Is Intercom a CRM

The fastest growing companies choose Freshchat over Intercom

to drive growth at every stage of the customer lifecycle

You don't need a credit card.

Make the right choice

Scale communication with customers by leveraging the messaging apps your customers use every day

Most customers use messaging apps these days. If you don't take advantage of this to reach out to customers, you're missing out on a huge opportunity.

Unlike Intercom, you can integrate Freshchat natively with messaging apps like WhatsApp and Apple Business Chat. Connect with your customers through a single, unified platform - the apps they use every day.

Deliver a unified support experience with native customer experience (CX)

Intercom is a live chat tool with a little bit of CRM and a bit of a help desk. But that's not enough and it hinders you from scaling.

With Freshdesk, you have a customer engagement solution that integrates natively with Freshdesk, Freshworks' flagship helpdesk and CRM, and Freshsales.

You also have access to our large marketplace with more than 100 apps.

Build a growth machine that can run at any time with bots

Freshchat's conversational AI focuses on intent and delighting customers. This makes it the perfect helper for your team.

Our chatbots do more than just divert. You contact customers and close the conversation if necessary.

Automate chat distribution with intelligent volume balancing

Intercom only has a ring distribution that simply assigns chats. Freshchat's IntelliAssign, on the other hand, ensures that there are no idle conversations clogging your team's pipeline.

In addition, IntelliAssign distributes chats based on the ability of your team members, ensuring that every team member receives conversations that they are experienced in processing.

Intercom hurts your profit!

Don't squander your investors' money - or worse, your own. Put it as it is: Intercom has (rightly) a reputation for being an overly expensive product that frustrates its customers with an unpredictable and complicated pricing model.

Intercom punishes you for growth!

With Freshchat you only pay for what you contractually agree on.

"After we implemented the integration of Freshchat and WhatsApp, our sales increased by 30-40%."

Mayyar Saleh

“Freshworks [Freshdesk + Freshchat] has proven to be really efficient for us in everyday use. We process both tickets and chats from the same place. It's powerful and, more importantly, it works! "

Laila Halim
Quality Assurance Analyst

"IntelliAssign makes a big contribution to our consistently fast response times."

Gabriel Mendez

Do as 40,000 customers around the world do. Try Freshchat today.

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