What are the cleaning products in the household

These five cleaning agents belong in your cleaning cupboard!

By Franziska Deus | March 19, 2018, 6:34 p.m.

Tired of the cleaning agent chaos? In fact, the abundance of cleaning agents in our cleaning cupboards can be reduced to a minimum. STYLEBOOK tells you which cleaning must-haves you cannot avoid.

Household expert Roxanna Pelka from the online portal “Helpling” knows exactly what belongs in a well-stocked household - and that is surprisingly little. Because with just five cleaning agents and a few utensils, the apartment can be kept sparkling clean. She put together an inventory list for STYLEBOOK.

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5 household cleaning products

Washing-up liquid (degreaser)
Why buy an extra degreaser when the detergent can do the same job? To clean greasy surfaces, simply add a small amount of detergent to the mopping water or directly onto the cleaning cloth.

All-purpose cleaner (for plastic surfaces)
Here, too, it is best to add the cleaner to the cleaning water. A small amount is enough to clean large surfaces such as kitchen fronts or desks.

Bathroom cleaner (for calcified surfaces)
So that a limescale cleaner can develop its full effect, it should always act for a few minutes. In the best case, the lime disappears immediately after washing with clear water. Work on stubborn dirt gently with a sponge.

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WC cleaner
Here, too, the cleaner should act for a few minutes to loosen limescale and urine scale. The good old toilet brush has to be used for scrubbing.

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Glass cleaner
Glass cleaner is not only suitable for all glass surfaces in the apartment or house, but also for mirrors and even for gently cleaning tiles in the kitchen and bathroom.

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The right utensils

vacuum cleaner
The vacuum cleaner is and remains the best device for getting rid of dirt and dust on the floor quickly and effectively. Devices with sufficient power for a small to medium-sized apartment are available from € 40.

In order to have sparkling clean floors, they should be wiped. The kitchen and bathroom in particular should be wiped wet regularly. If you buy a mop with a cover, you should wash it in the washing machine at at least 60 degrees after every day of cleaning. If the textile part cannot be removed and washed, the mop should be renewed every two months.

Water bucket (5 liters)
The cleaning water has to go in somewhere ...

Four cleaning wipes
The rules here are very simple: a cloth is only ever used to clean the toilet and then disposed of immediately (if it is a disposable cloth) or washed. The second cloth is intended for the remaining surfaces in the bathroom and two more for other parts of the apartment. If you always want to know immediately which cloth belongs to which area, you should choose four different colors.

Sponge tip from the expert: Please do not use a commercially available pot sponge - the wiry side is too coarse for sensitive surfaces such as bathroom fittings or the stainless steel sink and would lead to unsightly scratches when scrubbing.

Antistatic duster
The professionals swear by it: A microfiber cloth is ideal for wiping dust and removing the last bit of dirt or streaks on smooth surfaces. However, the cloth should never be washed with fabric softener, otherwise it will lose its antistatic properties.

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