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These crutch rubbers are really awesome. My daughter had her first knee operation. With the existing rubber she slipped the stairs. A solution had to be found because the second major operation was due. After receiving this rubber no more problem. Adapts perfectly to the ground and does not slip. Even in the walk-in shower,

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From Carlo

An absolute must, especially for frequent walkers. I've been on crutches for almost 40 years and have tried dozens of stubble. Most of them were either too hard or worn out too quickly and buying crutch stubble was always a problem. With these stubble everything fits - they are very flexible and yet robust. I had

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From kunibert

I kept slipping in the bathroom with my crutch (it wasn't that stable on the street either) and so I was looking for an alternative. This rubber capsule actually fit on my normal pipe - with a little force, admittedly. But it is sitting well now. Very flexible, good on any surface. Smells

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From D.N.

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