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5 Japanese ideals of beauty that Europeans might find strange

  • 5 Japanese ideals of beauty

    Make yourself aware that not every Japanese person follows the following ideals of beauty and that this list only serves to illustrate those trends or ideals.

    1. Light skin tone
    Often the following applies: the lighter the skin tone, the more beautiful men or women are found to be. Women in particular strive for a radiant, light skin tone.

    2. Narrow faces
    A face that is as small and narrow as possible is the ideal image for many young Japanese.

    3. Slimness
    Just like in many western countries, slimness also plays an important role in appearance in Japan. This creates a conflict between Eastern tradition and Western modernity, which particularly affects the younger generation.

    4. Crease in the eyelid
    What strikes you again and again are the numerous surgical interventions to create an eyelid crease. This should make the eye look bigger, which is found to be beautiful. [Personally, I find Asians with mono-olids to be equally beautiful, they don't need an additional crease. But tastes are known to be different]

    A temporary double lid is achieved using special tape or glue.

    5. Long eyelashes
    Have you ever noticed how often you find natural / or unnatural-looking artificial eyelashes? *
    Gyarus are known for their large doll eyes. Gyaru (ギ ャ ル), which means something like young woman, represent a particularly eye-catching fashion type, where hair and makeup are in the foreground. [Why don't we have a thread about it yet?]
    * Admittedly, many women strive for long and particularly full eyelashes, but as obviously as in Japan, we Germans rarely wear noticeably long artificial eyelashes.

    How do you see those trends / ideals?

    - Can you understand the wish for (point 1./2./3. ...)?
    And what else do you think of it?

  • Regarding point 1:
    I think that many people find fair skin more beautiful, somehow understandable. Not only in (some) Asian countries, but also in Europe, white skin was once seen for wealth, because only the wealthy did not have to work outside in the sun in the field. The fact that this trend continues today at least in Japan, Korea and China is probably simply due to the fact that people always find beautiful and want to have what only a few (in the region) have. With us it is brown, with them it is "white" skin.
    Both trends are equally dangerous.
    To get this lighter tone, creams are used that often contain dangerous substances - not only because there is often hope for a longer-lasting result.

    Not to mention, it looks ridiculous when the face is (felt) 4 skin tones lighter than the rest of the body. This is the other way around with the much darker face, as it can be seen here more often, no better.

    To point 2:
    Perhaps one can also mention that many people love a V-shaped face. Good example before and after the operation:

    I don't understand why too many women have surgery for this. On the other hand, I cannot deny that I often find faces like this beautiful in Asian women, as long as it doesn't scream “beauty op”.

    The one with the overall smaller faces ... if smaller faces fit better with the body proportions, I can understand this wish. But again - an operation is not understandable for me.

    Regarding point 3:
    Extremely unhealthy. But is probably very much shaped by the idols and actors. I only know that in Korea the agencies pay close attention to weight, especially with women. So I assume that it is the same in Japan.
    But we also have this trend, just not as strong. I think this is also because the average size in Europe etc. is larger and the physique or the natural fat distribution is often different. An Asian and a German woman of the same height and weight can therefore look completely different: one is thin, but pretty and healthy. The other emaciated and drained.

    Regarding point 4:
    Since Asians find big eyes more beautiful and with a crease the eye is or looks more "open", I can understand the desire for it a little. But always these operations ... that remains incomprehensible to me.

    To point 5:
    I just noticed how many girls and women are now walking around with artificial eyelashes.
    I don't think too conspicuous is beautiful in anyone. But can understand if they want to emphasize their eyes more or make them look bigger. After all, there is no such thing as a stupid beauty top. If the girls / women think it's nice, please.

    In general, I don't think much of this beauty mania. Of course it's nice to get dressed up (sometimes) with make-up, etc., but too often people put themselves under the knife right away. On the other hand, I don't know how I would think or act when the pressure to look "perfect" is so high.

