How are guardian spirits assigned to people

Ancient beings - souls

The Souls are the first group of "Ancient beings". They were created on the first day of creation.

Souls are immaterial spirits. They are androgynous sparks of creative power and thus at the same time the "highest" spirit beings. In contrast to angels and demons, however, a soul cannot materialize itself.

"And the Lord God formed man (Adam), dust from the earth, and blew living breath into his nostrils, and so man became a living, souled being [3]."

The destiny of souls is the connection with a body, which takes place immediately with conception. They are spiritual beings who have a body to rule []. The soul forms the "spirit" of the human being using its physical conditions. As a spirit being, it is at the same time the most important human protective spirit. 2] and as such connected to "her human being" until death.

The soul is the only form of the old beings that has the possibility to grow beyond itself. In contrast to the other two forms of the ancient beings 3] it is able to act on its own and is not limited to reaction alone. Souls are not limited by their own nature [1].

So is right in the Arbatel de Magia Veterum there is talk of "what man, so called microcosm, can magically do or accomplish through his spirit, genius or angel, if assigned to him at birth" [2].

The soul is that of the ancient beings that can one day lead man to perfection, supported by the heavenly host of angels.

According to Germanic mythology, the soul once formed by Odin (Wodan), the father of gods, god of war, god of death and god of magic, after man emerged as a couple "Ask" and "Embla" from trees (probably ash and elm).

The ancient Egyptians called the soul "ba" (soul tied to the body), an expression that was used next to "ach" (soul beyond) and "ka" (life force) also for the human being (the human spirit) and often in shape of Soul birds was shown. The journey of the soul is reported in the Book of the Dead.

The name "Eva" is said to have the meaning "the animated" in ancient Hebrew.

The Catholic holiday All Souls (omnium animarum [4]) on November 2nd of each year serves to support the deceased through intercessions, prayers and gifts in their purification (if necessary). On this day "sinful" souls are able to rise from purgatory and rest briefly. To help them, food (Allerseelenbrot, Allerseelenkuchen (soul cake)) is deposited in graves and other liturgical places.

The number of souls is practically unlimited. As long as one soul waiting for the transition into "her" body is her abode in Araboth, the 7th heaven.

If a person dies, the immortal soul of the righteous "travels" back to one of the 7 heavens (resurrection) and remains there as one of the Ancestors. According to Catholic teaching, the soul reunites with the body at the resurrection [5].

In some cases, a soul can be reused in conjunction with another human body. In these cases she is quasi "reborn" (reincarnation, note 1).

But man is not the only animated being. Every living organism, animal and plant is protected and supported by a soul.
Even "dead objects" reside in a soul, because they are also part of creation (cf. e.g. shamanism), but in this respect it is probably a collective soul, and therefore not the individual soul of each object.

Body and soul: probiosis or symbiosis?

It is still unclear whether the connection between soul and body is a Probiosis or maybe even one symbiosis acts.

While only one of the "partners" benefits from a probiosis without the other experiencing any benefit or harm from it, the symbiosis is advantageous for both forms of life.


Note 1: Actually, the concept of rebirth is related to a soul contradictory. Souls are immortal and go to heaven with the physical death of "their human being". In the rare case of a reincarnation, the soul is not reborn, but - for reasons not yet known to us humans, which are based on the omnipotence of the Creator - it enters into a connection with another human body.
Note 2: In addition to the soul as guardian spirit, other guardian spirits, the guardian angels, are assigned to humans.
Note 3: The designation of these two other forms of the ancient beings changed over time due to a change in the human way of looking at things (cf.


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