What is political populism

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What is meant by "populism"?
The term comes from the Latin word "populus", which means "the people" or "the people" in German. Populists are people who claim that only they can speak for the whole people and that only they represent the people. In doing so, they stir up fears and prejudices. Populists pretend that even for very difficult problems there are always very simple answers and solutions. In the case of difficult problems in particular, however, it is important to obtain detailed information, advise and find democratic solutions. Populists claim that there are two groups in society, namely "the common people" and "those up there". They do not want to see that there are many different population groups in our modern societies and that there are many differences, but also many similarities, between people.
Against the EU and other international organizations

Populists reject cooperation between states. They therefore reject organizations that pursue a transnational policy. This includes, for example, the EU. Populists also reject organizations that organize global cooperation, such as the UN. But even non-governmental organizations that operate internationally are repeatedly criticized by populists.

Right-wing populism - left-wing populism

It is not always possible to say exactly what the terms “right-wing populism” and “left-wing populism” mean. Even scientists often do not have a clear answer to this question. In general, Right-wing populists very often express themselves in a xenophobic and derogatory or negative manner towards people from other countries. Left-wing populists Most of the time they claim that certain groups of people control the whole world. You criticize that huge business enterprises supposedly have too much influence on the world economy.

Why do many people criticize populism?

Most of all, populists are criticized for demeaning other people. Our Basic Law states that the dignity of every person must be respected. Anyone who devalues ​​other people and treats them viciously contradicts the basic values ​​of our togetherness. Populists are also criticized for claiming that there are very simple solutions to difficult problems in politics. Populists should, their critics demand, acknowledge that the world is more complicated than they want to persuade people to be.