How has traveling changed you

How traveling changes you

There are decisive moments in life that change you completely. A journey to new places - the departure of an unknown adventure - is exactly one of those moments.

Through traveling, we not only get to know the world and other cultures better, but also get to know ourselves better. Every traveler has his or her own personal experience that changes him or her in a positive way. You can find out what changes you will experience on a trip here.

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You become more independent

Bike tour on the canal in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Whether alone or in company - traveling helps you to become more independent. On the way you have to find out how to get from A to B, what you want to see and of course you must never lose sight of your budget. All these things may seem very small and inconspicuous at first, but they are only the first step on the way to a greater feeling of independence.

You are leaving your comfort zone

You leave all the comforts of your home and the things of your familiar surroundings - the language, the weather, the food and the people - behind you. This opens up a completely different perspective on the world for you. Suddenly you master situations that have previously caused fear or discomfort in you without any problems. Once you've had your first dinner all by yourself in the restaurant or a jump from a cliff into the crystal clear water, there are still many more adventures waiting for you that you would not have even dreamed of possible.

You learn to value experiences instead of things

The festival of colors Holi is a unique experience

Once you've stood in front of the imposing Colosseum in Rome, or scaled the peaks to Machu Picchu, you will find that life really depends on the things you experience and not the things you can buy. Slowly but surely you realize that when traveling it is much more important to gain experience and go on adventures instead of buying thousands of souvenirs.

You become more adaptable and flexible

On the way, some situations can develop unexpectedly. Flights are canceled, it suddenly starts raining or you fall asleep on a relaxed train ride and miss your train station. All these ups and downs while traveling also have something good: you learn to deal with all sorts of situations and adverse circumstances. So you can adapt to different circumstances better and find a solution for almost every problem. At the end of the day, you're probably even laughing at all the little and big adversities.

Your desire for new travel adventures grows stronger

A traveler enjoys the view over Yosemite National Park in California

Once you get a taste for it, you can't get enough of traveling. If you have absorbed the sights, impressions and aromas of a place, you will feel this feeling of wanting to put many more places on your travel list. Fortunately, the world offers you countless destinations where you can quench your wanderlust.

You get a better understanding of other cultures

When you travel, you constantly meet different people from different countries - people with different values, traditions and ways of thinking. So at some point you will realize that the world has so much more to offer and is more diverse than you might previously thought. You will look at many things from a different perspective and develop an understanding of different ways of life. Through the contact and dealings with others, you will not only appreciate the differences between people but also the similarities to the same extent.

You open your world

When we travel and embark on new adventures, we open up our world

Once you have opened up to travel and new experiences, places and people, a whole new world opens up to you. If you go into new and unknown situations again and again full of curiosity, you will get a completely new understanding of the world and all the great possibilities it offers you.

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