Has an unknown person ever helped you?

# HAPPY TO WRITE - A worldwide success!

# HAPPY WRITABLE - Small words, big impact: with a letter for more solidarity.
On the pens, get set, go! On World Happy Day 2017, over 3714 people from a total of 27 countries registered for the big campaign on World Happy Day and wrote letters to each other within a very short time.
We are enthusiastic and very touched by all the feedback! A huge thank you to all of the people who took notes from all over the world. We, the Ministry of Happiness and Wellbeing and the Poetry Pharmacy, are delighted to be able to connect so many people with one another. The anticipation and curiosity is huge: Please keep us up to date on what is developing from it and what you are feeling.
We look forward to receiving your feedback! - Experiences, feelings, reports ... - Photos of you and the beautiful letters. - Videos of how you open the mail. - All the stories and encounters that arise from it ...
What this action is all about and what reactions there were, you can see here:

# WRITTEN HAPPY - How did that come about?

As every year, within the “Ministry of Happiness and Wellbeing” initiative, it is important to me to initiate an action on World Happy Day that gives people the opportunity to contribute their own ideas and thus become ambassadors of happiness themselves. You have to tackle and shape happiness yourself so that it can arise and spread. Simone, a former participant in one of my workshops, wrote to me and reported that she is passionate about poetry and poetry and has founded a “poetry pharmacy”. I liked it immediately and felt her passion! We got together and wondered what might come of it if we lump the topics of "happiness" and "writing" together. This resulted in the campaign # Schreibdichglücklich and I immediately saw the potential to make this this year's World Happy Day campaign! The idea is as simple as it is simple: We connect strangers with each other, we call on people to pull out the pen in a very old-fashioned (retro) way, to put ideas, thoughts and feelings on paper and thus to exchange ideas with strangers to get to know them, break down hurdles and maybe even make friends. Decelerated communication, so to speak. In addition, as Minister of Happiness, I receive mail every day - electronically and “real”. And I can empathize for myself how much joy it can be to find lovingly designed letters in addition to all the promotional mailings and invoices!

Moving responses and tremendous response from all over the world!

The reaction and feedback are overwhelming! The campaign was online for a month and immediately over 3700 participants from 27 countries came together, all of whom were very euphoric and looking forward to finally writing real mail again and of course receiving it themselves. Self-written lines by real people who take their time and put their heart and soul into it. This creates an immediate connection. Happiness can be that simple!

Can words make you happy? Or even change the world on a small scale? The motto # write you happy is no coincidence! Really taking your time, escaping the fast-paced world a little, reflecting and organizing your thoughts can make a big difference. Then of course there is also the social aspect: I get to know strangers, tell personal stories, learn stories. People I might have walked past on the street are now becoming a part of my own life, just like that! And according to studies, interpersonal relationships are the be-all and end-all for happiness! Try it for yourself: hide nice little messages, quotes or drawings on windshield wipers, in parking machines or in the neighbour's mailbox - it's called happiness hacking.
All the best & continue to have fun reading, writing & spreading joy!

► You can find more feedback and photos of the colorful letters and happy faces HERE!
► There is an English blog post about this campaign at "Network of Wellbeing" HERE!

And here are the overwhelming statements and feedback:
"I'm happy to be part of the great event!"

"Making others happy and finally sending a personal letter by post are things that make me happy too."

"We look forward to the letter - almost like we used to when we still had pen pals!"

"I think the idea is great and would like to take part!"

“I am already looking forward to creating a letter. I'm also excited by whatever stranger I get a letter from! "

"What a great action!"

"Happiness is so important nowadays!"

"I'm already looking forward to the post!"

“I really want to write a letter and, of course, get one too! Great idea!!!"

"The idea with the organized exchange of ideas is really good."

“Thank you in advance for this great idea! I'm looking forward to meeting new people. "

“The idea makes me happy! I'm curious to see who I can write to. "

“Wonderful idea! I'm excited! Actions like this should take place much more often. "

"I think your idea is incredibly great and of course I have to participate!"

“Finding like-minded people and promoting solidarity is simply great. Human, loving. Thank you for the inspiration!"

“I have three beautiful real fountain pens right here in front of me. They dry up every now and then because I rarely write to them - but that can change now! "

"What a nice action - I immediately had to think of my pen pals from elementary school."

"A big compliment for the work you are doing!"

"Great idea to write letters again, look for and find words and put a smile on someone's face!"

“I used to write a lot of letters. Unfortunately this has become “out of fashion” today, so to speak. I'm looking forward to writing a really great letter and receiving one. "

"An enriching, impulsive and simply terrific action that spreads happiness - I'm looking forward to it!"

