How many Americans live in Australia

Comparison with USA?

So who is the Australian's role model? The English motherland, the head of which - the Queen - is still the Australian head of state even after 100 years of republic? Or a little more the Americans? In general: How did the Aussies differ from the "Great Nation" between the Atlantic and the Pacific, which has over ten times the population of Australia?

One of the most heated discussions on the bulletin board in 2001 was an argument about what would be better now - a vacation in the United States or in Australia. The prejudices clashed violently and a whole series of clichés were exchanged. There's a little bit of truth to it. Nevertheless, you should see the following comparison as a contribution that was written with a twinkle in your eye. Incidentally, the site also reflects a little bit the happy "argument" between the two editorial offices of dlp: The editors-in-chief of AUSTRALIEN-INFO.DE and US-INFOS.DE sometimes also passionately lead the discussion about "the best holiday destination of all". The result is mostly a tie.

For the sake of completeness, it should be mentioned that this discussion took place before the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001

The provocation

It all started with this entry on the bulletin board: "Apart from Sydney, Ayers Rock and Barrier Reef, you can step into Australia's fields. Why is that all the hype? In the USA there is 100 times more to be and the distances are 10 sometimes smaller. In Aussiland every small stone (eg Devils Marbles, Wave Rock) is declared a great tourist attraction, because there is nothing else. And I can sit in the stone desert in Morocco or in the USA. "

USA - everything just superficial?

Of course, this statement could not go unchallenged by the Australia fans. So what annoys some Australia fans compared to the USA? After the "blanket attack" the clichés were bubbling up. We have picked out a few where there is also a grain of truth.
  • Many Americans are terribly superficial. They smile at you in front ("Oh, it's so good to see you".) And as soon as you are out of the room you have the knife in your back. You can expect everything to a "How are you" - just no honest answer.
  • Too often having determines being - reflected in the widespread attitude "My-house-car-boat-is-bigger-than-yours".
  • In their "splendid isolation", Americans too often claim leadership and tend to be arrogant. Again and again they let you know that you are the best and the brightest.
  • Many US citizens have little idea of ​​the rest of the world. It is significant that a pop star like Britney Spears has no idea where Australia is, even worse that President Bush also had the geography knowledge of a 6 year old at the beginning of his term in office.
  • The rest of the world is sometimes in the context of the "America First Thought" Sch ... no matter: The exit from the climate decisions contradicts all common sense, but is a majority in the USA.
  • Doubtful snobbish facilities such as heated main roads in the ski area (such as in Aspen) ...
We emphasize again that these are deliberately pointed statements.

The "Aussie Feeling"

There are thousands of reasons that speak for this or that goal (cost, flight time, climate, "poisonous" animals). Yes, and what are the arguments in favor of Australia - except for a site like AUSTRALIEN-INFO.DE which is also a homage to this country? In terms of landscape, both countries have a lot of charming corners.

Australia is not just about rock, reef and opera. It may take a little longer to get infected with the Australian virus. But that may also be due to the fact that US culture and the images of Marlboro - correct - Monument Valley are ubiquitous in German-speaking countries. Children in Europe also grow up with Indian games. The TV series revolve around the streets of San Francisco, crime novels and soap series are set in Hawaii (Magnum, Baywatch) in Florida or New York, etc. In our minds, thanks to Hollywood & Co., we've all been there - in the USA.

Australia is completely different: in the daily newspapers reports about Australia usually only come up once or twice a week. Often it is tabloid reports about crocodile or shark attacks or other curiosities. Some Australian films like "Crocodile Dundee" or "Prisciall - Queen of the Desert" are rare events compared to the permanent American presence on European screens. So what triggers this "Australian virus"?

  • The Australian way of life: It is a bit Californian, but also influenced by many South European and Asian elements.
  • A combination of humor and hospitality: Australians are proud of their country, but also respect others, can laugh heartily at themselves and warmly welcome every visitor. Australians are very similar to Canadians in this respect, perhaps because of the stronger English influence than in the USA.
  • And if you don't want to see an Aussie: You can really drive for days without meeting a soul.
  • Last, but not least - a unique flora and fauna. Some people travel to Australia precisely because the koalas, wombats and kangaroos are at home there.
America is not just made up of New York, Grand Canyon or Florida. You can see it for yourself in US-INFOS.DE.

Little things

But sometimes there are also the marginal factors: For example, the entry procedure in the USA and Australia. You can probably best judge it if you have experienced it yourself. It is not for nothing that US-INFOS.DE gives special tips which airports are most convenient for entry.


A country cannot only be measured by what tourist attractions it has to offer. Ultimately, the value can best be determined by what priorities the individual traveler has and what dreams he personally projected into his vacation. "No place is perfect, but may find one that you will like for all its good and bad things."

Actually, it doesn't matter whether you prefer "AUS" ( or "USA" ( You always end up - if you wish - with dlp. And we will - hopefully - provide you with comprehensive information, even beyond the usual clichés.

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