What is Adobe Campaign Manager

Marketing campaigns have to be carefully planned and carried out in order to be able to be used successfully - especially in times of inflationary newsletters and marketing mailings.

E-mail and newsletter campaigns as well as social media marketing require professional tools in order to reach your target group at any time in a personalized, consistent and synchronized manner on all possible online and offline channels.

Adobe Campaign not only offers the ability to create, manage, and deploy marketing campaigns from a central location, but also to monitor the effectiveness of campaigns and create a completely new customer experience through personalized and contextual interaction in real time.

Adobe Campaign thus offers the customer the following core functions:

The integrated customer profile offers the possibility of bundling all information available about a customer from various sources in one central location.
Performance start and user-friendly segmentation and targeting functions enable targeted and differentiated offer creation.
Using cross-channel campaign control, all aspects of a marketing campaign can be managed quickly and easily using drag & drop - the results can be observed immediately in real time.
Adobe Campaign offers intuitive and customizable reports and analysis functions to ensure operational reporting and gain new insightful insights.