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Book excerpt from Dennis Fischer: “52 ways to success. The best ideas from 500 business advisors. "

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It's called bestseller and not bestwriter

Robert Kiyosaki, the author of the world bestseller Rich Dad Poor Dad, describes in his book how one day he gave an interview to a young reporter in Singapore. In the course of the conversation, they talked about her career and she said that one day she would also like to be a bestselling author like him. But so far her attempts have been unsuccessful, so she prefers to keep her job at the newspaper.

Robert asked if he could give her some advice. He had read some of her articles before the interview and was delighted with her writing style. There was no question that she was an excellent writer.

He told her that he has a friend here in Singapore who runs a training institute for salespeople. He would really advise her to register there.

The journalist felt personally attacked and replied: “You want me to learn to sell? I am a professional writer. I have studied and don't want to end up as a saleswoman, I want to write. Salespeople are always out for the money! "

She started packing her things and was about to get up when Kiyosaki held out his book to her and pointed to the sticker on the cover: "What does it say?"

She read to "bestselling author". And he replied: “Exactly, not a best writer, but a bestseller. You're a great writer, not me. But I know how to sell something. So you are only a small step away from becoming a successful writer! "

If my book slips onto the bestseller lists, it is not because it is necessarily the best-written book, but because I have hopefully sold it well.

A few years ago, when I was talking about "selling", I always had the bald, commission-hungry insurance agent in mind. Although he has no idea about the products he sells, he really wants to get rich quick. His motto “hit, hit, run away”.

As I have learned in the last few years, I am not alone with my negative beliefs in this area. Many of the colleagues I spoke to also had the hard seller described above in mind for a long time. At the same time, they themselves had had negative experiences with rejection. They wanted to sell something, but initially only met with rejection. Instead of moving on, they stopped quickly to avoid this negative feeling.

Still others told me that they don't like to praise themselves. On the one hand they believe in the saying “self-praise stinks”, on the other hand they believe that advertising is below their dignity. They are convinced of their own offer, but are waiting for others to recommend them.

That's nice when it happens, of course, but especially at the beginning of your career, you shouldn't rely on it alone.

My opinion has not only changed since I started my own business.

Why should you sell yourself to be successful? Quite simply because nobody else does! If you don't believe in yourself then who should? And above all, why?

After all, everything is a form of selling. It doesn't matter whether you are looking for a partner for life or you want to go to soccer with your friends. Ultimately, you have to keep selling yourself and your ideas and are already doing so. You're probably just calling it different.

Especially if you are a manager, entrepreneur or self-employed person, you are allowed to market yourself and your ideas. You want to convince investors that they are giving you money. You want to convince your employees that they are doing their best for your company and of course you want to convince your customers to buy your products.

Do you really believe in the products or services you offer? This is one of the most common stumbling blocks for the self-employed. They are not 100 percent convinced of what they offer and therefore do not dare to advertise it to their customers.

Imagine having developed a drug that could reverse Alzheimer's disease. Wouldn't it then be your duty to make it available to everyone? Wouldn't you feel guilty if you were hiding it from someone?

Why would you stand behind this drug 100 percent, but are currently not doing it for yourself and your own offer?


All business advisors recommend three things to help you sell better in the future.

The first point is your attitude. As just described, we carry around a lot of negative beliefs about selling. Write these down honestly in your notebook and ask yourself how you get to them.

Also, ask yourself if they are still valid or if you shouldn't throw most of them overboard.

Surround yourself with people who love to sell and watch them learn as they go.

The second point, of course, is sales skills. Above all, there is one important aspect that you should take to heart: the graduation.

You shouldn't spend hours advising your customers so that they can buy from the competition. For most of us, the question “do you want to buy my product now?” Is the hardest question of the entire conversation. But at the same time it is also the most important. If you don't get degrees, you won't make money and you won't be competitive in the long run.

The third and last point is good time and goal management. You have to be clear about what you are selling something for, in order to then direct your full focus on it.

Especially when it comes to selling, you can measure your goals wonderfully, because there is no gray area. Either the customer bought or not. Don't be discouraged if only one in twenty customers buys.

The higher your number of hits, that is, the more customers you can reach per day, the more you will sell.

Make yourself aware again and again that you are doing something good for other people with your product or service! So it is your duty to sell as much as you can.

How much do you believe in what you are selling? Regardless of whether it is about yourself because you are applying for a new application or your products because you are self-employed.

Answer this question honestly and think about what you can do about it. If you don't stand behind you and your product, who should do it?



Dennis Fischer: "52 ways to success The best ideas from 500 business guides", 290 pages, 19.99 euros, Wiley Verlag https://www.wiley-vch.de/de?option=com_eshop&view=product&isbn=978- 3-527-50992-8




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