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Fortnite: 7 maps in which you can practice building and editing

With map codes for the creative mode in Fortnite you will finddifferent maps in which you can learn and practice building and editing. Here we show you some cool maps with codes where you can improve.

Update April 8, 2021: We have expanded the list with 2 more maps on which you can practice building and editing. These 2 maps should also be suitable to train and to better master the mechanics of Fortnite.

What kind of maps are these? Fortnite offers players the opportunity to design their own worlds in creative mode. This can be mini-games, parkour, hide-and-seek games or training maps. You have the option to enter the code of a map in Fortnite and then let off steam on the map.

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Creative mode maps in Fortnite - where to enter map code?

With the twelve-digit codes you can participate in a wide variety of maps. First, find out how it works.

How to enter a code for creative mode in Fortnite?

  • Go to creative mode
  • Run to an island
  • Hold down your button to interact, now you can enter the code

Learn or practice building and editing - Map Codes

We have selected a few maps for you in which you can practice or learn building and editing. The selection is based on feedback from the players and the preferences of the author.

The largest training map - code 3107-2892-7726

Here on this map you will find everything your heart desires. There are many different editing courses available, each with a different difficulty.

You can also practice your “90s” here or shoot down monsters that are difficult to hit. Those who practice here will surely notice an improvement in the tactics of the game.

Shoot, edit and build - code 1598-9896-9828

This map was created by player XOKATHIXO. You are in a training building where you can practice shooting, building and editing.

In some runs you have to edit walls and shoot a bot that is behind them. In other places you have to edit your way through a path or build up in order to get further.

So here you will find all 3 aspects that can help you in the fight on the Battle Royale Island to be victorious.

Hardcore Edit and Build - Code 3188-7071-2917

This training map is particularly suitable for players who want to improve their building and editing skills. You are competing against time and the goal is to complete the parkour as quickly as possible.

Here you will find methods in which you have to use different editing methods or build a way. Be it up or down now.

Duo edit map - Code 8860-0163-4863

Do you want to improve your building and editing skills as a couple, but don't want to compete directly against each other? Then this map is particularly suitable. You can both go through the “parkour”.

Your only opponent is time and you have to be faster to avoid being eliminated.

Galaxy Construction Battles - Code 0321-6910-4281

Do you want to prove your building skills and compete against your friends? On this map you can fight build fights and see if you can compete against your opponents.

The advantage on this map is the reset button, which makes all your built things disappear at the push of a button. This saves you a lot of time. As a bonus there is the beautiful view, because you are in the galaxy.

Mongraal Edit Course - Code 0643-0361-6954

Do you want to train on the maps on which the professionals practice themselves? The Fortnite professional and world championship participant Mongraal has created his own map on which you can practice building and editing.

What better way to prepare for a round than doing the same rounds as the pros? After all, there's a reason these players are so good at Fortnite, right?

Practice Park 2 - Code 2456-5520-4390

This map, which was created by player Efelo, is not only large, but also offers a lot of practice material. You can not only practice building and editing there, but also train your aim and face combat scenarios.

This map is particularly suitable for warming up, but also for in between, if you don't want to compete against real players - after all, you can recreate real stressful moments on the map without suffering any real “consequences”. With a visit to the practice park you will surely be able to master some of the mechanics of the game better.

If you don't want to practice on a creative mode map and want to improve your building and editing, you can also spend relaxed laps on the hide-and-seek maps. There you can play hide and seek with your friends, even in different settings. We have put together a list that introduces you to the 10 best “Hide and Seek” maps.


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