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10 English News Sites to Use to Practice Your Reading Skills

One of the most effective ways of understanding your English language One of the ways to improve is reading English news sites regularly. In fact, you can significantly improve your vocabulary and understanding of contexts such as grammar and syntax by reading messages from various sources covering a wide variety of topics.

Reading the news is a great way to get a sense of the different ways in which language can be used. For example, reading a very reputable, formal news site can help you get a feel for how technical sentences are put together, while reading lighter fare can help you learn how to use the language in a more informal way.

Reading the news in English can also help improve your understanding of various cultural aspects of the English language and help you learn the difference between British, American, Canadian, Australian, and South African English. That is why we have compiled a list of websites that will allow you to improve your reading skills in Practice English.


Good English news sites

1. BBC News

One of the most prestigious news agencies in the world is the British Broadcasting Corporation, a public broadcaster based in the United Kingdom. The BBC News website covers a wide variety of topics including global news, local UK news, entertainment, technology, politics and sports.

In general, the BBC News articles are written in a professional style and British English is used. The site wants to remain politically neutral and reports on facts instead of opinions, offers high-quality journalism instead of shallow entertainment. However, some of the articles on the site are less serious and more entertaining.

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2. The Cut

The Cut operates under the umbrella of new York Magazines and is a news site dealing with topics of general interest with a strong focus on news in the fields of fashion, beauty and lifestyle. It is written in American English, has a fairly casual style, and is mainly aimed at young women.

Many of the articles on the website are easy-to-read texts in the style of ‘Top 10’ or Top 50 ’listings, but comments or reports on general news are occasionally published. In addition to covering fashion and lifestyle news, The Cut also occasionally covers topics such as celebrities, television, film, and even politics.

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3. The Toronto Star

The Toronto Star is owned by the daily newspaper of the same name and is one of the most widely read news sites in Canada. This makes it a good choice for people who want to focus on Canadian English or who have a particular interest in Canadian affairs, although international news is also published.

From a political point of view, the website is considered to be rather liberal and the language used is more sensational than you would see it on the BBC, for example to guarantee a certain amount of entertainment. Nonetheless, the Toronto Star makes sure that its writers always meet excellent journalistic standards.

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4. ABC News

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation is one of the state news agencies and now has a good English language news site online. The ABC News website is well respected all over the world.

Much like the BBC in the UK, ABC News is designed to remain politically neutral, making it a good choice for those looking for an impartial news source.

As for the subject areas, the website covers national and international affairs, in the areas of politics, business, sport, science and more. It offers the opportunity to polish up your Australian English, which is different from both British and American dialects. However, due to the professional nature of the news, slang is used minimally.

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5. The Debrief

The Debrief is another English news site. It covers a variety of topics, such as current affairs, politics, technology, television, lifestyle, fashion or rumors about celebrities. As you would expect, the articles are written in British English, but the style is looser and is aimed primarily at younger readers.

Many of the articles on The Debrief are user comments, although there are also articles on general news and even tips on various topics, such as how to dress or eat healthily. Most of the content on the site is fairly easy to read. Since the page is aimed at teenage readers, it is also useful if you want to pick up a few slang words.

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6. The Learning Network

For those who are not yet completely confident in reading English texts, The Learning Network is a perfect choice. It is part of the New York Times website and contains articles written in American English that language learners can understand.

In fact, many of the reports on the website are aimed directly at them, and some are even specifically written so that you can test yourself. One of the great features of the site is that it encourages language students to leave comments, which gives you the chance not only to read but also to interact in the language.

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7. The New Statesman

For advanced English readers, The New Statesman is a solid choice, a British news site primarily devoted to politics and current affairs. Notable guest authors in recent years include Will Self, Mehdi Hasan, Alastair Campbell, Jemima Khan, and Russell Brand.

The columns, reports and articles on the New Statesman website may be challenging for those who have only a basic knowledge of English, but they are highly acclaimed and serve as examples of the highest quality political writing. In particular, the comments on the page offer a good opportunity to develop an understanding of this writing style in English.

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8. The pool

The Pool is advertised as a news platform “for women too busy to surf the web”, so it is clearly aimed at female readers and focuses on various topics such as current affairs, fashion and entertainment. The spiritual parents of the website are those British Radio host Lauren Laverne and Sam Baker, a former editor for the Cosmopolitan.

Most of the content on the page is short and concise, which makes it perfect for language learners. The right texts are easy to select, as each article has an indication of how long it will take to read it.

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9. Daily Mail Online

Based in the United Kingdom, Daily Mail Online is officially the world's most popular newspaper website and is another example of the use of British English. The aim of the website is both to entertain and to inform. The approach is slightly sensational because it uses a style that is emotional and intended to attract attention.

From a political point of view, the site is rather conservative. Over half of the readership is female, which is rare for this type of website. In addition to covering the latest big news, the website has a strong focus on celebrity stories from around the world.

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10. The New Yorker

You should visit this English news site if you really want to challenge yourself and push your reading skills in English to the limit. Probably the most prominent feature of the site is the length of many of the articles. In fact, texts with over 10,000 words are not uncommon.

Like the magazine of the same name, the website focuses on areas such as politics, cultural affairs and current affairs with reports, commentaries, essays and even poetry. The New Yorker is also known for its use of humor and satire, which helps make the articles more entertaining.

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