What is the passion behind fashion

My passion for fashion

I don't find my love of fashion superficial at all. Why also? Well-fitting clothes, beautiful fabrics, shoes, bags and costume jewelry in bright colors or the perfectly fitting trouser suit offer a woman the opportunity to arm herself not for every occasion but also for every challenge in life. We all know it: Those days when you somehow feel uncomfortable in your skin because you slept badly, feels fat (alternatively: has gained weight) or your self-confidence simply has a little hangover for a reason that cannot be further defined ! It always helps me a lot when I know that there are those jeans in the closet that have so much stretch that your own bum wiggles passably along with a few more pillows. Then there is this one pair of earrings that distract you, that enhance every outfit in an almost magical way and, in practical terms, also distract you from the fact that today you only had your hair curled up in a knot at the back of your neck. And this one cashmere scarf hangs in the closet, which is cuddly soft to the touch and whose wonderfully coordinated colors immediately give the skin a glow that is often asked when shopping: “Tell me, were you on vacation? You look so relaxed! ”And that on a day when the duvet would have loved to pull yourself over your head for the next 24 hours, because you feel like a harvested corn field in October: pale, dried out and residual stubble are in confusion around like memorials to a better, juicier time.

armor for me who supports me in my mood and underthat gives me self-confidence and with which I can better cope with the different demands of everyday life with a big wink. Because we are actually all actresses who sometimes have to fill several roles every day: We manage EVERYTHING from the family to the office to the construction site of the new winter garden, we look after children, partners (and ex-partners!), Seniors and pets. We are logistical geniuses (We organize the weekly shopping including drinks, laundry and doctor's appointments for 4 people within one day, we redecorate the living room while we do transfers, have winter tires changed and plan New Year's Eve.) We are psychological advisors for family members, Friends and neighbors. We are experts in healthy nutrition, yoga, cosmetics, the perfect apple pie as well as nutritional supplements and naturopathy. In short: our day felt like 85 hours!

And that's why we are allowed to have to every now and then we reward ourselves with something that makes life more beautiful and brighter: with time for yourself and your friends, a nice glass of wine, a delicious meal or a fashionable accessory that shouldn't be a superficial disposable item, but rather in the best case, a loved one in life.

All the products that I am allowed to present to you here are produced fairly and sustainably by regional companies, and I chose them because, at almost 50 years of age, I have decided not to make any more compromises when it comes to quality.

Not all products are online yet, but a lot will happen in the next few weeks: I hope you enjoy browsing!

Your Monika Gruber