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The best Ikea hacks for your home office

At the moment, some of us not only spend more time at home than usual, but also work in the current situation Home office. But what to do if having your own office at home wasn't an issue before?

Then this is ours Ikea Home Office Hacks no problem! We have a solution for every room and Ikea hacksHow you can conjure up your own little home office realm out of any existing Ikea furniture.

1. Storage space and order thanks to the Kallax Hack

Dear Anni from mein.lieblings.leben shows how it is: Quick and easy with two 2x4 Kallax shelves and one Table top, or a suitable wooden panel to create a workplace with plenty of storage space. With our Kallax shelf inserts you stow all important documents, work materials and odds and ends. With a DIY pin board made of Viennese mesh you can get an overview of your week and the most important to-do's. With this Ikea hack you can quickly and inexpensively build a desk for your work from home.

For everyone with a little more space, this self-created workplace by Beauty and Chic is the right thing. Dear Claudia has created a large work area from several classic Ikea furniture. A simple one Ikea Lack table becomes a printer's table repurposed and the Ikea Alex desk creates in combination with the Alex drawer unit lots of storage space for little things. A 2x4 Kallax shelf loosens up the whole thing and creates storage space for larger work materials. With our Kallax shelf insert ABLAGA you can store all important documents and cables and other small items find their ideal place in our folding boxes ORGAR. With our LOKK shelf insert, you can safely stow hard drives, sticks and other important work documents behind a lockable door.

2. Ivar shelf as a standing desk

The Ikea Ivar shelf is not only our absolute highlight in the children's room and all other rooms, it also cuts a great figure as a desk at Brittni from Paper & Stitch. All you need are two Ikea Ivar shelves and a desk top or a suitable wooden board. Et voila - the workplace is ready for home. If you also want to pimp your Ivar shelf, you can simply make it legs with our furniture feet FOT. Alternatively, we also have a few simple tips and tricks for customizing your Ivar.

You already have a desk, but now there is simply no storage space for your files and documents? No problem with the Ivar shelf! Do it like Antonia from Craftifair, she has created a DIY desk with storage space in no time at all. You can stack the Ikea Ivar shelves on top of each other or simply integrate them into your work area as a chest of drawers. With our Ivar shelf baskets SEBORG, charging cables and other small items can be stowed away quickly and clearly. Our furniture feet FOT also add value to the shelf.

3. With a classic for an organized workplace: Billy Regal

The Ikea Hackers team demonstrates it and you can easily imitate it! With a classic Billy RegalWhat many of you might already have, a table top and two legs, you can turn your Billy bookshelf into a workspace with plenty of storage space in just a few simple steps. All documents and books are now ready to hand and make your work easier. With our foldable shelf boxes BODO, charging cables and small items can be stowed away quickly and not lying around. Our mini chest of drawers APOTEK is ideal for stowing pens and work materials and storing them well sorted.

Dear Jamie from Southern Revivals has also redesigned her Billy shelf into a great place to work. With a little more space available, you can create an open workplace from several Billy shelves. Simply mount a plate between two bookshelves and you're done! Simple, isn't it? By varying the depth of the plate, you have more or less space - so decide for yourself whether you only need space for a monitor or also space for writing. Our Billy shelf inserts offer you enough storage space.

Do you also have a cool idea or one Ikea hack that you want to show us? Then just write to us[email protected]or tag your posting with our hashtag#newswedishdesignso we can see that.

Did you like one of our Ikea hacks, but you are still missing one or the other shelf classics from Ikea to implement them? Then take a look at the Click & Collect service from Ikea. Even though the furniture store is closed, you can still order things online and pick them up at your favorite Ikea. However, there is one catch: Unfortunately, the After Shopping Hot Dog is currently not available.

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