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7 tips that will save you money with every renovation

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Our 7 tips will help you avoid costly mistakes when renovating.

The kitchen is getting on in years. The bath has past its prime. Regardless of whether it is a country house or city apartment - sooner or later there will be small to large under each roof Renovation works necessary. From a simple new one Wall design up to the elaborate Bathroom renovation, the renovation work that has become necessary has innumerable faces.

Renovate cheaply? This works out!

It is one of the great adventures that can be experienced within your own four walls: the renovation. In order for it to be an adventure that ends well, you shouldthe costs do not shoot up uncontrollably for beautification. We give 7 tips and trickswho help hardworking do-it-yourselfers save.

1. Good planning

Careful planning is essential for a successful renovation. A list all pending work helps that Overview of costs to keep and to calculate realistically.

The Order of the planned measures should be set here from highest to lowest priority. An early one Budget planning In the case of major renovation work, it also has the advantage that do-it-yourselfers get a possible Mortgage lending at the bank can take care of it.

2. Provide extensive information

Most often, the kitchen and bathroom need to be renovated. Basically: Those who inform themselves in advance will save even more in the end.

Which brands and manufacturers are there for Sanitary facilities and Bathroom tiles? Bathroom and kitchen exhibitions, trade fairs, catalogs and blogs provide plenty of inspiration and give consumers a rough idea of ​​the cost.

Also for them kitchen different offers from manufacturers should be compared with one another. Patience is often worthwhile. who Sales and promotions waiting can clearly benefit. And if you have to renovate, how about one smart bathroom?

3. But hire a specialist?

And then the shock: In the new, Walk-in shower the water does not run off. The work begins again and the Costs explode. Ambitious do-it-yourselfers want to do without trained specialists for a variety of renovation measures. Then subvert Failure in the renovation, high expenses arise.

But a professional is not only helpful in the final execution of the order. A craftsman can make valuable work in advance Counseling work and draw attention to new ideas or products. They also have Experience and expertise and guarantee the liability. Other work, such as wallpapering or new ones Floor coverings, skilled craftsmen can do it themselves.

4. Save online

Bathroom equipment and sanitary facilities are often cheaper online than from a plumbing specialist. Important: Tradespeople are reluctant to install products from the Internet because they cooperate with dealers and are responsible for installing the Online product would have to take over. That is why consumers should clarify in advancewhether the specialist installs foreign utensils. In addition, effort and benefit should be weighed.

5. Become partially active

Also not inveterate artisans can lend a hand in the renovation. Removing and disposing of old tiles or wallpaper saves the craftsman a lot of work and saves money. Caution with cables and connections! Under no circumstances should these be damaged. It is best to discuss the project beforehand with the craftsman. Many companies are happy about such Initiative.

6. Quality instead of price

For long-lasting items such as Bathroom fittings or the Kitchen equipment should be consumers pay attention to quality and not just on the price. How robust, light-sensitive and easy to care for is the facility?

Bathroom furniture are in use every day for many years. Moisture or hair tints cannot harm high-quality material. Also with the kitchen should be invested in the long-term value. The worktops in particular are exposed to high levels of stress. A normal work surface has a lifespan of around 20 years. Countertops Granite, on the other hand, creates 30 years and more. Damaged areas should be repaired as quickly as possible so that the kitchen can be enjoyed for many years to come.

7. Renovate the rented apartment

Often the rented apartment does not correspond to the ideal and should be embellished. While small jobs like one new wall design or painting are possible without the landlord's permission, renovation work should always be discussed.

If something is defective in the apartment, the landlord is obliged to pay for the repair. At a modernization E.g. the installation of a barrier-free shower, the tenant usually has to pay the bill.


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