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ENUL 2272 - A standard for your safety

In the USA, there were more than 52 cases of fire with property damage of more than USD 2 million due to cheap components installed, and the cases are also increasing in Germany and Europe. We as IO Hawk welcome and support the safety standard of UL, because according to the current status, only a UL certified hoverboard is really safe

Internationally respected security check Underwriters Laboratories for short, UL, is an independent organization that tests products, components, materials and systems for specific safety aspects - UL does not "approve" the sale of the products, but rather offers manufacturers the option of a highly regarded UL safety certificate for the products on offer to acquire.

In February 2016, UL announced that it had created a standard for checking the safety of hoverboards with the developed safety test procedure “UL 2272 - Battery Systems for Use in Self Balancing Scooter”. Important - not to be confused: individual components of the hoverboards can already bear a UL seal, e.g. standards for lithium batteries, but this seal - as already mentioned - is to be considered for the uncoupled component, but not for the hoverboard as " whole system ". The UL2272 certification considers the whole system. Only an entire tested system is considered safe here, since only a balanced interaction of the components promises security.

In order to obtain the UL2272 certification, the entire system is considered.

All hoverboards are subjected to a so-called FMEA test. - FAILURE MODE EFFECTS ANALYSIS - Previous UL standards are used here, such as: UL991 UL1998 UL60730-1 IEC61508

To put it briefly: A hoverboard with UL 2272 certification has undergone extensive tests, namely of every installed component and also in the interaction of all components. We are pleased that a standard has finally been found here, which we as IOHAWK welcome and support, because so far the following applies: There is no worldwide proven fire with an original IO Hawk (to be recognized by the IO on the rims)

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UL 2272 tests

  1. Overload
  2. Short circuit test
  3. Overdischarge test
  4. Temperature test
  5. Imbalanced Charging Test
  6. Dielectric Voltage Withstand Test
  7. Insulation resistance test
  1. Vibration test
  2. Shock test
  3. Crush test
  4. Drop test
  5. Stress Relief Test (Mold Stress Relief Test)
  6. Motor overload test / motor blocked test
  1. Water test
  2. Thermal cycle test
  3. Partial immersion test
  4. IPX determination test
  5. Thermal alternating stress test
  6. Label performance test
  1. Plastic material used - Must not be easily flammable. (94-V-1) Flame Rating
  2. Metallic components - corrosion protection
  3. Housing: Must be IP3X and IP4X splash-proof
  4. Motor: Must pass UL1004 and UL2272 Motor Test
  5. LEDs - Must meet the UL LED standard
  6. Cells: Must pass UL 2580 and UL2211 tests
  7. Fuses / connections / chargers must meet the UL standard.
Manuel WielerBusiness Development Manager
The IO Hawk and this type of locomotion is trend-setting and we are pleased that standards for safety are finally being defined so that the end customer can now easily check them himself.
Sascha ArndtGeneral manager
For us, everyone's safety has the highest priority even before the company's profit. Offering a hoverboard for around 200 euros is simply impossible without accepting large quality gradations at the expense of user safety. The previous accidents were inevitable and we warned about them in June 2015. For this reason we welcome UL's safety standard
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