Is Elvis Presley dead or alive?

Aug. 16, 1977 - Elvis Presley dies in Memphis

Wax doll in the coffin?

Soon the first express a monstrous suspicion. Countless self-appointed Elvis experts see one "very real possibility"that Elvis is still alive. At the funeral on August 18, 1977, some fans claim to have recognized evidence of this.

"Those who have seen him report that he did not look anything like the Elvis Presley they knew."says Alexa Waschkau, who runs "Hoaxilla" with her husband, a podcast that questions conspiracy theories. There was speculation that the alleged corpse was a wax doll.

An ongoing life insurance?

Even more alleged inconsistencies can quickly be found. Why is Elvis' middle name Aaron on the tombstone with two A's when he wrote it himself with one? And the signature on the death certificate: Isn't that Elvis' handwriting?

"Then there is a lot of talk about life insurance that is supposedly still active, that has never been redeemed", describes conspiracy theory expert Waschkau. Only: Life insurance never existed. And the spelling of Aaron is properly based on the birth certificate. No matter how plausible such evidence is, it continues to fuel the rumor mill.

An alien?

But if Elvis should live: What is he doing? There is no shortage of theories on this question either. He went into hiding in a witness protection program. He is a CIA agent and lives with a new identity in an unknown place. He was kidnapped by aliens - or an alien himself. "These are my favorites"says podcaster Waschkau.

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