"Since I am of the opinion that everyone deserves happiness and that one or the other might need a little more luck than usual for various reasons at the moment, I would like to take part in this wonderful campaign!"

"What a beautiful idea. I used to write a lot of letters, but now I can't remember the last time I did it. "

"A very impressive campaign, I'm looking forward to writing!"

"I'm already looking forward to contributing a small part to World Happy Day and making someone happy!"

"Please keep it up! The world desperately needs more inspiration like this! "

“Your project warms my soul. Just the thought! Thanks for that."

“I love to write letters and I am very happy when I find one in my mailbox. Can not Hardly Wait."

“A wonderful idea to use letters to promote communication in the country, especially now that digital media and especially social media play such an important part in our everyday lives. Who would not like to receive a handwritten letter with one or the other lovely word in it? "

“I think your idea is SO great! I like to join there! We all need luck. And so often it is not at all difficult to make yourself and others happy. We just have to start. "

"A nice idea. Letters are just too beautiful and too rare. "

“I still remember that I had a pen pal when I was 12, it was always very nice to get mail from each other. Unfortunately, in the times of What’s App and Co, this is unfortunately quite out of fashion. So it's all the more great that this campaign is taking place. "

“This is really an excellent idea! I'm really looking forward to participating! "

"This type of communication must not become extinct - that would be a real shame and a great loss!"

“What a great action. I got goosebumps reading it, it moved me so much! "

"In the age of WhatsApp and Co, writing letters is simply neglected."

“I'm really looking forward to it. "Thank you very much for such a magical idea."

“What a nice action! I love to write letters in a very classic way, by hand on beautiful paper, with my old ink pen. How much you can be with yourself - and at the same time in the head and heart of the other! "

"I would like to take part in order to make other people happy with a few lovely lines in the mailbox and to be able to put a smile on their faces. Unfortunately, letters are written far too seldom these days, which I very much regret! So I'm all the more happy about this idea! "

"Thank you for your work and for the inspirations."

“I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for making something so GREAT possible. Keep it up."

“I am always happy when I get mail“ just like that ”. Some friends of mine smile at me affectionately for dedicating myself so much to the snail mail. "

“A great event in my opinion, I'm excited to see what's in store for me. I have been writing letters all over the world since my school days! Pen pals run like a red thread through my life so far! "

"I'm looking forward to my ideas and the feeling and experiencing of the new encounter."

“This is soooo a wonderful and great idea that I would very much like to be a part of. I love to write and to touch people with my words. The anticipation is already there. "

“I am very happy to take part and hope that it will open hearts and make the world a little better. Great action that can make a big difference! "

“I am very happy that I am allowed to write a few lines to a complete stranger on World Happy Day! And of course I'm really happy about the post! "

“What a nice action. Especially at a time when people are sinking more and more into the Internet and into anonymity. "

“I had a pen pal in my childhood and I can still remember how happy I was about every lovingly designed letter from her. Especially today, in times of "WhatsApp" and Co., writing letters is far too short. A nice and inspiring campaign, keep it up! "

“The idea is really great. I also often regret that handwritten mail is so seldom received. That's why I want to be there too. "

"I admire your work and am happy to finally be able to start writing!"

"Ingenious idea for maintaining values ​​and communication."

“For a good year now, I've got a taste for letter writing and the resulting decelerated and often more personal communication. I still write significantly more e-mails than letters ... So a great nudge to pick up pen and paper to write to a stranger. "

"Thank you for starting this wonderful campaign!"

“I am very happy about this great idea! Cheers to you and this great project! "

"Thank you for this original, heartfelt initiative!"

"It would be an inner picking of flowers for me to be a part of this brilliant action."

“Very enriching and a great opportunity to interact with a stranger, but with whom you share something. The love of the word. This commonality is there all by itself. A connection is established. I'm already excited."

“I used to love writing letters. Unfortunately this very nice hobby got “lost” over time. It is time for it to find a place in my life again. For me, exchanging ideas with other people in this way is not old-fashioned, but a relaxing antipole in all the quick exchange of messages. I missed taking the time to write someone like that, to think about the design of the letter. So a big thank you to you. "

“A wonderful idea to write a letter again, even if it goes to an unknown person. The thought alone is fun. "

“I have a big smile on my face - such beautiful ideas! Thank you for giving this to the world. "

"Thank you for your effort. I'm already feeling happy, just because I signed up for the campaign. "

“In times of email and social media, letter writing has unfortunately gone out of fashion. That's why I'm very happy to be there! "

“Thank you for being there. People who initiate such actions. Really good!"

"Thank you very much for this little moment of relaxation!"

