What if there was only one religion?

Vince Ebert extrapolates: what if there was no religion?

If you talk to deeply religious people, many are of the opinion that it is above all faith that makes us moral beings. Accordingly, the abolition of any religion would break out among the people in the purest chaos.

Science takes a very different view. A few years ago, behavioral biologists observed that vampire bats share their food - the blood of cattle - with their hungry conspecifics by choking it back up. Interestingly, however, they only share with those who have also given them something beforehand. Those animals that share fairly do not starve to death. The unfair ones, on the other hand, remain anemic. Since one cannot assume that the little bloodsuckers belong to any kind of religion, there is only one conclusion: fairness and morality are clearly biological and not at all religious.

Is not that incredible? A small, inconspicuous bat intuitively follows exactly the same rule that Immanuel Kant puzzled over his head for 20 years in the Enlightenment, the categorical imperative: "Act in such a way that the maxim of your will always applies as a principle of general legislation could. " Or something more understandable for our feathered friends: "What you don't want, what people do to you, don't do it to anyone else." Just like the bat, Kant did not need any kind of belief to explain fair, moral behavior.

Both proved in different ways that it is a big mistake to think that we need a religious value system in order to be good people. That is probably why vampires and scouts alike have been persecuted by the church.

Apparently there is a deeply ingrained sense of justice within us (exceptions prove the rule). I don't have to have read the Basic Law, the Bible or the Koran, I don't have to believe in God, Buddha or Mohammed to know that murder and theft are crimes.

"That is probably why vampires and scouts alike were persecuted by the church"

If one believes evolutionary biologists, moral behavior always arises automatically when living beings live in a close social structure in which they are dependent on one another. If, on the other hand, this structure is missing, there is no reason to be particularly fair with one another. Anyone who has ever attended a real estate agent event knows what is meant. That's why penguins push their own colleagues into the water to test whether sea lions are lurking in the water. Praying mantises even eat the males during mating. A practice that even Alice Schwarzer does not approve of.