What do you mean by an entrepreneur

“I like my work so much that I wouldn't even speak of work” - Creator and entrepreneur Torben Platzer in an interview

How important is community management via social channels for you?

It is extremely important. Every follower who comments on you also deserves a response because they invested time to exchange ideas. Communication only works if there are senders and recipients and these roles are perceived but also regularly exchanged.

In your book you write “[…] The image of entrepreneurship that is propagated on social media is an illusion.” What do you mean by that and what warning would you like to give young entrepreneurs on social media?

Two points in particular are extremely important to me here: There is no get-rich-quick system and passive income is also a myth. The idea of ​​working for three to five years and then being financially independent is mostly propagated by people in pyramid schemes or crypto scams. Earning money in your own company is often much more difficult than as an employee: r. This is why advertisements with leased cars and fake Rolex watches are not an indicator of what life as an entrepreneur really looks like.

Self-made always sounds good; but who or what has particularly helped you in your career?

For me, self-made does not mean to be a self-made millionaire, but to do what you really want to do. We all learn with and through other people and then to go our own way in order to build something up. This is what I am talking and writing about. Above all, my parents helped me because they always supported me. My close circle of friends still does that today and I trust it and can rely on honest and serious words.

Information is no longer a rare commodity; we live in a society in which it is even more readily available in abundance. This makes it easier to get to know and try new things. It tends to be even more difficult to distinguish good content from bad from the entire content density.

What are your business goals for the coming years?

This year we have a very exciting project from TPA Media with the entrepreneur Jörg Kintzel. It's about building an eight-digit brand, we also have internal goals for our own reach and the creation of our own system for building personal brands.

How important do you think it is to grow into tasks and learn to appreciate them?

Super important; I founded the agency four years ago and set myself the goal of not showing anyone anything that I haven't done myself. This is how my own personal brand came into being. I try everything out myself before I pass it on to my customers.

Attitude is an important word for you, a core discipline. Can you learn attitude?

You can do it 100 percent. During my studies, for example, for a few years I had the attitude that everything is an obligation. The idea of ​​my own business will come to me. But it didn't come. Our life is a big debt, if you want something, you have to do something for it yourself. And nobody else is responsible for it!

How important is the working environment, whether with colleagues or the location, etc., for satisfaction and how important is salary or turnover in comparison for you?

I only get a very low salary from my agency because I still draw money from other companies and have been able to build up good reserves and make investments through my activities in sales. The working environment is very important to me, we have the motto for ourselves: Dear 50 friends: inside than 500 employees: inside, we always look at the values ​​first.

In which field would you most likely want to continue your education now?

Psychology is the topic that interests me most, alongside social media and branding. I'm also thinking of going back to esports at some point and buying my own League of Legends team.

You advise thinking “outside the box”. In your opinion, which conventions particularly limit the development of people in their professional life?

In Germany in particular, it is not made easy for the self-employed. In addition to many bureaucratic hurdles, there is still no subject in school or at the university that explains entrepreneurship (editor's note: however, there is a focus on business management in the business administration course). Instead, schools would have to promote individual skills and preferences of young people in addition to the pure imparting of knowledge. In 2021 we are still thinking about digitizing schools at all. Every company is left behind when it refuses to embrace digital transformation. Exceptions are made for authorities and the school system at the expense of the future of society.

Our society is shaped by negative news because it is easier to market than success stories. We have too many black and white thinkers: inside. That is why it is all the more important to strengthen your own awareness, to build up a circle of trusted people for regular feedback and to zoom out every now and then to form your own opinion, develop your own attitude and go your own way.

We would like to thank Torben Platzer for the detailed insights and the written interview.