  • I can only agree with Byvo.

    And to be honest, none of the 5 points seem strange or exclusively Japanese to me.

    As Byvo said, we also had a weakness for light skin. Maybe it still exists. Obesity was once "in" and in some cultures it is still seen as a sign of prosperity. A narrow V-shaped or round face looks more childish and thus arouses more positive impressions or the so-called protective instinct in most people than an angular face would do now. The 'slim' ideal of beauty doesn't quite get it. I don't know when the 'slim' ideal of beauty came about, but the crass and dangerous thing is this starved look and you can actually no longer call it slim. I can't understand the thing with the eyelids but I assume that you have to have that to be able to understand it.

    Regarding point 5, I have to say that these artificial eyelashes with which more and more young women are walking around are not just these curved eyelash parts. Some of these are extensions, an artificial eyelash is stuck on to each eyelash so that it looks thicker and longer ... when my colleague told me about it for the first time, I thought she was kidding me ... and tons of it Money they spend on it ... @ ~ @

    I think the shocking point for us is not the ideal of beauty, but the means that are used to do justice to them. They are much more extreme and radical, almost regardless of losses. I don't know whether we don't go under the knife or smear bleach on our skin because we are "more sensible" and less fixated on the outside, or whether it's simply because we don't even get such things on the market. I mean, the women with us also smear make-up on their faces for an even complexion and are looking for the one mascara that makes the eyelashes look longer, etc.

  • I think the shocking point for us is not the ideal of beauty, but the means that are used to do justice to them. They are much more extreme and radical, almost regardless of losses. I don't know whether we don't go under the knife or smear bleach on our skin because we are "more sensible" and less fixated on the outside, or whether it's simply because we don't even get such things on the market.

    Younger girls in particular still like to undergo a beauty op there. But I think this trend is slowly catching on here. In this case, however, apart from the nose, it is more likely the breasts.
    And the antidote to bleaching agents in creams is likely to be the sunbed or lying in the sun for ages (and best of all smear it with oil). In the end, neither of the two things is healthy and our society is not only "more sensible" with this, but also with other examples.

  • Seeeeevery cool thread love @Satoru!

    Well I think after traveling in several times Asian countries and by observing my (female) Asian friends from my closest circle of friends, I too can say and tell something about this topic.

    To point 1 (actually by far the most important point when it comes to the ideal image of Asians):

    The first time I went to the Philippines I made a discovery with tens of thousands of products like Pale-Lotions, Pale-Creams, even Pale-Tablets and and and! These could be found quite normally in well-stocked wholesale and supermarkets in every city and were also available for affordable prices. Like this one:

    "With double-acting anti-aging and skin whitening properties ". It is constantly being used for pure, WHITE Skin works and on almost all of these products you can find sentences like "Stay young - Stay white". The Philippinas avoid the sun as best they can. In the height of summer in August, we always saw people walking through the city with umbrellas because it is almost impossible not to get a tan there. The pinoys (Filipino citizens) have nature from a rather darker skin and can be compared, for example, with Asian-Oceanic people like from Indonesia or Thailand. Unlike in Germany, where "brown"its more of a kind luxuryvalue at "time for leisure and vacation in warm countries" shows, because for the modern European time simply money means. And time is a valuable commodity and you hardly have time for anything these days, being brown in countries like the Philippines means the opposite. It shows in the first place poverty and separates the view between "city man" from "country man".

    What I think about that? I just don't like to talk badly here, as I myself have Filipino friends in Manila who have moved from the country (neighboring islands) to the capital and have used these products over the years and still use them. I can very well understand that you want to adapt your appearance to the "modern world" and thereby strengthen your self-confidence. I have already tried several times to explain to you that people here in Germany voluntarily go to the solarium or go on vacation to get as nice a tan as YOU are. They always looked at me puzzled.
    When we were in the provinces and the neighborhood children came to visit, I was stared at for hours on the first day and at some point a toddler came to me and I picked it up. It stroked my cheeks with an open hand and said, "You have such beautiful, white skin." To this day I still can't say "Oh God, how shocking!" that's all when local pinoys tell you that they do NOT find their own natural skin beautiful and would prefer to trade it with me. I can't, because first and foremost I always try to put myself in the shoes of other people, especially people who live on the other end of the world and we come from very different continents. But in principle it works according to the same wish pattern all over the world: "You always want to have what you don't have yourself".

