How should I choose a caregiver?

Home care 24 hours a day: questions and answers

FAQ`s PflegeheldenĀ®

I am interested in the 24 hour care or. 24 hour home care - What do I have to do?

Simply fill out the request form. A contact person very close to you will contact you to clarify the most important questions and to make you a personal offer.

1. How and with whom is a contract concluded?

In the first step, you conclude a so-called agency contract with the PflegeheldenĀ®. This authorizes us as an intermediary to arrange everything for 24-hour care at your home.

2. What are the prices and how do the costs come about?

The prices are calculated individually for you using a questionnaire. The costs are made up of the requirements for the caregiver.

3. How long is a contract valid?

The agency contract is unlimited.

4. Is there a notice period?

The termination can follow at any time and without notice period.

5. Who decides which caregiver suits me and how long will it take?

Using a questionnaire in which you explain your current condition in more detail, we will find the right nurse for you. She then decides, based on a personnel profile, which nurse suits you. At best, this takes between 5-7 days.

6. Do the nurses come from Poland?

Yes, the nurses live in Poland and come here for the nursing leave (usually 2-3 months).

7. Where will the caregiver be housed?

The caregiver will be accommodated at your home, a separate room with a bed and a wardrobe is required.

8. How good is the nurse's language skills?

All of our nurses speak German. Depending on the requirements on site, you can choose between the following language qualifications: Basic, Intermediate, Advanced and Fluent.

9. What is the nurse allowed to do and what is not or what is (not) allowed?

The nurse is not allowed to take care of any treatment. If necessary, this can be covered by an outpatient care service.

10. Can I meet the nurse beforehand or before my decision and get to know them personally?

Yes, it is possible to contact the nurse in advance by phone.

11. What happens if there are problems with the caregiver?

If you have any problems or difficulties, you can contact us at any time, we will try to solve the problem or immediately start looking for a new caregiver for you and make a change.

12. What happens if I or the nurse suddenly become ill?

The nurse has health insurance in Poland and can therefore receive medical treatment in Germany.

13. When does the carer leave?

After the agreed term or if a change is desired.

14. Who is my contact person for further questions or complaints?

Depending on where you live, you can find your local contact person here by simply entering your postcode or location. Your contact person is available to you at any time by phone or email - just talk to us.