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The complaints about the difficult search for IT specialists persist. The fact that IT recruiters do not have an easy task in certain cities, especially in Munich, Frankfurt or Hamburg, is also confirmed by the latest salary analysis by the Hamburg remuneration consultancy Compensation Partner. It examined almost 6000 salary data for software developers exclusively for COMPUTERWOCHE. One result: incomes have again increased significantly across all positions. The analysts assume, however, that this pace will not continue and that a certain plateau has now been reached.

Lower salaries for front-end developers

In addition to IT consultants, backend developers are among those specialists who are particularly well paid. Even a beginner without professional experience starts with 55,255 euros gross per year. For comparison: For university graduates, the starting salaries are between 30,000 and 40,000 euros, depending on the subject.

After ten years the backend developer can count on 66,000 euros, after 15 years with 73,000 euros. On the other hand, front-end developers start at a lower salary level (40,300 euros annual salary). Only with 15 years of professional experience do front-end and web developers reach 54,500 euros and barely reach the starting salary of their colleagues in the backend.

However, company size and location have an even greater influence on the remuneration. Backend developers earn an average of 68,000 euros a year in companies with more than 1000 employees, while in smaller companies with fewer than 50 employees it is 57,000 euros. The place of work has an even greater impact on the salary.

The east-west divide in Germany still exists 30 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall: Front-end developers in Thuringia, Saxony, Brandenburg, Saxony-Anhalt and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania earn between 35,400 and 37,000 euros a year, while their colleagues in Hesse can take part Expect 53,200 euros and in Munich 56,600 euros per year. These figures have to be put into perspective, however, because the purchasing power in the east is much higher than in the west due to the lower costs.

  1. The salary evaluation
    For COMPUTERWOCHE, the Hamburg remuneration consultancy COP Compensation Partner GmbH evaluated salary data from software developers. A total of around 6,000 data were used for this. 4,275 of them dealt with backend developers and 1,682 with frontend developers.
  2. IT developers deserve that
    All salaries have risen sharply, especially among young professionals. In Germany, backend developers earn an average of € 61,200 and frontend developers around € 46,700.
  3. Developers without professional experience deserve this
    A backend developer with no professional experience already earns around € 52,300. As a front-end developer, he has an average starting salary of € 40,400.
  4. Up to € 80,000 with 20 years of professional experience
    After 20 years of professional experience, the back-end developer should earn almost € 80,000 and a front-end IT specialist around € 59,300.
  5. In small companies up to € 57,000
    In a company with up to 50 employees, backend developers earn around 57,000 euros and in the frontend area around 42,000 euros.
  6. This is what a developer earns in a company with 1,000 or more employees
    If the company has more than 1,000 employees, developers in the backend area receive an average salary of 68,000 € - in the frontend area, in turn, almost 54,000 € per year.
  7. With minor personnel responsibility from € 90,000
    If a backend developer has a small personnel responsibility of one to three employees, his salary increases to 105,000 and for a frontend developer to 94,000 euros.
  8. With up to 30 employees € 100,000 per year
    According to the study, there are around 115,300 euros per year for back-end developers with personnel responsibility of 16 to 30 employees and for front-end developers 102,300 euros.
  9. Earn € 60,000 a year in mechanical engineering
    The industry also has an influence on the salary. A backend developer in mechanical engineering achieves an average salary of € 63,700 per year.
  10. In chemistry up to € 49,000
    A front-end developer in chemistry receives an average salary of € 49,000.
  11. Munich is the front runner
    In Munich, the salaries for backend developers at € 74,000 are on average around € 10,000 higher than in other Bavarian regions. Frontend developers achieve an average salary of € 56,500 here - that's still € 7,000 more than in the rest of Bavaria.
  12. Earn up to € 130,000 with personal responsibility in Munich
    With personnel responsibility, the salary for backend developers in the Bavarian capital can rise to € 132,000. A front-end developer earns around € 117,000 here.
  13. In Berlin around € 58,000
    In Berlin, the average salary for backend developers is around € 58,000. For front-end developers there are around € 44,000 per year.
  14. 65,200 € for backend developers in Hamburg
    Hamburg offers an average salary of € 65,2000 for IT backend developers. In the front-end area there are significantly less: € 49,000 per year.
  15. Earn around € 46,700 in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania
    In Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, a backend developer earns around € 46,700 - in the frontend area it's again less: € 35,400 per year.

The regional gap among backend developers is even wider: in Munich, their average annual salary is just under 75,000 euros, in Hesse to 70,000 euros and in Hamburg to 65,200 euros. Even the national average of 61,587 for a backend developer is a long way off for developers in the new federal states (between 46,775 and 49,911 euros).

Personnel responsibility pays off: a Munich backend developer who is responsible for a team of four to eight employees earns 132,000 euros a year, almost twice as much as his colleague without personnel responsibility. But Munich is also far ahead in terms of executive salaries. Nationwide, a backend developer with personnel responsibility for one to three employees can expect 105,484 euros.

There are 109,000 euros for managing a team with four to eight employees and 115.30 euros for 16 to 30 employees. The front-end developers can also more than double their salaries through the team management and achieve incomes between 94,400 and 102,300 euros.