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It is well known that the Abitur grade does not determine a person's intelligence or even aptitude for a particular subject. Nevertheless, the Abitur grade is still the main criterion for admission to most courses. Using various test procedures, the study was able to give a good overview of grades, IQ and the individual talents and strengths of high school graduates. From their daily work experience, the study and career counselors are convinced that the essential drivers for a good Abitur are discipline and hard work. However, many other skills, especially social talents, find little to no recognition at school - at least not with regard to good grades. To this end, Struss & Claussen evaluated 1,000 data from randomly selected high school graduates. This can be used to empirically show the extent to which the Abitur grade is related to the determined top 5 strengths of the young people. You can find the detailed results on the Struss & Claussen blog.


Most high school graduates have these talents

The results of this evaluation show that high school graduates have a significantly higher level of ambition in school. The competence “performance orientation” is four times as often present in young people with a 1.0 in the Abitur as in three-year high school graduates. The other strengths speak for themselves. Pupils with very good school grades can stay particularly focused (3.5 times more pronounced than with 3-year high school graduates). In addition, the 1s candidates show more “eagerness to learn”. This talent was proven almost 7 times more often.


These are the strengths of the three-year high school graduates

Instead, many other talents are more likely to be demonstrated in high school graduates with a grade of 3.0: Flexibility is, for example, 2.5 times as often a top 5 strength for them as in graduates with a high school diploma. People with a pronounced talent for flexibility are more open to new situations and spontaneous challenges. It is in such moments that such people show their potential. This talent is particularly in demand for jobs in journalism, the event industry or trauma surgery. On the other hand, fixed structures, as is the case in school, have a demotivating effect on them.

Likewise, three-year high school graduates are characterized by the strengths of fairness and inclusiveness. These skills have been proven almost twice as often in three-year high school graduates. Someone with these talents places a high value on equality and an inclusive community. This competence is particularly in demand for jobs in international development cooperation, in social and health services, as a lawyer for human rights or as an equal opportunities officer.

In addition, enthusiasm and empathy are much more pronounced among three-year high school graduates. Enthusiastic people are motivational artists. Such people impress others with their enthusiasm and motivate them to be more productive and optimistic. As a coach, HR manager, customer or corporate consultant, you can influence people positively and use and contribute your talents. Empathy is extremely important for almost all jobs. Above all, however, this competence qualifies for all activities for and with people: for example in psychology and education, as a customer relationship manager, trainer or HR business partner.


The note dilemma

According to the researchers, the problem is not that hard work is important for a good high school diploma. It is much more questionable that other talents and strengths instead fall behind. The self-worth and the proud feeling of the youngsters fall by the wayside. It becomes problematic when students think they have no strengths. And that's only because they are among the weaker ones in their class. When there is no school subject in which they can show their extraordinary empathy or inclusiveness and receive recognition for it. Or if they are unable to study psychology due to their high school graduation, even though the course fits their personality perfectly. Then this fact should definitely be questioned critically. To solve the problem, there is no need for a school without grades, simply the opportunity for every student to show their talents and realize their own potential. Every strength is ultimately profitable and promising if you can use it in the right environment.

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