Which place is the safest in Manila

These are the most dangerous cities in the world

In Europe, especially in Italy, it is most dangerous. Three Italian cities have made it into the top ten of the 2020 crime index of the Numbeo online database: Catania in Sicily ranks first among the most unsafe cities in Europe. Naples ranks sixth and Bari in Puglia ninth.

In second place is the British city of Birmingham, just ahead of Drogheda in Ireland. The most dangerous European metropolis according to the index is London (15th place), directly followed by Rome (16) and Paris (17). The most dangerous German city is Hamburg, which is in 40th place in the ranking. This lists a total of 137 European locations. In last place is Zurich, which is therefore the place with the lowest crime rate in Europe. Munich is the second safest, ahead of Trieste in northern Italy.

It is most dangerous in Caracas, and safest in Qatar

In a global perspective, however, Zurich is “only” the fifth safest city. According to the survey, the safest place in the world in 2020 is Doha in Qatar, followed by Abu Dhabi, Taipei and Quebec in Canada. Since 2015, Qatar has been consistently ranked the safest travel destination in the Middle East in the safety index, and with the ranking now published, Qatar has now been named the safest travel destination in the world for the third time since 2017.

Travelers should be particularly careful in Caracas (Venezuela) and Pretoria (South Africa). These two places top the current ranking of the world's most unsafe cities. Remarkable: Rio de Janeiro has a higher crime index than Kabul in Iraq. The US Memphis ranks 14th in a global comparison, ahead of Cape Town (20th), for example. New York ranks 176th, Hamburg, the most dangerous German city, ranks 198th in a global comparison.

This is how the Numbeo security index works

The determined values ​​of the Numbeo index, behind which the software engineer and former developer at Google Mladen Adamovic is, are based on surveys of visitors to the website. According to their own information, the surveys are representative. A filter mechanism ensures that any spam information is deleted.

The crime index shows how high residents and visitors perceive or perceive crime in a city. Values ​​below 20 are very low, those between 20 and 40 are low, between 40 and 60 are considered moderate, values ​​between 60 and 80 are high and anything over 80 is considered very high.

Southeast Asia is generally considered to be less dangerous by travelers and in fact there are comparatively few places that can be classified as very unsafe according to the ranking: Klang and Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia are among them, as well as Manila in the Philippines. The popular tourist destinations Hanoi in Vietnam, Singapore and Chiang Mai in Thailand are perceived as largely harmless.

The safest city in Africa is Alexandria in Egypt, followed by Tunis. When considering the African continent as a whole, South Africa comes off worst. Six South African cities are in the top ten, four of which are rated in the highest crime category with a score over 80.