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Questions and answers about Hydrogen®

Why is it recommended to drink hydrogenated water?

Because hydrogen is a very powerful antioxidant in eliminating free radicals, reducing oxidative stress, which in turn is the cause of most disease and premature aging. As the smallest element in the universe, hydrogen also penetrates where other antioxidants cannot, e.g. into the nerve cells and the cell nucleus.

Can the pets drink it?

Yes. The water should be changed at least once a day, as it begins to lose its charge after six hours. In Japan, bottled, hydrogenated water is sold specifically for pets.

Is it recommended for making tea?

If the water is heated without "reaching the boiling point", the hydrogen and the electrical charge are preserved. If you drink enough hydrogen-treated water, you should consider whether it is advantageous to prepare the tea with this water as well.

Can you consume an excess of hydrogen with the hydrotreated water?

No. No matter how long it is hydrogenated, the water cannot be overloaded with hydrogen. Once created, the excess evaporates as soon as the water is saturated. Also, no matter how much we soak in the saturated hydrotreated water, we would never reach the recommended maximum limit.

Why is it necessary to consume antioxidants?

Every time we breathe in, 2% of the oxygen entering our body turns into bad oxygen called "free radicals". This bad oxygen can be converted into good oxygen by an electrical charge on antioxidants. If we do not supply it with this charge through the antioxidants, it will absorb it from our cells, whereby these become sick or die, a process known to us as "oxidation". In addition, lifestyle in developed countries increases oxidation levels due to poor diet, pollution, stress, etc. As we age, we also need to consume more antioxidants because our bodies produce fewer antioxidant enzymes.

Why does the hydrotreated water provide us with more energy?

When our oxidation level is high, our bodies refuse to convert the food into energy as this would increase the oxidation even more. The antioxidant charge of the hydrotreated water helps regulate the levels of oxidation in our bodies, and this allows food to turn into energy instead of being deposited in the form of fat.

Can I lose weight with the hydrotreated water?

When our oxidation is high, the body refuses to convert the fat into energy because burning fat creates even more oxidation. The antioxidant charge in the hydrotreated water helps us lower the level of oxidation so that our metabolism can convert the fat into energy. But it is obvious that we will only lose accumulated fat when the calorie consumption is higher than the intake.

When do I see the effects of the hydrotreated water?

From the first moment you can feel more energy, hydration, general well-being, better digestion, a better feeling of relaxation. But as far as important improvements are concerned, we will only experience them after a few weeks or even months, if we manage to reduce oxidative stress, the cause of most diseases and premature aging.

What is the pH of hydrogen treated water?

Between 7 and 7.5, very similar to that of blood. Hydrogen increases the pH of the treated water by half a point. The hydrogen is closely related to the pH value, which means "hydrogen potential". It is very important to drink water with a neutral pH value so that the correct functioning of our body does not change. Although hydrotreated water is not alkaline, it is VERY ALCALIZING as it works against the acid in our body by combating the main cause of it, namely oxidation.

Is Hydrogen Treated Water the Same as Alkaline Water?

No. The alkaline water contains a large amount of dissolved minerals, and it is normal that it has no electrical charge or active hydrogen. Only "ionized alkaline" water has an antioxidant electrical charge and a small amount of dissolved hydrogen. But most of the electrical charge is generated by the ionized minerals, which do not contribute any beneficial antioxidant charge. The excess of minerals in this type of water and the increased pH value due to the ionized minerals contribute to the fact that the "ionized alkaline" water is not recommended as an ordinary drink in the long term.

Can I hydrate any bottled water?

No. There is bottled water with an excess of minerals. It is recommended to use water with less than 100 mg / l dry matter content, which corresponds to less than 100 ppm or less than 150 µS / cm.

Does hydrogen clarify the water?

No, which is why we should use "water suitable for human consumption with a low mineral content" to protect the device and our health.

How long does it take for the water to lose charge?

Hydrogen-treated water retains its antioxidant properties for between 6 and 8 hours, but it can be stored indefinitely in a full, airtight, glass bottle with no air chamber.