    To point 2:

    Do I have to fly another 4 hours and travel to another country, which I was finally able to explore this summer: South Korea <3 A country full of meeeega pretty people, I tell you! However, that EVERY 5th South Korean woman is now one plastic surgery I don't need to mention, do I ..? Or is it? For those who didn't know yet, yes, it really is. There is even a SINGLE neighborhood full of them in Gangnam Plastic surgery- Hospitals booming only from such "beauty maniacs". (One would like to be a cosmetic surgeon and make a lot of money with it. X-D) The city of Seoul now offers a kind of "medical tourism", ie tourism for health and beauty.

    Which I don't want to criticize either, because I've been thinking about it for a really long time. It is not just the "social pressure" that is talked about a lot. It is that too own well-beingwhich is often forgotten. I mean, what do you do in the bathroom in the morning when you wash your face? Look at yourself, don't you? The first person you always see and look at first is you yourself. I always maintain my attitude towards life: "Only when I like myself can I start to like others." And yes, this time it is related to the visual and therefore fits the topic. Self-confidence and Self esteem, these are by far ours most valuable, psychic goods that we own (or not). Unfortunately, they already start with the Be satisfied ours Appearance and can make us either happy or unhappy. In my circle of friends, too, we have often talked and discussed the topic of "cosmetic procedures and operations". One said, "I don't think that's good at all, it's all fake!", The other: "That's totally unnatural and look at her, she didn't look that bad before!" and: "Besides, it is far too expensive and, above all, painful?" At some point I said something about it and said: "Hey, you know, I'm also into natural beauty and I'm certainly not a fan of these plastic interventions. I just wonder how these young women feel, who just naturally feel Not nice Find? Those who look in the mirror every day, are unhappy and at some point fall into a depression from which they can no longer easily get out. What about such cases and situations, have you ever thought about that? They can and NEVER accept their natural appearance, beautiful or ugly. Lies beauty because not in Eye of the beholder? But it does. And that also applies to your own sense of beauty. If Ms. XY suffers from depression for years because she would rather die than continue walking around with her face too angular (in her eyes), then I would be the last person on earth who would stand in her way to change anything . Even with plastic-surgical means. Of course, you could still use the argument "not healthy, not sensible", but now it goes in one ear and out of the other because I have simply seen and heard too much of it. And meanwhile also "realistic" in the respective countries. I stick to the fact that I respect and accept the decisions of my fellow men and women of the same sex. I've already talked about it with my Korean friend, with whom we were traveling in Seoul. She also said that she knew a few acquaintances who were going through the same thing and "soon got their money to make themselves happy". Then I honestly say why not? As long as these girls and women go to a GOOD, qualified doctor and surgeon, and that is done in a clean hospital, there is nothing in my opinion against going under the knife.

    Point 3-4:

    After our trip to Korea, we were still in for another week Japan! That Tokyo is the city of crazy people Fashion is surely known to you. Appearance also plays an important role here for the young girls. Just when you go through the Harajuku Street running, you can see the most stylish people in the world everywhere. And of course to buy a lot of great things, t'ihihihi.

    Of course there is Slimness "The most important thing" if you want to look good as a young Japanese woman in the latest clothes in XXXXXS (okay, I'm exaggerating ..). But it really was! I mean, I still found clothes for myself, even though I'm not very slim and I thought that I was way too fat for this country anyway. But in general I found fashion for the super slim. But that didn't depress me, because I belong to the European standard and that's perfectly fine. I bought one or two cute summer dresses and even found a matching school uniform! (I always wanted to have x-3) and so I was very happy!

