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The average size of websites is increasing rapidly

On the one hand, frugality hardly plays an important role for the designers of websites, on the other hand, the offers are becoming more and more complex. These two factors lead to the fact that the average size of a website has increased significantly in the last few months. According to an analysis by the HTTP Archive, a website currently has an average size of 965 kilobytes and the one megabyte mark should soon be reached. A year ago, the value was a good 33 percent lower at 702 kilobytes.

For a long time, websites were quite static and the slow connections forced the developers to be very careful to keep them as small as possible. In 1995, when the web was still very young and modem connections were the standard, the average size was just 14 kilobytes. Average size of websitesBy 2003 the size grew to just 93 kilobytes. Since then, however, broadband access has spread on a large scale, which has meant that ever more complex offers can be provided. Nevertheless, the data volume on a single page only grew to an average of 300 kilobytes by 2008. In the last few years, however, complex web applications with large amounts of JavaScript and multimedia content have gained acceptance, which has led to a rapid increase.

For example, while the average size of embedded Flash elements has remained stable at around 90 kilobytes over the years, the scope of CSS and JavaScript has increased significantly. In the meantime, the average amount of integrated JavaScript code alone is 172 kilobytes, more than the entire content ten years ago.

The last sudden increase is mainly due to the fact that HTML5 content is spreading more and more. In the coming years, the new web standard will probably lead to the size of individual websites increasing significantly again - which could be a problem especially for the users of the increasingly widespread smartphones if they are not offered a corresponding mobile page at the same time . Website, domain, url, address

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