What Makes You a Celebrated Freelancer

Shortly a week ago, the 2.2 million solo self-employed people were hoping that they would finally have been heard. Those who had forgotten about the Corona aid, who so far have not received adequate compensation for their loss of income from federal funds, heard the message that they would be helped. Finance Minister Olaf Scholz and Economics Minister Peter Altmaier announced a "restart aid" for solo self-employed. A "grant" of 5,000 euros for seven months should show this huge employment group, a large part of which works in the creative industries, that solidarity is "the order of the day" for them too.

Anyone who has made provision for old age is quickly left empty-handed

But the associations, which have been campaigning for the equal treatment of self-employed people for months, reacted bitterly after analyzing the offer. "Too little, too late and wrongly thought" is what the association of founders and self-employed people calls it, while the organizer's #AlarmstufeRot initiative calls it "labeling swindle".

The worries are well founded. The 714 euros per month are not distributed unbureaucratically, nor does everyone get this amount. And they exclude other forms of support - apart from the lowest safety net of the welfare state, the basic security. Since the beginning of the pandemic measures, all solo self-employed have been referred to by the federal government. Also this time. In order to live, the once celebrated I-AGs, from cameramen to concert pianist, should please apply for Hartz IV - which they often do not get at all, for example because they have saved up assets for old-age security.

Ironically, the SPD insists on Hartz IV for freelancers

In the cultural sector, which has been hit particularly hard by the announcement of an event ban that will probably extend beyond November, there is rightly turmoil. Because there would be a clear alternative to the degrading system of applying for social assistance with its uncertain outcome. As early as April, the 16 federal states had unanimously appealed to Peter Altmaier to adopt an "entrepreneur's wage" as a fair substitute for loss of income through no fault of his own.

At that time, the Minister of Economic Affairs refused, whereupon at least Baden-Württemberg introduced the flat-rate aid of 1180 euros per month. Bavaria now wants to adopt this model for the cultural sector. And Peter Altmaier has meanwhile also been convinced of the procedure as a fair equivalent to short-time work allowance for permanent employees. Unfortunately not the SPD.

Ironically, the party, which sees itself as a representative of social justice, blocks any form of appropriate help for people without permanent employment. Instead, she praises the Hartz IV system introduced by the last SPD chancellor as exemplary, from which she had actually already distanced herself. This new love for the most unpopular invention of the Schröder time comes at the expense of the creative, disguised as care.

Perhaps the former Labor Party thinks that the self-employed do not vote for the SPD anyway, but for green or black. She apparently sees her clientele only in employees - and increases their short-time work allowance. On the other hand, she presents the self-employed with another disappointment in their hope for the state that seeks compensation. In case of doubt, that makes a minus of up to 2.2 million votes. A party must first be able to afford this.