    The points with the Eyeshadow and the long eyelashes I can understand completely. I'm a girl, too, who likes to put on make-up and experiment with things from time to time. Making your eyes look bigger is really an art! Although people keep telling me that by nature I have relatively large eyes, but that I could get even more out of my make-up skills. I have never used fake eyelashes before, because my own are long enough and I only need my simple mascara from P2 or Essence, apply it and that's it!

    If you ask me on the whole whether I am against or for this Asian beauty craze, I say neither nor. Every girl and woman (worldwide) should and should decide for yourself what she wants to do with her body and what not. I stick to it and say that no other person has the right to over the look to judge his counterpart and to say what now beautiful is and what is not.


    Right? Right!

  • Now add your mustard [a little more precisely].

    5 Japanese trends or ideals which are not exclusively apply to Japan.
    These ideals prevail just as well in China, South Korea etc. (albeit a little differently)
    The South Koreans are much more radical when it comes to cosmetic surgery and measures for a lighter skin tone. At least that's what I can tell from my experience.
    I also wanted to go into the point that lighter skin has already been an ideal of beauty in Europe. Nobody really seems to know exactly how this trend came about in Asia or Japan. It is probably, as Byvo said, that people always find beautiful and want to have what only a few have from the region. At that time, when there were more field workers than "rich", this was probably one of the ways to announce his prosperity. It is just as possible that it could have something to do with geishas who used to strive for a chalk-pale skin tone.
    So where exactly this image of beauty comes from is still uncertain.

    Artificial eyelashes do not necessarily have to be those that are noticeably large. Most of my testimony related to Gyarus, who prefer to wear long fake eyelashes. It can be said that Japanese women wear artificial eyelashes more often than in Germany, which would also explain the large number of artificial eyelashes available.

  • So where exactly this image of beauty comes from is still uncertain.

    Can i tell you
    Because everyone tries to make it seem like it is light skin "of natural origin". We do that here in the West (unfortunately) too and I personally find it completely wrong, because we are based on evolution never are or were of white origin. But of course that is a different topic.

    Nobody really seems to know exactly how this trend came about in Asia or Japan.

    The color White is in Asia one symbol and NO Trend. who dark He who works in the field or in construction has skin, he does a "low job". In contrast to this are the desirable professions, the "white color jobs" (yes, that's what they are actually called), ie: work in offices, which you can, for example. in the white Must exercise shirt and skirt, with good merit, in air-conditioned rooms and without tanning sun exposure. In a nutshell: Whiter Job, white Skin = "clean life". <- By the way, this sentence comes from a Filipino acquaintance. And he is Unfortunately serious and really has one serious, albeit very sad meaning in Asia.

  • 1. I can't really say much about point one, everyone as they like. Some have a light skin tone, others a tanned skin. But I find it uncomfortable when you walk around with a parasol for days and stick a lot of products to appear white.
    Here's a funny comment from an English teacher (from Korea): This one was somewhat funny in a horrible sort of way. But Korea is very secluded from other cultures. Black people or anyone with dark skin is seen as "dirty" Not like, their personality or soul is dirty, but a few kids think that they are just literally covered in dirt. Everyone in Africa is dirty and poor, apparently.

    In general, I find it much 'weird' when people living in Germany go to the toaster every day. I prefer the make-up.

    2. I find narrow faces more attractive than large and angular ones. However, I totally shy away from the operations that people undergo to get the V-Shaped Face. Sometimes the jaws are broken off and dragged.

    3. The slimming debate is common among young people even here. Doesn't bother me too much. If you eat a lot and gain weight, you have to be careful about eating in moderation. However, I do not mean people who are due to illness. Most of the time, the parents sometimes give too much food and the children gain weight (worldwide), which I think is a shame.

