As usual, you beat up your children

Child 1.5 years "provokes" and laughs at you


How is your child supposed to learn that it's not okay to hit others when mom is allowed to hit him? Even if it's just a slap, you're hurting him, and he watches it just like the behavior of playmates. So the hitting, he learns that from you.

Laughing at you when you swear should make you laugh too. He doesn't do this because he laughs at you or wants to be cheeky, he DOESN'T UNDERSTAND YOU. His language is simply not that far yet, he cannot understand any longer ranting. He himself creates sentences with 2-3 words. He can only understand short sentences, but no ranting. He notices that you are angry, but has no idea why, and just tries to laugh because otherwise you will laugh too.

So: short, simple sentences. Clear rules that you pronounce in short sentences, do not explain forever, and with a clear frame: if he is to run by the hand NOW AND HERE to walk along a large street, tell him that. And tell him if you want to Playground that he can now walk alone again. Don't first take the hand and then just let go without saying it, he then means that the rules come and go completely arbitrarily, because he can't yet connect that with the fact that you are at the playground. If you break a rule, TELL HIM.

This is precisely why he is constantly testing, because he does not know clearly which rule applies when. He's allowed to climb in the playground, but not on the sofa - tell him that. Nevertheless, he still has to test limits, he has to practice the fact that he sometimes has a different opinion and wishes than you and thus learns that he himself is a different person is than you, he forms his identity in the process.

Children are sometimes exhausting, but hitting is still not the solution. Whenever you can not think of a better way to do this, you should rather find out more and think about why it is going this way.

He doesn't laugh at you cheekily, he just doesn't understand you and tries to laugh. Incidentally, many people abroad also do when you are talked about by a seller in Italy, you smile and shake your head to say "I don't mean it, but I don't understand a word".

Yes, I know that this is wrong and if I do it it is only in situations when I am of course overwhelmed at some point or do not know how to help myself differently, your tips are definitely really good and I will try to implement it.

Sure, that makes sense that he learns how to hit me, I know that too, but as I said, in some situations I just don't know what to do next.