relief!

Masturbation is a long-time friend for women who are sex hungry, who feel left out when they even have sex, and for women who want to make their own body shake and quiver without having the added problems of a body friend a husband or a lover!

Reading through the online submissions about women and how they masturbate keep a mental note about the little tricks you want to try and who knows maybe even while you are reading this you will take to your own room and try someone else’s methods out! If you are new to this site please leave us your masturbation tips and ideas!

Don’t forget that your privacy is important to us. All submissions are private and we ask that you do not include your last names for privacies sake.

Submit your own masturbation stories for other women to use and share for real-time satisfaction in their own lives!

Clitoral Stimulations

Using your hands and fingers start rubbing, stroking and pinching of the clitoris with your finger or the palm of your hand. Sometimes direct stimulation of the clitoris is too intense and you may prefer or you may even need stimulation near or around the clitoris more pleasurable.

Try some of my favorites: Palm & Fingers Rub with the palm of one hand on the clitoris and fingers from other hands inside your vagina -feels great and you get all the stimulation at the same time for a heightened orgasm.

Put oil all over your cunt – rub your fingertips gently over your entire pussy area from your clit to you cunt lightly – and you will become very aroused quickly.

Lie on your back with your legs as tightly together as possible and stick your finger between your legs to touch your clit with just the tips of your fingers. This feels good where you will spread your legs for yourself!

Water Tricks

Water is one of my favorites when I want to get off by masturbating. No matter if the water is hot, cold or frozen, water lubricates as it affects my senses. I once found myself very aroused when in the kitchen, and I thought to myself that the sprayer in the kitchen looked good.

So I turned it on hot spread my legs and when I was just about ready to collapse on the floor I shoved the head of the sprayer in my cunt and I moaned out loud as my orgasm continued!

Stuff I use

There are many things I use from my household, in my office and heck even in my car when I want to get off. Here are a few of my favorites. I sit on the edge of the couch, balancing my weight on my clit rubbing until I Cum in my panties.

Wearing tight jeans helps me get off often at work, at the club, and even just walking down the street! Tight jeans rub against my clit all the time.

My Technique

I like to stick my vibrator in my cunt while I rub my clit over and over again until I am so sensitive that I just can’t take it anymore!

My Trick

I don’t tell anyone, I don’t even tell my husband but after he leaves for work every morning I get in the shower, hold on to the shower curtain rod and I simply use my index finger and my middle finger rubbing my clit until I am so sensitive that I must sit down.

As I sit I spread my legs open and let the water hit my cunt and I continue rubbing my clit sticking my other hand in my pussy feeling both the interior and the exterior feelings of masturbation and orgasm.

I feel relieved, relaxed and ready for a great day when I get out of the shower! If I am in a not so hot mood I may even climax twice during my ‘shower’ time to lift my mood.


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