What food can we not have for breakfast?

The most important meal of the day - this is what breakfast is often called. Science is not entirely in agreement as to whether eating in the morning is really healthy. The fact is that in observational studies, those people who eat breakfast regularly are healthier overall. A study by the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston (USA), for example, showed that there is an increased risk of heart disease if people have not had breakfast for years. Whether this is due to the morning meal or a generally more health-conscious lifestyle cannot be conclusively determined.

Among those who eat breakfast regularly, there are big differences in their food preferences: both sweet and salty dishes are popular in the morning. However, it is better to remove some foods from your breakfast buffet or at least not eat them every day.

Waffles and pancakes are considered breakfast classics. Unfortunately, these tasty favorites consist largely of wheat flour and sugar and are often combined with sweets. The feeling of satiety disappears quickly, and hunger soon reappears. In addition, the sugar makes you tired after the initially rapid energy boost, as the blood sugar level then drops. Every now and then you can of course treat yourself to pancakes or waffles, but something more nutritious is recommended for the daily breakfast.

Sugary juices and smoothies

Unfortunately, many ready-made juices from the supermarket also contain large amounts of sugar. If you like to drink fruit juice, it is best to squeeze it fresh yourself or pay close attention to the contents when buying juices.

Yoghurt is also very popular: in order not to consume as many calories, a low-fat variant is often chosen. However, sweeteners and additives are often found in fruit varieties. As a result, the body receives less energy and hunger quickly sets in again. If you consciously want to keep the number of calories low, you should choose low-fat quark.

White bread or toast contain hardly any nutrients, easily lead to constipation and only provide short-term energy. Due to the little fiber they are considered to be fattening, as they do not satiate for a long time. It is better to eat wholemeal bread or rolls; the body can benefit from them for longer.

Anyone who has a salty breakfast has probably already started the day with bacon on the breakfast plate. Due to the high fat content and the often too strong salting, this dish is rather unhealthy and should therefore not be eaten every day. A boiled egg as an alternative is better for the body.

They're usually not as healthy as they seem and are high in sugar. Still, they are a popular morning snack as they can be consumed quickly on the go. If you take your time, you can have a much healthier muesli: homemade from oat flakes, nuts, seeds, dried fruit and fresh fruit with a little yoghurt, milk or oat milk, for example.

Sweet corn flakes mixes

Just like muesli bars, all types of ready-made corn flakes are often heavily sweetened. If you start eating unhealthy in the morning, you may be able to consume a significant amount of sugar during the day. In the long run, this not only makes you fat, but also makes you sick.

Sugar and fat spread

Whether with chocolate, caramel or peanuts: sweet spreads with a lot of sugar and fat are delicious, but not exactly healthy. Jams can also contain a lot of sugar. As is so often the case with food, what counts is moderate enjoyment. Fresh fruit is much healthier as a daily sweet snack.

Published: 04/28/2021, 7:55 am
Last updated: April 28, 2021, 8:17 am