“That is a wonderful and incredibly beautiful idea. A huge compliment for what you are doing. Of course I am happy to participate. "

“I almost forgot what it is like to receive letters. Handwritten! I miss it. That encourages me to write more myself again. Many thanks to the sender! "

“A socially very welcome action! Thank you for this great opportunity for World Happy Day. "

"Even as a child / adolescent, I always liked to have pen pals and I am rediscovering the slowness and joy of the good old letter for myself."

“Far too few beautiful letters are written these days. Thanks for the great action! "

“How exciting and joyful. My head goes haywire. I would like inspiration, well-organized thoughts and a good writing flow for my writing-happy time. "

“I wrote myself happily. Luckily! And I could have continued writing for a long time. What does good life mean to you? An exciting question to which I couldn't think of an answer at first. But after a long thought, a number of things occurred to me. "
“It's sooooo great. The letter touched me so much. A little big luck in everyday life! "

“Today my letter is going on a trip for someone and I know that my letter is already waiting to be read at home. Was in the mailbox yesterday. I'm really happy. Thanks for the great action. "

"Your action has the effect that on World Happy Day I will not only write to my assigned person, but also to important friends and family members."

“I think it's great and positive that the writing campaign brings very different people together - and that from so many countries too. Incredible! That is a light of hope in these sometimes somewhat gloomy days ... And that alone is quite remarkable! "

“I am happy to be designing the letter to the address I received. I take extra time and rest for it. "

“I got to know myself even better because of it. Suddenly dreams tumble onto paper and that is very, very beautiful and touching. The world is much more colorful with writing. "

“I like to write letters and postcards, I try to keep up the good old offline communication as best I can. This campaign promotes it, far away from the Internet and also connects people with one another - I think that's great! "

"I firmly believe that many beautiful encounters will take place as part of this campaign, which will certainly not only turn into friendships on paper."

“I find it exciting that you just concentrate on one person for whom you are writing without knowing them. If you imagine how the recipient lives, looks, etc. that was really a bit exciting. All in all, great fun and a wonderful idea behind it! "
“I think it's important to help others to show how beautiful life can be, how much there is in yourself and not to let yourself get down. And on the other hand, it is important for me to stand by myself, to “expect” others and to come into contact or to be helped, instead of having to cope with everything on my own as in the past. That gave me the courage to show "myself" a little more and I think that in the end I succeeded quite well. "
“The campaign is great and I hope there will be many more like this! It is so important to come into real contact with people around you, to be careful, to really see and be seen, to give each other a smile and / or comfort. "

“As part of this campaign, I can now send a little joy and am looking forward to the post myself.For me, the attraction lies in simply sending something nice to a stranger. On the other hand, I am also very excited to see what I will get afterwards from someone who is also a stranger. "

"To hear what other people enjoy can be a great inspiration in my opinion, so that you can reflect on such things yourself."

“The approach“ We take our luck into our own hands and make each other happy ”is great! The anticipation makes you happy and when I think about what I'm happy about, I am very happy with my life. At the same time, I'm very excited to get an insight into someone else's thoughts on happiness and maybe to pick up a few ideas. "

“This is a great way to get to know another person in a very 'old-fashioned' way. At a time when almost all information about other people is available from social networks, I found it exciting to resist the urge and not to look for the name of my correspondent on Facebook straight away, but to get fully involved in the action. "

“This campaign is a great opportunity to bring people together who might not have started a conversation on the street, in a bar or anywhere else. After the first contact, I am firmly convinced that the people who took part in this campaign are also ready to get involved in something new and to broaden their horizons . "

“I think it's a shame that when I hear the word“ Postbox ”, the first thing that comes to my mind is my e-mail account and I hardly receive any analogue mail - apart from bills and account statements. It's great that digitization makes so many things easier and I don't want to do without a lot of them anymore. But every now and then I think it's nice to put everything electronic aside and go back to the life I knew from before, when I slipped notes to my best friend at school instead of writing her on WhatsApp. "

“It wasn't difficult for me to start writing. Quitting was all the more difficult because at some point I got into a state of flow and didn't even notice how much I had already written. I found it fascinating how openly one can put things on paper that one cannot express verbally - and that addressed to someone completely stranger! "

“I think it's great and positive that the writing campaign brings very different people together - and that from so many countries too. Incredible! That is a light of hope in these sometimes somewhat gloomy days ... And that alone is quite remarkable! So a special thank you to you who started this campaign. It is a very wonderful thing! "

“Shortly after receiving the address, I wrote straight away and just passed on what had caused moments of happiness in my life at the moment. I also designed the envelope and the letter nicely so that it doesn't look like a “normal” letter, but rather brightly colored. There was a lot of fun. And I was able to infect a friend who also signed up with the action. "