Can the same water be hydrogenated more often without risk and without excess hydrogen?

Yes. After 30 minutes of hydrogen treatment, the water will reach the highest possible amount of hydrogen. If hydrogenation is continued, it will retain the maximum charge that cannot be exceeded. After its formation, the excess hydrogen evaporates as soon as the water is saturated. Can the water be hydrated all night or all day?

Can the water be hydrated all night or all day?

Yes. Yes. When the entered cycle of 10, 20 or 30 minutes expires, the mode "production of hydrogen" is terminated and the device remains in "maintenance" with far fewer bubbles so that the evaporating hydrogen is renewed. It remains in this mode until the jug is removed and made available again. It can be programmed for 30 minutes during the night so that the water is perfectly hydrated in the morning.

Why is there the option of 10, 20 or 30 minutes?

Can hydrogen cause an explosion? 10 minutes are sufficient for immediate drinking; if it is to be drunk later, we recommend hydration for 20 or 30 minutes, as the water retains its properties longer in this way.

What does ORP mean?

It means reduction / oxidation potential and is measured in millivolts, which can be positive or negative. “Oxidation” indicates that it has an electrically positive charge and gives off electrons. “Oxidation” indicates that it has an electrically positive charge and gives off electrons.

Is Hydrogen Treated Water Still H2O?

Yes. The hydrogenation does not change the H2O formula, even if the way in which the molecules bundle changes. Normal water has a bundling of 12 to 14 H2O molecules. Through an ionic connection, each of the 6 molecular bundles of H2O grabs a hydrogen molecule that transports it to our cells. Through an ionic connection, each of the 6 molecular bundles of H2O grabs a hydrogen molecule that transports it to our cells.

Is Hydrogen Treated Water Hexagonal Water?

Yes. All of the hydrotreated water is hexagonal because it bundles in this form due to the electrical charge. However, not all of the hexagonal water has an antioxidant electrical charge, as hexagonal water can be obtained by “activating” the water through other means.

Why does the chamber under the jug have to contain water?

The water contained in the chamber is intended to supply moisture to the lower electrode, where the H2O molecules split into oxygen and hydrogen by means of electrolysis. The oxygen evaporates and is released into the air. The generated hydrogen is attracted to the upper electrode, penetrating the membrane between the electrodes and being injected into the water in the jug.

How is the water reservoir in the water ionizer emptied?

This is done with the help of a silicone closure that is located at the back, in the lower part of the device. It is important to empty the depot before moving it, otherwise the device could become damp from the movement. After the depot has been emptied, the water ionizer can be carefully tilted to empty the chamber.

Where is hydrogen made?

In South Korea through the most advanced Japanese technology. These two countries are both geographically and culturally close and are among the most advanced in the world when it comes to producing hydrogenated water.

What maintenance does Hydrogen need?

The device has no maintenance costs as long as water with a low mineral content is used. The estimated lifespan of the electrodes is more than 5 years.

How is the jug cleaned?

With a soft sponge and soap, avoiding rubbing the electrodes that form the metal part on the bottom of the can.

How are the limescale deposits removed from the jug?

When using hard water, limescale deposits can form in the jug. These can be removed by carrying out cleaning or “cleaning”. To do this, the jug is filled with tap water (it is not necessary to use clarified water) and the power button of the water ionizer is pressed for a few seconds until the word "cleaning" and the number "15" flashes on the memory display. The lights of the jug now shine in red. During this process, oxygen is produced in the jug instead of hydrogen, which is why “IT IS NOT RECOMMENDED TO DRINK THIS WATER”. You can also use citric acid for cleaning, as described in the instructions for use, which is included with the device.

How long is the lifespan of the electrodes?

It depends on what use is made of the water ionizer. After 5 years it is possible that the electrodes will need to be replaced. After replacing them, the device is ready for operation again for a similar period of time. If the electrodes are exhausted, it is not possible to switch the device on.

What is the Hydrogen guarantee?

2 years on all manufacturing defects. The guarantee includes the shipping and postage charges for the entire territory of Spain.