How do I win someone's heart

10 tips to win a man's heart

If you want to know how to win a man's heart, make sure you read through these 10 tips.

Of course we can't guarantee that you will succeed with this, but your chances will increase enormously.

And that's something if it increases the likelihood that you will soon wake up next to each other!

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1. Be yourself

The most important thing in conquering your chosen one is that you do not pretend.

Be yourself. Because naturalness is more important to men than artificial fuss.

Even if you don't want to reveal small flaws just yet, you should always be aware that you cannot pretend for a lifetime.

You can't keep your hidden flaws a secret from him forever. So stay the way you are, with blemishes, rough edges.

2. Don't talk too much

Even if you are in love and have a lot to tell him, do not immediately shower him with your entire life story.

He would also like to have something that he can find out for himself. Always remember that men generally want to conquer for themselves.

So make him feel like he's the one pulling the strings. Never reveal too much about yourself at first. Don't keep talking either, but let him have his say.

The motto here is: Less is more - have a dialogue, not a monologue.

3. Go out with him more often

Whenever possible, take the opportunity to go to a café, swimming pool, barbecue or picnic with him.

Choose neutral places and situations to start with. Jogging might also be a great idea.

Many men like active women who do something for their body and their health. What you can't do is always ask for a new date.

Let him be the active part and ask for dates. This way you can see right away whether he is interested in you at all.

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4. Don't be silly

Having fun is okay, telling a few jokes too, but please don't stop there.

Mature men are quickly annoyed by women who laugh at everything and can hardly take anything seriously. They are particularly attracted to women who have found a balance between seriousness and fun.

First and foremost, this means that you don't have to laugh at anything and every situation. Be funny and humorous, but with charm!

5. Be a positive factor in his life

Nothing is worse for a man when the chosen woman is constantly nagging and lousy. If you nag yourself repeatedly in his presence or tell him how bad the world is, you will soon get rid of him.

Instead, be a beam child. Show how much you look forward to life. Be active and show him that you have the sun in your heart.

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6. No shopping tours

Please do not go shopping with him when you are out and about. Even if the chain is glittering in the shop window, keep it to yourself.

Buy it yourself or do without it. He'll surely register that you don't drag him into dozens of stores and want him to pay.

Men usually avoid such women as they only bring stress and spending with them. Men, on the other hand, love uncomplicated women who know what is important in life.

And a chain is definitely not the most important thing in life. So don't go on endless shopping trips when he's around.

7. Listen to him

Be a good listener and let them talk.

No matter what he might tell you, just listen and give him good advice if necessary. So he feels safe with you. It will make it easier to win your heart.

8. Score through knowledge and curiosity

An intelligent and curious woman impresses almost every man.

You don't have to be very knowledgeable about all things or all of his areas of interest. It is enough if you are interested in his favorite topics and do a little bit of information.

He will be surprised what a curious and intelligent woman he has next to him, who also enthusiastically shares his favorite topic.

9. Flirt in style

Flirting has to be skillful, otherwise it can quickly be seen as a clumsy turn-on.

You can get close to him skillfully by touching his arm every now and then in suitable situations. He will notice it 100%.

But don't overdo it. After all, he should believe that he is "the conqueror".

By the way: If he insists on getting you to bed the first time you meet, he'll most likely only see you as a one-off adventure.

In general, you shouldn't get intimate with him during the getting to know each other. This is the only way to encourage him to “concern himself” with you, which in most cases leads to falling in love.

10. Surprise him

Surprise him with a homemade cake, a salad, at a meeting in the park, or

Men tend to like women who show a little domesticity. By doing this, you signal to him that you can manage the household and look after him and his future offspring.

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