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Postby Bennon »Mon 2012-03-26, 21:53

I've been learning German since I met my German wife, for about two years. I lived in Germany last year and worked in a bilingual workplace and that helps with the flow of words, but I still make a lot of grammatical errors. I don't know what to say about my experience. My wife didn't want to speak to me in German at first, but I always learned a lot when she spoke to her family. When I moved to Germany, I was hardly able to do anything. Now I understand the television or the radio, even if I don't want to. I never really tried to learn German; I actually don't like to hear or speak the language, but German is important to me personally. If I hear or read something that I can't understand, I look it up. The grammar isn't too complicated, but when I have to pay attention to cases, I want more freedom in sentence order, like ancient Greek, e.g. my vocabulary is always one Problem, but luckily / unfortunately I don't have that many new, interesting conversations in German.

Please tell me too also, a little bit about your experience and how the time duringin that you have learned German, your knowledge of German corresponds to.


Please tell me too also, a little bit about your experience and how the time while you were learning German corresponds to your knowledge of German.

A native speaker should correct the sentence, but it sounds a little weird to me.
I always like corrections.

请 你 改正 我 吧。