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Food Journal: What Meghan Markle Eats - The Strict Nutrition Plan

by Jessica Bolewski
Fitter body, flawless skin, radiant complexion: Duchess Meghan owes all of this not only to her good genes, but also to her iron discipline - especially when it comes to nutrition, as her Food Journal reveals.

Duchess Meghan is a role model for many when it comes to style: all of her outfits are sold out a short time later after they have been photographed by paparazzi. Now Prince Harry's wife also seems to be developing into a respected foodie.

Because the Meghan menu is also becoming increasingly popular with many women: They not only want to look like Prince Harry's wife, but also feel like it. There is one thing we can reveal in advance about Meghan Markle's nutrition plan: burgers, pizza & Co. are not likely to be found there. Instead, she relies on mostly unprocessed products, lots of seasonal vegetables, low-fat fish and superfoods.

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Food Journal: Meghan Markle

In the morning

According to "Harper's Bazaar", Meghan regularly starts the day with a glass of warm lemon water. This brings the metabolism into full swing and improves iron absorption from plant-based foods - especially exciting for vegetarians and vegans.

Important: the water used should not be too hot, because this in turn destroys the valuable vitamin C. It is best to only add the freshly squeezed lemon juice to the glass when the water has cooled down to a comfortable drinking temperature.

A typical Meghan Markle breakfast consists of a classic porridge with fresh fruit or a banana, as her Food Journal reveals. The 38-year-old refines the whole thing with a little Manuka honey and pollen. This breakfast keeps you full for a long time, makes you fit for the day and ensures a radiant complexion.


According to the Food Journal, Duchess Meghan likes to eat raw food to avoid the small morning dip:Fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables Cut into bite-sized pieces, they are the perfect snack for in between - also as green smoothie prepared with spinach, ginger and apple.

The body is quickly supplied with energy, vitamins, minerals and filling fiber. A much better alternative to candy bars or gummy animals. The latter leads to a strongly fluctuating blood sugar level, which favors the development of annoying food cravings.


Stews and soups are among Meghan Markle's favorite meals when it comes to a healthy lunch, according to the Food Journal. The basis is always fresh seasonal vegetables - preferably in organic quality.

A spoonful meal is filling for a long time, does not make you sluggish after eating and provides fiber that ensures good digestion. In addition, stews, soups etc. can be cooked in large quantities and some of them can be frozen. This means that there is always something healthy in the house and, above all, it helps those who don't like cooking to have a balanced diet.

in the evening

Duchess Meghan loves pasta! However, the easily digestible carbohydrates it contains are a thorn in her side. But the nutrition-conscious has a trick to still satisfy her pasta craving: she simply relies on pasta made from vegetables!

Zucchini, carrots, beetroot & Co. hardly provide any calories or fat, but thanks to the fiber they are still great and long-lasting. In addition, the body is supplied with lots of vitamins and minerals - extremely practical!

But be careful: if you serve the super healthy vegetable noodles with a greasy cheese sauce, you will of course only end up with a calorie bomb. Better then: a tomato-based sauce with lots of vegetables.

Small sins are allowed

Of course, Duchess Meghan tries to adhere to her strict menu as much as possible. After all, she appreciates the positive effects on her body and needs a balanced diet to stay fit in a stressful everyday life.

But every now and then the Duchess treats herself to something, as the Food Journal shows. Her absolute "vices" include fries and wine - a combination that makes Prince Harry's wife simply weak.

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