Who is a good friend

Friendship Day Interview: What Makes Good Friends?

Soul mates, bosom friends or just buddies: there are many friendships. But really good friends are rare. Wolfgang Krüger, friendship researcher from Berlin, explains in an interview on International Friendship Day why this is so.

Mr. Krüger, what actually makes a good friend?

Wolfgang Krüger: A good friend is someone you can absolutely trust, whom you can tell everything possible, including about fears, weaknesses and embarrassing situations. And a friend is absolutely reliable. If you are in any crisis and need support - the friends that are left are the right friends.

When can I even call someone a friend?

The predicate of friendship is actually only given to relationships when it is about friendships from the heart. These are the relationships where there is also great emotional intimacy. These are also the relationships that last the longest. Within seven years, 50 percent of friendships fail. And above all, average friendships fail, while heartfelt friendships are often stable for life.

How can you ensure that a friendship lasts particularly long?

Friendship is an art that you have to invest a lot in - to keep friendship alive. To be interested, to feel where the friends are in their lives now, where can I support them. And when I do that, and see it as a challenge, then I have good friendships.