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Building a house brings multiple benefits for the whole family. So that your dreams related to house building also become reality, every step must be taken carefully long before the actual house construction. On the one hand there are your wishes for the home to be planned, on the other hand the financial possibilities, the conditions of the property to be considered and last but not least the requirements of the regional or local building regulations. Often it is difficult to organize your own wishes because the many small and large visions create space and it is difficult to assess what influence these wishes can have on the construction costs. Last but not least, the location of the property for the planned new building, your own age and the number of people who move into the house determine the type of house and the construction of the home. Everyone who is interested in building has different requirements, and modern house construction offers numerous possibilities in terms of the building materials to be used and the necessary building services. Our building advisor would like to first give food for thought and bring you closer to the subject of building

Construction advice for successful house construction

When building, every step of the preparation must be carefully taken, and there are many details to consider when building a home. Perhaps you have already visited model houses and had discussions with the home sellers of the various house providers? In many cases, unfortunately, it is more a sales-oriented discussion than competent construction advice. Especially with regard to the construction and building services, home sellers are always obliged to recommend what the home provider specifies. In our opinion, well-founded construction advice looks different. As a building advisor, we are able to bring you closer to the various building options in a product-neutral manner.

You have probably already had the experience that house offers are very difficult to compare anyway. The building descriptions are often incomplete and not specific enough for an objective price / performance comparison. Even comparing the houses on the basis of the designated living space is difficult because the housing calculation regulations allow two standards for house construction: A distinction is made between the information according to DIN and according to the regulation for calculating living space (WoFlV).


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We have been in construction consulting since 1995 and can therefore look back on a wealth of experience as construction advisors. Our range of services includes

On this website we want to provide you with the first important information for successful house construction. When building a house, personal construction advice is indispensable. We advise prospective builders independently, comprehensively and according to their needs. This is the only way our house building consultants can give you decision-making aids that are useful to you. This building advisor and our building owner advisors are at your disposal for non-binding building advice.




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