Why do you show yourself

dogado Webcard: With this digital business card you show yourself from your best side!

Nowadays, anyone who wants to stand out from the flood of digital content and self-portrayals - for example in applications - has to put in a certain amount of effort. A useful and at the same time modernTool that replaces the good old business card, is the dogado Webcard. Today we're introducing you to the uncomplicated online business card in more detail.

dogado Webcard: Your business card for the perfect presentation on the web & for applications

Have you been dreaming of your own website for a long time to present yourself from your best side online, but have always shied away from the step for fear of the effort? Then here is the perfect tool for you! The dogado Webcard is not just one digital business card, but actually one Mini websitethat you can use to present yourself and your skills on the net in a professional way and to expand your personal brand. You can then easily distribute your online business card by email, WhatsApp message or via chat.

This is especially helpful when you are looking for a job. At Applications you will surely with your own lovingly and creatively designed website Stand out from the crowd. And the effort involved is very manageable. You can create your website in just five minutes. You can maintain and update them just as easily and quickly.

That brings us to the next advantage of the Webcard: thanks to your digital business card, all your information is always up-to-date because you have yours profileadjust at any time can.

This means that visitors to your website will always find it current information about yourself, your professional experience and your skills. The dogado Webcard also enables a clear structure, in which you can present your knowledge in a specially adapted area.

dogado Webcard: Here you are the focus

But that was not all, because the dogado Webcard can do even more. Once you've created your webcard, you can get one Register your own .de domain and thus yours use personal email address. With that you add a shovel to the top when it comes to perfect presentation and professionalism! You can also use your webcard as a Link in your email signature deposit and bring them to the people. For example, if someone wants to recommend you to a company, they can easily forward the link to your mini website.

And just in case your potential new one Employer wants to google you, thanks to your webcard, you have it in your own hands which information can be found about you on the internet.

Oh yes, and compared to conventional business cards, such a webcard is Much more sustainable, after all, you save a lot of paper and printing costs. In addition, such a small website uses much less storage space than a large and extensive page. For this reason, your webcard is still on top environmentally friendly and CO2-optimized.

So the best thing to do is to try the dogado Webcard! You can use the tool Try it free for three months and pay afterwards € 2.99 per month.

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