Which food best represents Montreal

Experiences in Montreal, Canada from Charlotte

How do you like living in Montréal? What's the city like?

A very nice city with lots of things to do and a very interesting culture!


How is student life in Montréal?

It's a very young city, with lots of bars to go out, especially in the streets Saint Denis, saint laurent or Prince Arthur! A city to dance, drink, laugh and meet new people.

How expensive is it to live in Montréal?

At the moment I live with $ 700 a month and i live well. The shopping is expensive here for us French. In order not to be too expensive, you have to change some of your eating habits, as the cheese, for example, is very expensive. For the alcohol, the beer is cheap, the other alcohol is really expensive. Life itself is not particularly expensive, only the supermarkets and transport costs are expensive ($ 75 a month for public transport costs). For the smokers, cigarettes are very expensive, But cannabis is illegal and not expensive at all.

Is it difficult to find accommodation in Montréal? Do you have any tips?

No, just make sure you live near a metro station or a bus station that goes to the metro, otherwise it will be difficult to move around. Beware of dubious landlordslike mine at the moment, who values ​​the rent and demands the money in cash. There are a lot of French people who are deducted with the rent, so be careful.

How's the food in town? What are your favorite dishes?

you can eat anything here, like in a big city. One should poutine try a typical Quebec dish. I can give you two good addresses for this:

La Banquise or Poutineville. Otherwise, there are good burgers and a lot of dishes to discover all over the city.



What are the best places to visit in Montréal?

Old Montréal is my favorite place, next to the former portwhich is really very beautiful. The Ile Saint Hélène, which you can get to on the yellow metro line. There are many things to see and discover. The Mont Royal, during the day and at night. Roaming the city, you should everything have seen.

Vieux Montréal


And to eat in Montréal? What are your favorite restaurants?

  1. Pho-Beng in the chinese quarter
  2. La Banquise rue Rachel
  3. Poutineville rue Ontario (address should be double-checked)
  4. Kantapia, rue Sherbrooke

Where can you go out in Montréal?

You have to ice Hockey experience! And in the Sports bars go how le champs in Boulevard Saint Laurent, where the atmosphere is great when "the Habs" win! Otherwise there are plenty of other bars like that Peel Pub or l‘Escalier, a bar that looks a bit shabby but is very cool, it's in Berri Uqam.

What tips would you go to students who are going to do an Erasmus in Montréal?

Discover the whole city. You can experience surprises in every corner. And the residents here are very nice, get to know them, they are great people.