“I'm happy to be able to design the letter to the address I received, I'll take extra time and rest for it. It is so that suddenly everything flows easily from inside me. I got to know myself even better. Suddenly dreams tumble down on paper and that is very, very beautiful and touching. "

“Thanks for the action - I love writing and have suffered a lot from the fact that many people reduce their contact to cell phone messages. For me that means reducing the imagination. The world is much more colorful with writing. "

“I think it's great to conjure up a little more happiness in the world with little gestures and actions. It is also exciting to find out what other people understand by this concept. A great thing to send a little something personal about yourself and in return to be part of someone else's ideas, insights and ideas. "

“It's a bit like Christmas because you know that something is coming, but you can't say exactly what. Super exciting! "

“There were some nice feelings: - Looking forward to the address, the suggestion and to receive a letter yourself - The joy of remembering my special childhood moments. Among other things, my favorite cake from kindergarten came back to my mind and I will definitely bake it soon and of course enjoy it (sand cake) - The thought of what I could do beautifully again and that such small things and actions should definitely be done again pay more attention, as they get lost in everyday life too often. - Excitement and excitement to take part in a new campaign and to get to know new people and their positive, creative and surprising views in a letter "

“I was immediately in the“ flow ”and had a letter ready quickly. I'm excited, of course. what kind of letter will await me and whether I will get an answer, that would at least be the next step towards pen pals. I would be totally open to a pen friend, because that brings back memories of the past, when you still talked about your experiences in style with pen and paper. Back in the past, far away from smartphones and co. It is always fun to get to know new people and that on a completely different basis, without ever having seen the person. Exactly the right way to create connections that would otherwise not have come about. "

“I think the campaign # Schreibdichglücklich is great. Right now, with all the terrible news, people need a great action like this. Please keep it up, it's nice that there are people like you. "

“It is amazing, I am really happy and am really happy about this campaign! I just wrote a two-page letter to the address. I would have imagined it would have been more difficult to get something down on paper - it was really fun. Thank you for this great opportunity! "

“Yesterday I had unexpected mail in my analog mailbox. So I sat down at the table with a cup of coffee and opened the letter. Barbara from Berlin sent me a card with a photo of snowdrops - I suspect from her own garden. And when I let her words, I suddenly understood the whole point of the action # SCHREIBDICHGLÜCKLICH, so I really recognized it inside. Those first words on the card blew my mind. They are written with so much love and the happiness and joy of being drawn by my name by chance can literally be read and jumped onto me. I'm so happy about it! I will keep this letter in a quickly accessible place so that I can draw a little ray of hope out of the closet at any time (and especially in bad times): A few words of encouragement, a little attention, a little portion of extra love! "

"This action moves people to consciously give other complete strangers attention, happiness and love for a short moment - without expecting anything in return."

“Today I wrote my letter and tomorrow it is going on the trip. Funny what that does to you. I haven't taken my pen out of the drawer for many years. Today was the day and my heart felt warm. I thank my strange pen friend and your great action. I'm really looking forward to the post in my mailbox. "

“I got a correspondent in Germany, looked for the city on the map (because I didn't know her), wrote a story about me, a favorite Austrian recipe and a long, handwritten letter - with the most beautiful special stamps and I'm happy what's to come! "

“Today I spent the whole evening writing a letter to a wonderful, unknown person. It was a great evening and I was able to think about happiness and its forms in a super relaxed way. Thanks! The action is wonderful. I am already in love! You are doing a great job. "

“After a stressful day, the lucky post reached me today, put a smile on my face and gave me a lot of presents. Thanks!"

“I think your action is great. I have just written my letter and it gave me great pleasure, even if I don't even know the person to whom I am addressing it. I think to myself that if everyone brings a little bit of happiness to just one other person, the world is just a bit brighter and that carries on. "

“Today I designed and wrote my letter or my card. It was a very nice moment for which I am very grateful. Tomorrow morning he goes on the trip and I'm excited! "" A big thank you for this great, stimulating and happy promotion on World Happy Day 2017! "

“Thank you for this wonderful campaign that brought so much joy into my everyday life! Just great!"

"And off the post! That was fun. I wrote the last letter two years ago. This is going to change!"

“My letter is here! What a great feeling to have real, real, loving mail in your mailbox! I was very happy ... Thank you for this great idea! "

“I didn't find it easy to write to someone who you don't have a picture or idea of. At first I thought I was just copying a few quotes on the subject of happiness. Then I wanted to make a list of things that make me happy. It ended up being a very personal letter, and as I wrote it, a lot became clearer to myself. For example, that one can also “educate” oneself to be happy. "
"Writing was a good way to get more familiar with your own small and large happiness in life."

