How do I prove that I am unemployed in the UK?

Great Britain has not lost more citizens since World War II

According to a study, hundreds of thousands of people have turned their backs on Great Britain because of economic problems in the Corona crisis. Scientists at the Economic Statistics Center of Excellence in London conclude that it is an “unprecedented exodus” of foreign-born workers.

“A large part of the job losses during the pandemic affects non-British workers and is expressed more in terms of immigration than in unemployment.” The authors of the study rely on labor market data.

London, where every fifth resident is a foreigner, is particularly affected - the population of the capital has fallen by 700,000, according to the study, and nationwide it could be more than 1.3 million. "If this is anywhere near accurate, it will be the largest decline in the UK population since World War II," the researchers wrote.

There is no evidence that Britons living abroad have returned to the UK in nearly equal numbers. At the same time, the scientists concede that the phenomenon could be temporary and that many foreign workers could possibly return to the UK after the pandemic.

Foreigners are badly needed by the UK economy. However, your corona-related exodus is not the only danger. Also because of Brexit and stricter migration laws, many industries are worried about skilled workers.

The corona crisis is also responsible for another alarm signal. The auditing and consulting company PwC expects a "baby dent" in Great Britain in 2021. Because many couples postpone their family planning because of the uncertain outlook due to the pandemic, the lowest birth rate since 1900 is looming, PwC announced in early January.