Why are Goldendoodles more likely to bite?

Is a Golden Doodle right for me?

Golden Doodle are friendly family dogs when kept busy. However, the dog's conditioning and socialization also play a major role and it can be difficult to find a responsible breeder. The following applies to all dogs, but the designer dogs with the teddy look in particular sometimes awaken needs without the owners being aware of the dogs' demands. If the Golden Doodle is bored, it can develop behavior problems including aggressive behavior. So don't be fooled by the cozy look: the Golden Doodle is a very active, sporty dog. If he is busy, he is well suited as a family dog, but small children should never be unsupervised with him. In addition, he should always have a place to retreat when he wants peace and quiet. Cats can usually be socialized with the dog, but the four-legged friend should ideally have been shaped as a puppy on velvet paws. The mixed breeds are not particularly suitable as guard dogs, because neither poodles nor golden retrievers show great guarding ambitions.

A Golden Doodle is also good to keep in a large city apartment if you are outdoors with him a lot. Keep in mind, however, that he should rarely climb stairs. An enclosed garden would also be ideal. Basically, the breed is suitable for beginners. Before you buy the dog, think about how you will manage care and employment and estimate the costs that you will have to incur on a regular basis. If the Golden Doodle is your first dog, in addition to the price of the puppy, you will also have to pay for basic equipment from the bowl to the transport lock in the car.