“My letter is here! With cute smileys on the front and back! I'm already looking forward to tonight, when I'll snuggle up in my wing chair and then read the letter in peace! Now a big thank you! "

“This is a really great campaign! I received my letter today and was very touched how and what an unknown girl wrote to me and I was amazed at how many things there are in common. I was very pleased and I will answer her in the morning, because I have the feeling it could be a good and long-term exchange of ideas. "

“Thank you for this great campaign… I feel a little bit back in my school days! Where you had a lot of letter friends and just wrote to someone you didn't know. "

“I am really happy to have participated in this campaign. Thank you for this great campaign. "

“I was really happy about a two-page letter that gave me great insights into the life of a woman who was strange to me. I will definitely write back. At this point I would like to thank you very much for the organization. A great idea with hopefully just as great a result. "

“I received the sunny yellow letter yesterday on my day off. I was really happy and the written words made my day sweeter. "

“Today I received my letter from the #schreibdichgluecklich campaign. Two handwritten pages from a young woman who is half my age and who looks very happy and satisfied. A letter full of inspiration and good values ​​that make life worth living. "
“Now I am sitting here in front of a sheet of white paper and a pen in my hand. Next to it, the envelope with the address is ready, now all you have to do is put the words on paper. Lo and behold, I did not think that it would run so smoothly and that I would have handwritten two pages within 20 minutes ... "

“After a loooong, long time I am writing a letter in the classic way again, not on the computer and then printing it out, but by hand and I can tell you it's a great feeling - it feels so much more personal and as if I would know the person forever, I write to her. I write to her how I love to travel, that I love flowers and how I miss the old days, when people wrote a lot more real letters. "

“Thank you for your initiative and the great idea. I opened my letter today with great joy and I was actually happy. Receiving mail from a stranger and writing frankly about experiences and learning about them is a great gift. I will keep it in my heart. It shows once again how important and nice it is to connect with people from all over the world. Especially in these times. Because experiences connect, whether strange or familiar. "

“Today I received my personal lucky mail and I am deeply touched. The letter and the small surprises that came with it touched me and I am grateful from the bottom of my heart for this wonderful post from a wonderful woman. And I will write to her and thank her for this very special moment of happiness deep in my heart. "

“Thank you very much for your wonderful action, which gives this world and people happy and hearty moments. Nice to have you! You make the world a more beautiful and loving place. "

"Today is my lucky day! Unfortunately, my mailbox remained empty. So I decided to write myself a letter. Quite individually, personally to a loved one, whom I value very much, whom I have known damn well for years, with whom I keep discovering new facets and who keep surprising me. No sooner said than done, the letter taped up and thrown in my mailbox. After an hour I passed my mailbox “by accident” and there was a letter in it. A letter that made me incredibly happy. Not at all from an unknown person, but from someone who probably knows me very well, who values ​​me and is always curious to find out who I am. I am the focus. Isn't that nice? Today is my lucky day: # ichschreibmichglücklich class, how I can inspire myself and what fun it is. Sounds crazy, but it's sensational! "

“The postman was right when he said: Oh, someone is getting a love letter! And how right he was! It may not be a love letter in the classic sense, but a love letter from a wonderfully inspiring woman, to life, your daughter, your family and also a love letter to yourself! "

“The three of us each wrote a letter - and each received an answer and of course also replied to it; the whole gang of rascals is in writing fever. You can imagine the excitement when a real letter was in the mail. Correct analogue post - who would have thought that you could be so happy about it. A real asset. Thanks and compliments for this great idea. "

“That was exactly the right thing at the right time for me. I received such a lovely letter that was so encouraging, kind and enlightening. And I can really use that at the moment. "

“I got my letter and I was really happy. My writer tried very hard and was creative with the envelope, with a self-painted card and her words. "

“Today I had a very nice letter in my box. I was very happy about the good thoughts and they inspire me. "

“One Sunday afternoon, after a walk with my horse, I sat down at the dining room table, not without first fetching my own stationery, and began to write straight away. First a page, then a second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth. I just couldn't stop, it was as if the thoughts, words, feelings were flowing from inside me into the pen and my hand was the tool to put everything on the paper. When I got to the end of the letter, to my astonishment I felt a satisfaction and a pleasant feeling of happiness that I had finished my happiness letter more than on time. "

“I was lucky that on March 20 was allowed to participate and I received a wonderful letter or a small package !! For at least a week I walked around exhilarated, it was so good! Thank you thank you thank you!"