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"Unpopular Opinion" in German: meaning, list, definition, translation

“Unpopular Opinion” means “unpopular opinion” or “unpopular opinion” in German.

"Unpopular Opinion" is an Internet meme in which someone publishes an opinion or view that is contrary to the current majority opinion or the media mainstream.

An example of an “unpopular opinion” is: “The Beatles were okay. They are overrated ”.

List: Unpopular Opinion / Unpopular Opinions

Note: The following list does not reflect the editorial opinion. Even if sentences are written in first person form, this is not the opinion of the author, but serves as an example to clarify what an "unpopular opinion" is.

Popular topics for unpopular opinion include: pop culture, music, movies, actors, singers, celebrities, rappers, food, food, design, footballers, relationships

  • If you don't know what to do with your life, you shouldn't have a relationship.
  • More men should have more demands.
  • Those who are proud of not having a TV but watch Netflix or YouTube all day are no better.
  • There are dogs that should never have been bred.
  • Till Schweiger is a good actor. He makes good films.
  • I like school.
  • I like maths.
  • It is a good thing that there are no referenda in Germany.
  • Man of honor is not a nonsensical word. Stop saying it.
  • Traveling is bad and not fun.
  • Who becomes a millionaire is boring.
  • I don't like German beer.
  • Football is boring.
  • The Beatles were just a band too.
  • The Friends series is overrated. (Watch an episode without canned laughs. The series gets very strange then.)
  • Avocados are overrated.
  • Tomatoes don't belong on a burger.
  • Learning French is a waste of time.
  • Muesli tastes better with water.
  • X brand fashion doesn't look all that good. (Use any hyped fashion brand for "X".)
  • Going to festivals is not a good experience and a waste of time.
  • It's good that there are so many different courses.
  • I don't like pizza.
  • Pineapple doesn't belong on pizza.
  • I feel uncomfortable in sweatpants.
  • "Game of Thrones" is boring.
  • Weddings are expensive, unnecessary and unnecessary.
  • Men are as much gossipers and gossipers as women.
  • I do not like cheese.
  • There should have been only 3 "Star Wars" films.
  • Sophisticated literature is boring.
  • Raising children is fun!
  • There are too few superhero films.
  • Super fruits are marketing nonsense.
  • To talk badly or make fun of celebrities you don't like on the internet is pathetic.
  • Murderers also have basic rights.
  • The outside is just as important as the inside!
  • The mainstream is good and important.
  • Anyone who says of themselves that he or she is "edgy" or "crazy" is the exact opposite: boring.
  • Disabled people can be just as mean and mean as other people. They do not need special treatment, they should be treated like anyone else.
  • Anyone who is fat is 99 percent to blame.
  • All people are prejudiced.
  • "Frozen" is a bad movie.
  • Adults shouldn't read Harry Potter.
  • I have never seen "Lord of the Rings" and I think I haven't missed anything.
  • Babies should not be allowed where alcohol is served!
  • Liver is delicious.
  • I like hipsters.
  • Season 1 was awesome. The House of Money has been going downhill since season 2. (God forbid whoever says that.)
  • Many who express their opinion seek attention and validation for their position. You don't want to convince anyone and you are not interested in a discussion.
  • It's okay for the homeless to buy alcohol from donations.
  • Pets aren't all that great.
  • Children under the age of 14 should not use smartphones or the internet.
  • SUVs are cool.
  • There are people who simply shouldn't have children.
  • Nobody cares about your opinion.
  • If your gender orientation or gender is the most exciting thing about you, you are bored.
  • People who complain a lot don't want to change things, they want attention and just complain.
  • Kohlrabi is underrated.
  • Those who constantly criticize the mainstream are not critical, but get stuck in a childish defiant reaction.
  • The clock change is a good idea.
  • Those who are very thin do not automatically have anorexia. Stop assuming that.
  • I like ironing shirts.
  • If things went badly before the crisis, things are going really badly now.
  • Those who did well before the crisis will do well during the crisis.
  • The subjects of "bowel" and "excretion" are entertaining.
  • Freedom is overrated.
  • If you only buy something because it is on sale, you are not a saver.

Meaning: How "Unpopular Opinion" works

In "Unpopular Opinion" questions of taste and personal sensitivities are discussed. It's about publishing a subjective opinion.

Anyone who expresses an “unpopular opinion” usually explains how this dissenting opinion comes about. Because only with the execution can others see what the unpopular opinion is based on.

An "Unpopular Opinion" has the following structure:

  1. A person is overrated / undervalued. (Example: "Nutella is overrated.")
  2. One thing is overrated / undervalued.
  3. I don't like something that everyone likes. (Example: "I don't like tomatoes.")
  4. I like someone or something, although very many don't like or criticize him or her.
  5. I think something that is contrary to or deviates from the majority opinion.
  6. A person or thing is wrongly hyped or criticized.
  7. An existing convention is being called into question. (Example: "Women should be allowed to use the men's room if the line in front of the women's room is very long.")

Meaning: What really happens in the event of an "unpopular opinion"

Having an unpopular opinion is easy. You look into the mainstream or the media and look for something who or what is currently being hyped and what everyone is talking about. When you have found something or someone, you build your own unpopular opinion on it.

An “unpopular opinion” is actually only the expression of an anti-attitude or a contra-attitude. Anyone who has an “unpopular opinion” in this sense rejects a trend and does not enjoy participating in a hype, but rejecting it. You just row against the current with it.

But the “Unpopular Opinion” does not have to be an expression of an anti-attitude, but can simply represent a disgraceful attempt at a planned and hoped-for provocation. So an "unpopular opinion" is just another technique to get attention.

Whoever publishes his "unpopular opinion" has to accept the accusation that this is an attempt at self-expression and that they are actually only looking for confirmation. An “unpopular opinion” was only published in order to get likes (or hearts), to profile oneself or to celebrate oneself.

The conclusion that an “unpopular opinion” is actually just an anti-attitude and an attempt to present oneself results from the observation that an unpopular opinion usually receives more approval than headwinds. The word “unpopular” is therefore misleading and it must be said that contrary (“unpopular”) opinions can also be popular.

Why an “unpopular opinion” can actually be dangerous

There is a certain fear of expressing a dissenting or “unpopular opinion”. Because friends, family or colleagues could react negatively and be pissed off. A relationship could deteriorate and in the worst case scenario, a relationship will end. Therefore, differing opinions are actually not published, but kept secret.

Ancient mechanisms work here. Because whoever contradicts the crowd or herd must expect to be expelled. It can be painful. But this is different with the meme “Unpopular Opinion”. It is used to publish an opposing position that sometimes seems very reasonable and actually only compensates for the one-sidedness of a hype.

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