    Likewise, most people certainly imitate the idols, who are often very slim and thin.
    Here is another excerpt: At the time of her comeback with her title track “Don’t Touch Me” in September 2014, Ailee was under the spotlight for her quick weight loss. She further reveals on How to Eat and Live Well that at the time, there was no plans for her to make a comeback. However, her agency had said, “Let's make your comeback quickly before your yo-yo hits,” thus resulting in a quick release of “Don't Touch Me” and Magazine.

    4.5. Personally, I don't really like double ellipticals. As with cosmetic nose operations, they often look unnatural.
    On the other hand, I think make-up is pretty nice. There's a lot of creative stuff you can do with it. However, it should be kept rather simple. I don't particularly like very long eyelashes or smokey eyes.

    I actually only know Koreans myself, except for one who underwent this double eyelid operation. Everyone theirs!

  • Find the topic interesting, so here is my opinion on it :)

    1. Light skin tone:

    I have very light skin myself and I am happy about it because I don't like darker skin tones. In summer, however, I like it most when my skin is gently tanned. As pale as many Japanese women have their skin, I don't always like it exactly ^^;

    2. Narrow faces:

    That is also my ideal picture, so I can understand it very well. Personally, I find a narrow, soft face with a pointed chin to be the most beautiful :)

    3. Slimness:

    Can I absolutely understand xD I am and have always been slim and also very happy about it, I don't want to imagine otherwise. That fits my body type best.

    4. Crease in the eyelid

    I understand this trend very well, as it makes the eye appear larger and more open and I perceive large eyes to be the ideal of beauty.

    5. Long eyelashes:

    Also an ideal of beauty for me. Since my eyelashes are unfortunately quite short, I like to wear artificial eyelashes, which generally gives me a nicer feeling xD

    In general, the Japanese beauty trends are what I also strive for for the most part, therefore understandable for me: D

  • I think "ideals of beauty" always sound so negative. But I can also understand so many things!

    All the points that are described here are typical features that are very highly praised in other Asian countries as well. I absolutely understand that somehow you want to orientate yourself to a certain kind of trend and visually appealing ideals BUT I am of the opinion that, despite the fact that being slim, is beautiful etc. you should not forget yourself in this hype!

    In my opinion, these optical ideals are dangerous if you don't exactly know how to accept your own body accordingly or if you even start to negatively influence other people because they just don't fit into this ideal.

    Why do you want to be slim? So that I fit into nice clothes or live healthy? Well. Would be a point, but I still think that you can look wonderful with a little more bacon on your hips! In this day and age, being slim has become an extreme ideal. Through advertising and our everyday life in general, it is exactly what we should actually strive for. But not ... because it's healthy, but so that we can fit into the beautiful clothes! In my opinion, many girls, especially young girls, lose sight of their health perspective and want to conform to the optical trend and simply be beautiful. I definitely don't want to judge slim people - to be honest, I want to lose a little of my love handles myself, but of course in a healthy way. Through a healthy diet and exercise. Not through shakes, pills or dubious diets - which are unfortunately increasingly offered!

    In Asia you shouldn't forget that the whole diet is different there. A lot more vegetables and a lot less fast food! Take a look at a few dishes from different cultures. Be it Japan, Thailand or Korea. A lot of people rely on green vegetables - which are generally very healthy and nutritious!

    The other points are things that I personally don't find so bad. In general, you can do such things with little tricks and if you like to find yourself more beautiful with long eyelashes or even with light skin, that's perfectly fine and is absolutely nothing to discuss.

    Incidentally, in Asia, mostly in Korea, cosmetic surgery is an absolute part of everyday life. Also something I tolerate. How so? Because there are people who are visually dissatisfied with themselves. Usually the operations in Korea are so high quality and different to America that you don't realize that something has been done. Unless of course you have before / after photos for comparison.

    Everyone that his, just take care of yourself!