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The White Book of the Jade Falcon


“The White Book of the Jade Falcon” is a story about faith and love, about losing and finding again, about life between Orient and Occident. It is the story of Laura, a Catholic woman from a village in Saxony, and Çingiz, a Muslim man from Istanbul.

Laura tells how she turns to a man who not only belongs to a different culture, but also believes in a different god. The young woman learns to recognize the similarities between God and Allah and she comes to the realization that there are some important principles of belief that apply to all people. No matter what belief you have in you. Unfortunately, not everyone shares this opinion and so what always happens when arguments no longer count ...

Historical background
The story begins in a village in Saxony in the mid-1950s. She repeatedly touches on the development of Germany after the war and gives insights into the development of the Turkish-German relationship as it is today and how it was shaped by the recruitment of many guest workers. The book also provides insights into life on the border between Europe and Asia, in Istanbul, which is still so far away, which is not least due to the fact that the city on the Bosporus was the author's home for a long time.

The cover is adorned with a symbol that unites cross and crescent, as well as the first sura from the Koran, the content of which is very similar to “Our Father” in its translation.

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