Feel guilty about eating junk food

This is the best way to recover from a junk food feast

Once we are honest with ourselves, we must all admit that each of us would become weak in the face of juicy burgers, golden brown chicken wings, and crunchy french fries. Yes, junk food can be a real revelation for many of us who all too often chastise ourselves about nutrition. Once the feast is over, however, we realize that we have betrayed our principles of clean eating and learn about the regrets and shame that result. If we are not careful at this point and surrender to our frustration, the way into the junk food spiral is already mapped out. So that it doesn't get that far in the first place, we would like to introduce you to six measures in the context of this article with which you can easily escape this fate after a feast.

Measure 1 - Throw your guilt overboard

The worst thing you can do after a junk food binge is to give in to your guilty conscience completely. Stop doing that and just learn to forgive yourself. Even if you've betrayed the bodybuilding creed in a guilty manner. Know that it is never too late to break bad habits and start fresh with healthy eating. Each of us has experienced such a point at one point or another, you are by far not the only one. So, throw your guilty conscience overboard and hit the restart button.

Measure 2 - Get your bum up

Obviously, after a junk food feast, you will certainly crave other things than exercise. But this is precisely the key to getting back on track as quickly as possible. So get your bum up and move. Go for a jog in the fresh air or at least try a longer walk, unless you feel like exerting yourself. If the binge was a few hours ago, nothing speaks against a HIIT workout or a few bodyweight exercises. Every kind of movement gets your circulation going again and helps you to clear your head again. You will see, after moving a little, you will feel a hundred times better.

Measure 3 - Eat!

At first glance, this measure may seem strange, especially since it is the food that is responsible for your mental and physical agony. You must not make the mistake at this point and try to compensate for the past junk food excess with extreme starvation in order to purify your conscience. You can't change what happened. So close with that and provide your body with all the important macro and micronutrients it needs to function optimally. This is the only way to get enough energy to train hard and slowly but surely work off the extra calories that have accumulated during the feast. Make sure you use high-quality proteins, but don't neglect fruits, vegetables, and other high-fiber foods.

Measure 4 - Get your digestion going

In order for you to feel comfortable in your skin again, it is important that you actively support your digestion so that you feel less bloated. The best way to do this is to choose high-fiber foods that are also beneficial for detoxifying your entire organism. Lentils, chickpeas, avocados, oatmeal and flaxseed are particularly good. In return, however, it is also of great importance that you avoid all foods that could disturb your digestion. This category includes coffee, gluten, high-fat dairy products and, of course, alcohol. Alcohol in particular also causes other problems that are understandably not beneficial for your physical condition.

Measure 5 - Drink enough fluids

In order to optimize the effect of the fiber-rich foods, you should think in a second step of supplying your organism with sufficient fluids. In addition, the uptake of fluids promotes kidney activity and thus the production of urine, with the help of which toxins and waste products are eliminated from your body. Due to the great importance that adequate hydration has for the human body, you should make sure that you drink enough not just after a junk food binge, but every day. As a guideline, the intake of one liter of liquid per twenty kilograms of body weight applies. Of course, this is a lot, but you can rest assured that this value does not exclusively apply to pure water. Alternatively, you can also use tea, flavored water, fruit spritzers and, in small quantities, sugar-free soft drinks.

Measure 6 - Stay clean for a while

To avoid the risk of relapse, try to eat as cleanly as possible for the first few days after a junk food binge. In plain language, this means that industrially processed foods and ready-to-eat foods are just as taboo as foods with added sugar or other additives. Instead, eat fresh and whole foods like green vegetables, potatoes, rice, lean beef, and salmon. This measure will help you get back to the path of virtue more easily. And the best thing is, as soon as you have reached it again and successfully walked it for a while, you can treat yourself to one or the other Cheat Meal. Nevertheless, you should avoid junk food feasts whenever possible.