What are some creative dessert recipes

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Dessert recipes

What could be nicer than ending the successful main course with a tempting dessert? Some connoisseurs have secretly admitted that they prefer to leave out the starter and main course and just sip the dessert or even several of them. The little sweets for afterwards can simply consist of fruits, also for ice cream, mousse or crème. Cakes and pies are also popular desserts. The term dessert comes from French. The joy of ending a long meal with a sweet is much older. For example, cake recipes written in cuneiform were found by the Sumerians as early as 1400 BC. The idea of ​​desserts or a clearly structured menu sequence did not emerge until the 17th century in French courts. Before that, even in the upper class, everything was mixed - sweet and salty - and everything was served on the table at once in buffet style. Sugar was considered to be extremely valuable and so the ability to conjure up jelly dishes - here the name says it all - such as mousse au chocolat, tiramisu, panna cotta, soufflé or a pavlova became a profession, the pastry chef. Fortunately, you don't have to become a professional straight away to indulge in the sweet treat. Our multitude of dessert recipes make connoisseurs rejoice. There are exotic-spicy, fruity-fresh, creamy-tender, melting-buttery, crumbly-crumbly and weightless-airy dessert ideas.